How to help depression and anxiety?

I’m 28 years old I have 5 kids and pregnant with my 6. I’ve had a history of depression bad anxiety for the past 8 years. This past week has been bad but today was unbearable bad like I went to the er with my 2 toddlers bc I thought I was dying. My husband works all the time like all the time so it’s always just been me and the kids. But after today I’m so scared to be alone. I feel like I’m dying and I dont want to die with my babies I know ppl might think that sounds nuts but that’s how I feel like its killing me. Are there anyways that yall overcome anxiety attacks possibly without meds it scares me to take medication. Thanks and sorry so long.


If this doesn’t work for you Google ways to ground yourself when having anxiety

Do you have a pet? Me personally I have a service dog. They don’t work for everyone but mine is an absolute life saver💗 He’s by myside through all my attacks, and episodes.

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Running water over my hands or getting in a cold shower usually helps me. I hope that helps you also.

If you weren’t pregnant I would say to smoke some weed after the kids go to sleep :woman_shrugging:t2: it very effectively helps calm my anxiety and I’ve had issues with it my whole life

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I have anxiety and bipolar. Everyone is different but I think you need to see a therapist. And find whatever ways calms you the best. For be it’s warm showers, humming, rubbing my fingers together. Like Laci said, a pet is a great idea. Speak to your husband.

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I’ve had anxiety with panic attacks literally since childhood and my earliest memories. Over the years I’ve just become more in tune with my triggers, what helps me cope, etc. if I can keep my general anxiety low I’m soo much less likely to have a panic attack. So I do little things daily to keep my anxiety in check. Cleaning, list making, calming activities (reading, journaling, playing a game on my iPad), getting enough sleep and just learning to take better care of myself. I’m 9 months pregnant with number 2 and I have a rambunctious 4 year old boy and hubby works an insane amount of hours every week so I get it.

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I feel you. I have been there. It’s all anxiety. You have A lot. It is ok for you to feel this way and to ask for help! Please sit down an think about What you need. What can wait. You don’t have to live like this.

try to get a friend to come stay w/you and the kids for a week, she can help w/the kids and you can get some rest <3

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Message me anytime. Please

When I had my 2nd child, I coded. I remember begging the doctor to not let me die because I had my son at home who needed his mom. I was a wreck! To think about that day brings on anxiety. I have been battling with anxiety for 3 years now… seems like a lifetime though. I get it. But what always helps me out with my anxiety is cold. Anything cold. A cold shower, cold air fan, a cold wash cloth. Anything that kinda stuns my body back into normal feeling. I refuse to take medication and handle it pretty well… bless your heart girl!! Reach out if needed!!:heart::heart:

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I’m sorry your going through this. You may need a break. I’ve had these exact feeling before I got pregnant. I’ve had to go to urgent care because of it. I even had a panic attack going through the car wash. It’s not pleasant. I know your struggle. Try to talk to your support group. Try counseling or going to the gym get some fresh air. Look up anxiety reducing foods. Try to stay as healthy as possible. Limit caffine and sugar. It helps me. I’ll pray for you. Wishing you the best.

I’m a mom of 2 now as of 6 weeks ago and I can relate to so much of this post

Bi-Weekly Therapy (you’ll look forward to it) That gives me ease throughout my weeks

Sometimes meds are necessary… and there’s no shame in it, if you need help. Talk to your OB, sweetheart.

So this was literally me a few weeks ago. From October of 2017 to just about 2 weeks ago I was seriously running to the ER every time I got a pain in my chest and fast heart rate thinking I was dying too. And anxiety has a way of twisting things around in your head making you think your going to die all the time. It caused me to create these wild health issues that weren’t really there… countless tests and specialists… I’ve tried CBD… THC… ashwaghanda… took multivitamins and probiotics daily… turns out I’ve had an awful case of GERD that’s apparently burnt the insides of my esophagus and stomach it kept it constantly irritated that my gut was just very unhappy and the chest pains were actually caused from acids. When I get anxiety attacks my acids just kick into hyper mode and go crazy. I’m currently on 150mg of ranitidine 2 times a day to let everything heal… I know it’s not the most heakthy natural option, but it’s been amazing!! I can sleep better… my anxiety has gone down drastically… my gut just feels healthy again. I can eat a full meal without chest pains and panic. I’m getting more done during the days… I’m playing with my kids more again. I didn’t have any of the regular signs of GERD… no burning sensations… no waking up choking… but I’m so glad I finally got relief. Maybe look into a possible GERD issue? I have 3 kids and the only times I have had bad reflux was during pregnancies. Maybe pregnancy and this GERD I have going on go hand in hand somehow?! :woman_shrugging:t2: good luck momma!! You are not alone!! :heart:

Omg i know how you feel. Im so sorry. The worst feeling ever. Personally nothing really works for me. But i have had one recommendation from a few people. Find 3 things you can see 3 things you can touch and 3 things you can smell. Not many have said smell but a couple have. If im having an anxiety attack i really do try. Even if its as dumb as texting someone please come over i need you now. As long as they dont respond with the big no or i cant it really helps. I cant leave my home unless its to my moms. I cant be home alone. Its horrible.

Ur depression could be due to your husband never been around, this happens


Sorry you feel this way. Unfortunately us people with those problems sometimes need medication

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It’s better to be in medicine than to have kids without a mom. Trust me my kids grew up without me because of depression. I was there but not there.


Therapy works for some people. ( It’s less scary and awkward than it sounds) but medication isn’t always the worst thing. If it works it’s better than feeling this way. Just my opinion they both worked for me even though it was scary/ embarrassing. Good luck!

I have bad anxiety and dont take meds and learn the triggers and if you start feeling anxious go someplace quiet if possible, not likely and sit and deep breaths like you’re in labor. In through the nose, out the mouth. Its relaxing and has helped me tons. Also feel free to message if you send me a message i can keep it in convos so it pops up in the future. Us moms gotta stick together i have 6 kids as well. 13, 12, 12, 5, 3 and 9 mos.

I’m 29 with 5 kids my husband works allll the time! He’s always gone! I have the kids 24/7 7 days a week its tough,your not alone. But I manage and i feel like it gets easier,maybe u need someone to come give u a breather for a bit. But your momma and you will be fine,you have no choice but to be.

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I’m not a doctor by any means, majority of my friends and myself have anxiety and depression, when you feel overwhelmed find something to focus on for each one of your senses, thats visible to you in that moment, take deep breaths

It is time to lower your expectations. Don’t beat yourself up over anything. Being a stay at home mom is highly stressful. Let alone the pg hormones. Get any outside help you can possibly get. And talk to your doctor. I can’t say it enough be kind to yourself.

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You’re not nuts. You need a few mins to yourself. A date night with husband.
And a therapist to talk to at least once a month

You’re already stronger than you realize. You’ll be in my prayers. Virtual hugs mama!

Please see a doctor and get on meds. Even while pregnant there may be some options for you to take medicine. Get help from friends and family if available to you, practice self care as much as you can :heartpulse::heartpulse: try and exercise, take kids to park or have a friend come over with her kids so you are not alone. Take it one day at a time. Breathe :heartpulse: pray

So maybe after this kid you should be done focus on your mental health having that many kids is hard I only have 4 I couldn’t imagine having 5 or 6

This was my post. And I want to thank every single one of yall for your comments to try and help me it means so much to me.

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I understand. Taking medicine is scary. You dont want to need it. But you have to look at this a different way.
If you were a diabetic, you wouldnt be afraid to take the life saving insulin…
Your brain is like any other part of your body. Sometimes it’s not functioning as well as it needs to be. Sometimes it needs medicine to be at optimum health.
You also need a friggin break. People without anxiety and depression wouldnt last long in your shoes.
My hubs works 2nd shift at least 6 days a week. It was so hard during the baby and toddler years. Even if I got a break, I couldnt enjoy it, and the second I got back home it was like I’d never left. There was no healing in a 30 minute walk. You need help with the kiddos. Maybe you could work part time somewhere, just to cover the cost of a few hours of daycare. I know that doesnt make sense, but you need some time away.
Youre string as heck lady!!! You got this! Go to therapy, get some meds. Do what you need to do.

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I have an anxiety disorder and I used to take a daily medication and I had a fast acting medicine for attacks. The thing is lots of those meds can be taken while pregnant or breastfeeding. I would get some counseling for now and be open to the idea of medication later. Also if you have family around see if they can take the kids one or two days a week so you can put your feet up.

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CBD oils have helped so much with my anxiety. I didn’t want to take any prescription pills so my doctor recommended cbd oil. I get it from my pharmacy.

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That’s how anxiety feels. At least for me as well. You feel like your dying. I had to find ways to copy while pregnant because I didn’t want to take medication. I found that I had to do absolutely anything to distract myself and take my mind off of the actual anxiety/panic attack. Cleaning, music, anything that distracts you. Breathe. I’ve even plucked my eyebrows to distract myself when I felt like I wasn’t breathing right and my chest was just feeling wrong. I found the pain from plucking was enough to make me forget the pain in my chest.

Therapy and finding your triggers i have anxiety i have my triggers and know what they are took me years to figure them out and learned diffrent techniques that work for me

There is a natural way to try. I take cbd oil (be careful which brand you chose as this matters) and have a councilor I see regularity. Having someone to vent to is critical. I feel giving your local interior health a call. Let them know what’s going on and that you need to meet with a councilor. It will be a wait to get in but at least it’s something. This sounds like anxiety attacks for sure. You need to find a distraction as well as figure out some deep breathing exercises to snap yourself out of it when you can feel it set in. With time you will be able to reduce them and stop one when you can feel it coming on. Good luck. Feel free to message me if you need help

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