How to help dry skin in pregnancy?

Alright all you mama’s I have two questions!

Ever since I have been pregnant my skin is extreamly dry! What body washes and lotions do/did you use to help with this!?

Also, my first trimester I always felt sick to my stomach but would always get threw it without puking. NOW I am actually throwing up when I get this feeling in my stomach… yes I have been pregnant before but it’s been 5 years and I never was this sick! so… I am not sure if I can possibly be feeling the baby and it’s making me sick? I’m (14 weeks) What are some things that can help not have this urge to puke and than do so!?


Ponds face cream and for the body I use lupriderm for extra dry skin, and I am 36 weeks and not one single strech mark on my skin and my skin looks very healthy. I also struggle with eczema so both of those lotions were life savers!

Unisom before bed helped with my morning sickness I couldn’t keep anything down

I had to switch my laundry soap to free and clear. And use sensitive skin body wash. My doctor had me pick up a cream for dry skin. I can’t think of the brand off the top of my head.

Moisturize straight after the shower, exfoliate, drink plenty of water.

Dove moisture soap aloe lotion has helped me a lot. Sometimes by the end of my shower before I towel off I rub baby oil on my body really well and it helps with a lot of the itchy dryness.
With one of my pregnancies I was always sick, the Dr have me something

Aveeno body wash and lotion.

Cocoa butter and vitamin e oil lotion

I used hemp lotion! It worked wonders!!

Aveeno oatmeal body wash