How to help with foot odor?

I take a bath twice a day but I have really bad anxiety and my feet sweat alot and I have a odor in my shoes that won't go away I tried everything I could think of I wear different shoes everyday then at the end of the week I wash all them and let them air dry but it still has that smell again please help this is embarrassing

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to help with foot odor?

Uh not really related but had the same problem and got checked for Diabetes :woman_shrugging:t2:


Sprinkle Alum in your shoes after you take them off. You can find it in the spice isle.

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My little sister is like this. Since the day she was born she’s had clammy feet and hands. So clammy that half the time they are wrinkly like she’s been swimming for hours. My mom puts baby powder on her feet every morning, then puts baking soda and a orange peel in her shoes overnight. It hasn’t cut the smell completely but you no longer smell it when she walks in a room or takes her shoes off :sweat_smile:

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Cornstarch absobs moisture. Rub some on your feet before you put your socks on and maybe some in your shoes. First wash your shoes with detergent, fabric softener, and add a little white vinegar to the bleach section of your machine. but Maybe purchase some “odor eaters” /spray for your shoes.

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I’ve heard both injections can block the sweat glass and has in fact been used to treat excessive sweating and odor in feet and other areas.

I remember a while back someone said make a Listerine mouthwash soak in a tub and put your feet in it to kill bad fungus

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Ask your doctor about oxybutinin it’s a overactive bladder control drug but can also be used for excessive sweating.

Vinegar and water soak.

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Zorpads Shoe Inserts. I’ve heard great things about them.

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You could have hyperhidrosis. Change your socks if you can throughout the day. Wear loose fitting shoes and talk with your doctor

Botox injections can stop sweating from hands feet etc if its a long term problem thats really bothering u it might be worth the initial expense

Home remedy that worked for me and my dad.
Before bed…wash with dial soap and dry. Rub bottoms and between toes with alcohol using a cotton ball. Spray with Mitcham deodorant (we used secret spray but Mitcham is what the recipe says). Then wrap foot with saran wrap. Then place socks over them and go to bed. It says to do this for 2 weeks. I made it 3 or 4 nights. It is not the most comfortable thing to sleep with but is well worth it. Your feet sweat terribly. It is very slippery to walk so please be careful.
No more stink! I did this about 30 years ago. My feet are just now starting to sweat again so I may need a refresher.
Give it a try! Good luck to you!

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put deodorant on your feet. get checked for hyperdidrosis

Two things! It’s the bacteria on the skin that makes sweat stink! So invest in new shoes, wash your feet with antibacterial soap! It will help so much!
And another absolute life saver Is Cinnamon shoe insoles! Check them out on amazon, they are cheap and seriously help so much! Or straight up sprinkle cinnamon in your shoes, it stains white socks but will change your life


Oder Eaters? Never used them; but, the name came to mind.

Soak your feet in apple cider vinegar

Gold bond orange bottle, powder the inside of your shoes.

Tea tree oil spray you you buy off of Amazon

Wear only white cotton socks

Boil tea bags cool the tea and soak feet works for my brother.

Use baking soda in the laundry when you wash them

Botox go to dermatologist

Really really hot water mixed with peppermint and lavender. Soak your feet for like an hr each day.

My husband did this and his feet never stink anymore. His were once so bad, it’d make the whole house stink

Wash feet before you go to bed every night. Fresh clean socks in the AM, wash feet in afternoon then nice clean socks and different footwear. also try switching up your footwear. When you are home (if you wear things on your feet in your home) wear flip flops, sandals, and crocs something breathable. I second the plain white cotton socks no colored socks at all. Believe it or not that makes your feet smell worse. I had this problem as I’m on my feet all day in a hot environment. I wear ONLY crocs and I change my socks in the afternoon. I haven’t had foot odor since I switched everything around. I do NOT wear sneakers anymore either. Good luck

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OderEaters in your shoes. They sure worked for my nephew.

Have the fans on throughout the house, leave your shoes outside to air dry even if they aren’t wet just to get the odour away, even leave them outside overnight. Good luck!

This is what this soap is made for… it gets rid of the bacteria causing the order… it works great!

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to help with foot odor?

Try Lume body deodorant. It works very well and you can use it pretty much anywhere on your body.


Take a bucket, hot water and a few black tea bags and make your self a foot tea bath … do it every night for a week or so… then go maybe twice a week or as needed… it’s relaxing. Plus will help with foot odor … also make sure you DRY your feet properly after every soak, shower or anything your feet get wet :blush:
We do tea baths for my teenage son. His feet now barely smell at all. And that’s saying something !!!


Wear flip flops instead of shoes…


Original Listerine. Will burn your feet but once or twice will do it.


I read an article from a podiatrist yesterday that said soaking your feet in apple cider vinegar helps with odor, fungus and a list of other things that can help with.


Try soaking your feet in a tea bath( regular tea) a few times a week, this works wonders for me.good luck.


Lume body deodorant is great… and there are deodorizing things that you can put in your shoes to try


The green gold bond powder. Put on your feet after every bath or shower and put inside all your shoes. Frebreeze helps to when your shoes are just sitting

Change socks every 2 hours…
May have to seek professional help

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Buy cotton socks. My kids and my feet do that if I buy synthetic socks. As long as they are mostly cotton we never have a problem. It’s hard to find 100% cotton socks but the blends are fine. Good luck.


Soak feet in water with white vinegar. 50/50 twice a week for 30 minutes

Foot powder can help.

Try bicarbonate of soda…dust your feet and shoes…

If you smoke it could be because of that. When I smoked my feet use to stink really bad even in flip flops

Make sure you’re drying your feet completely after you shower. When you’re home take your socks n shoes off. Get good moisture wicking socks. You can apply antifungal foot spay or powder to your feet. Get some deodorant insoles for your shoes. You can get an antibacterial/fungal wash at Walmart for your feet. Tea tree oil is great. You should put a few drops of this into your washer when you wash your socks and your shoes.


Making soda. Charcoal powder.

This works amzing no more throwing shoes out the door. Washing them never helped they where putrid!

This should help with the shoes (I use it in my husband’s work boots, he’s a logger) and listerine or dr tichoner (sorry for spelling but it’s 5 am) for the feet.

Okay this is gonna sound weird but stick with me. After you wash them and let them air dry put them in to grocery bags and double knot it then stick them in the freezer for 24 hours. Longer if you dont need to use them. When u take them out sprinkle a bit of baking soda in them

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Maybe there’s something you can do to get to the root of the problem :thinking: with your feet sweating so much.
I know Botox injections help people with under arms so maybe there’s a solution a doc can help you with to resolve or help that issue first :heart:


Lume Deodorant For Underarms & Private Parts 3oz Tube (Clean Tangerine)

I sell a product that helps with foot oder

Lume deodorant! It is like lotion and you just need a small amount on each foot. It definitely works!

Have you tried laundry stripping the shoes?

Wash your feet in vinegar

Lume deodersnt can go anywhere on body esp feet and will stop the process before it gets bad

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Get your doc to check for hyperhidrosis and get prescriptions. Botox injections can help. Extra strength deodorant on your feet may help. Go barefoot as much as possible. If you sit at a desk at work, slip your shoes off. If it’s super wet, put thin menstrual pads in your shoes to absorb and change when needed. Eat well and exercise, maybe get reflexology or a whole body massage, as it may be a way of your body expelling toxins. Tai chi or Qi gong can help regulate your body if done daily. My fave is Tai Chi Ch’ih:Joy Through Movement on You Tube. It’s a super simple but effective version.


Theres powder you can sprinkle in your shoes to eliminate odors from sweating. Also, this might sound absolutely nuts, but have you tried putting antiperspirant deodorant on your feet? Lume is a deordorant company that makes deordorant for areas other than your armpits. They might be worth giving a try? I would definitely make an appointment with your doctor to see if theres anything you can do medically. I know some people get botox to reduce sweating

Baby powder in shoes

Baby powder in your socks …

Sometimes it has a lot to do with the socks you wear. Try not to wear black socks or socks made out of synthetic material. So cotton or wool would be ideal.

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Use 7 green teabags in hot water. With a little dawn soap work great

Tea bags in your shoes will help with the odor in your shoes. Always wear clean socks with closed toe shoes. Foot powder can help as well, or just baking soda while you wear them will absorb sweat and odor.

10-Seconds Deodorant & Disinfectant (Pack of 2) by 10-Seconds

This works for shoes. Kills the germs and stink. Daughter’s BF has vomit worthy foot ordor. Also I agree with everyone who says lume, 100% cotton socks and, tea tree oil

You could try dryer sheets pop them in at the end of they day until you use them again and barking soda is supposed to get rid of Oder you could use that instead of foot powder and try panty liners to help keep the sweat out of the shoes and antiperspirant deodorant would probably do wonders I use it for leg chafing and it works wonders

Baby powder in new shoes… add daily

Are you taking a multivitamin? This can happen if you have low Zinc levels

You’re gonna think I’m crazy, but try peeing on your feet while in the shower. My Pre teen son used to have the nastiest smelling feet. Someone told him to try that. Haven’t had a problem since :woman_shrugging:t3:

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News paper or charcoal bags in your shoes that draws the odor

I swear by Jock itch wash, follow up with some peroxide. After they are completely dry put foot powder in your socks. I have dealt with this most of my life

I would try spraying or rubbing alcohol on my feet every morning and maybe even twice a day. Bacteria on our skin causes odor. I do this under my arms and it works to keep my odor at bay.

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Wear good, absorbent socks. Barefoot destroys shoes.

Rubbing alcohol in your shoes and on your feet.

I found that using a hair dryer on my feet after showering really helped. Got rid of all the dampness that allows bacteria to grow.

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Do you wear socks? If so look up copper socks. My boyfriend had the worst smelling feet and I bought some copper socks for him thinking they probably wouldn’t work but I’d give it a try. He has not had a problem since!!! Honestly I am a skeptic when it comes to things and these really did work!

I’ve heard soaking in apple cider vinegar helps

Botox in your armpits. No joke

Put baby powder in your shoes

Should look into going to a foot specialist. Sounds like a fungus or bacteria that needs to be killed

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Sprinkle powder in them that should help

Karoo foot powder the best

Baking soda in shoes is supposed to help, I don’t know how true that is tho

Soak your feet in vinegar water for about ten minutes daily. Wash your shoes in detergent with baking soda weekly. This should work.

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Wear sandals when possible.

I’d make an appt with a derm.

I found a spray in a yellow bottle on Amazon that I’ve found to help! I spray it in shoes and even on my toddlers stinky feet! It helps more with repeated use

Funkaway! It’s a spray made for killing bacteria in your shoes. We use it on all of our shoes. Lumè is also a life saver! I would soak your feet in apple cider vinegar to start. Wash your socks with hot water and use Lysol laundry sanitizer instead of fabric softener. Fabric softener locks in dirt and never fully rinses out of your clothes.

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Put a little bit of baby powder in your shoes.

When I was younger I had same issue. My mom put me on some herbal pill and It cleared right up. Montro-something. Sorry I cant remember name but you can ask any herbalist

Zinc supplements help!

My dad used to have bad foot funk sometimes, & I remember him soaking his feet in the yellow Listerine

Soak your feet in kosher salt water on a weekly basis, it worked for my son. Continue to change your shoes daily.

Put baking soda in your shoes

Sounds odd, but put your shoes in the freezer overnight and it will kill germs that make em stink!

Baking soda in your shoes

Put deodorant on your feet worked for mr

Never wear the same shoes 2 days in a row. Change your socks daily. Use Gold bond. Alternate your shoes. Very important. And wash your feet in a foot soak with mineral salts.

Look up iontopherisis. Ask your dr about treatments…! It may be a little painful…at least it was for me but i had it on my hand. But my OT swore it worked for that kind of stuff. I had it to administer medicine to my wrist. But used to treat sweat.

Try using baby powered or some sort of absorbable powder in your shoes (possibly even in your socks). Soak your feet in hot water (it’ll help kill any bacteria). Wear socks and shoes that are breathable. Don’t wear your socks and shoes when you don’t need to.