How to help with foot odor?

I used to switch my socks and shoes halfway through the day but now I use lume. It’s been great!

Try to soak your feet in a warm water with salt,rock salt, when I was in Hong Kong my boss also same situation with you, he put many kind of powder on his feet and shoes he change his shoes everyday and socks,but still have bad odor on his feet until he try to use warm water with salt and get better.

Detox your system. Toxins seep through the feet. I’ve used the onion trick before. Slice up onions place on the bottom of your feet, cover with socks over night. It’ll pull toxins out of your body.

Use talc. And buy better socks.

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Put dryer sheets in your shoes every night and after washing while drying.

My brothers were bad for years. Started soaking in vinegar water each night. Killed what ever it was

Soak feet in vinegar. Apply Lume

It’s hyperhydrosis. My bf has it. Now it’s gotten so bad he has pitted keratolysis :flushed: it’s super common for people with hyperhydrosis. antiperspirant spray on feet (NOT deodorant, you need to stop your feet from the sweating) wash feet with acne wash (Salic acid) and do not listen to the hokey pokey crap, the excessive sweat is hyperhydrosis and no natural remedy will fix the excessive sweating.
If you can go to the doctor that would be a good resource as well, they do have prescriptions for it also.


Baking soda, tea bags & put in a dryer sheet right after you wear the shoes!

5 Caps of dettol in your bath and wash shoes in dettol too x

Use 20 mule team borax

What kind of socks are you using? Only use cotton. They more absorbent. Also try to let them air out as often and as practically as possible that might help with the sweating part

Throw away all socks and shoes

Buy new shoes and socks make sure they are breathable

That’s how I fixed my issue

Zinc Oxide in your shoes!

Put baking soda in your shoes at night like if it was foot powder.

Wash shoes in vinegar, use odor eaters after you take them off. I use a pumice scrub in the shower, then heli miracle oil when I get out of the shower. Helps so much

Get some odor eaters spray. If you can’t, you can always use baking soda. Just spray/sprinkle in shoes and leave overnight.

I heard to soak them in black tea from Dr. Oz

Cotton socks. Natural material for shoes. Proper foot hygiene …try peppermint wash it cools your feet…foot antiperspirant
If shoes are wet it can make them smell really bad so dry quickly by stuffing with newspaper .
Bicarbonate of soda is good for removing smells so is cat litter im told… though ive never tried it …Epsom salt foot baths work well and anti bacterial soap . Carry spare socks and antiperspirant powder to change during the day
Check for infection or infected nails and a diabetes test might not go amiss

My boyfriend has like zero body odor Except for his feet. :woman_facepalming:t2:If he stays in flip flops he’s fine. It’s cooping them up in shoes and socks that does it.

Tea bags in ur shoes will draw the smell out of shoes. Soak ur feet in vinager 3 times a week and leave tea bags in ur shoes over night.


Drop a couple drops of essential oils in the shoes every night or when needed.
I do this to my husbands work shoes. Lemon works best for us.

Put lume deodorant on your feet everyday

Put baking soda in shoes like you were using foot powder. And put vinegar in the wash.

Soak your feet in bleach water(or spray your tub and tile in a bleach cleaner, plug your tub and step in the tub and while your scrubing your tiles and tub your feet are dosing in bleach water)2 birds 1 stone… probably not a normal route but I swear it will get rid of foot odor and probably get rid of or bleach all your socks/ shoes.

Go see a doctor Hyperhidrosis there are treatments

Put cornstarch powder in ur shoes

Arm & hammer spray deodorant

That odor is caused by bacteria .i would soak my feet in alcohol for 15 to 20 minutes and get rid of the shoes replace it soak your socks in odor eliminatore then wash them

I swear by using gold bond foot spray. It’s in a blue can. Using this daily has completely eliminated my foot odor.

Try athletes foot cream

My bf soaks his feet in a vinegar/mouthwash/water mix… then proper foot hygiene.


See a dermatologist for excessive sweating. Once you get that under control, re clean everything & hopefully that would work.

Try those Sneaker Shoe Balls, they smell great an work great too.

You leave them in your shoes when you not wearing them. They work really well

White sock, you can use oder eats or cornstarch (helps with sweat)/baking soda(helps with smell)/a few drops of whatever scent your heart desires (because it smells good)

Look up Lume deodorant


Same. And I have tried EVERYTHING! I just can not wear tennis shoes. But I can wear leather boots 12 hrs a day in the heat at work and I have 0 issues. I can give the same pair of tennis shoes to my friend and she has no trouble with the shoes smelling so it’s my feet not the shoes.

I put tea bags in my teenagers shoes every night and take them out I morning… soaks up loads of odor

Lume!! The product has a funky smell but once it’s dry there is no odor and you do not produce any odor it is amazing


Bleach your feet every night.

Lume is amazing i swear by it

Soak your feet in lemon jello. Just put powder in warm water and soak feet for 20-30 min. Worked on my kids and i also work for a podiatrist :slight_smile:


I would go to the doctor it could be athletes foot which is contagious btw. One of my friends had this problem. It cleared up

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Baking soda in your shoes!


Also sprinkle a little baking soda in socks or shoes

Bleach your feet and Walmart has these balls for shoes

My husbands feet sweat alot so he does foot powder in his socks at the beginning of the day when you wash your feet always make sure they are totally dry at the end of the day throw a couple tea bags in each shoe it will help with the smell also absorb the moisture

This happens to my daughter I make her soak her feet in vinegar couple times a week and wash your shoes with vinegar

Put deodorant on your feet, works perfectly

A couple cap falls of bleach in your bath water

Sprinkle Baking Soda in shoes nightly, dump out in morning an rubbed new Baking Soda on feet wear cotton socks

Make sure you use a washcloth between each toe to remove dead skin.

My daughter soaked her feet in bleach water once a week for a month no more odor, we made her leave shoes outside dogs wouldn’t even bother them

I put dryer sheets in my shoes when I store them and for sneakers I leave them in while I wear them. Not sure if it actually helps or just masks the smell a bit but it makes me feel better

Oder eaters in your shoes

Try apple cider vinegar

Do everything these people are saying AND Keep your shoes in a bag in the freezer every night.

Get your stick Deodorant and put it on your feet. Then when you put socks on, put it on your socks.

Do u put lotion on ur feet? If so stop! I used to put lotion on my feet every day and mine would do the same thing i stopped and the order slowly went away

Spray NIGHTLY with Lysol & change the kind of socks your wearing

Try lume! It’s an antimicrobial, you can put it anywhere

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I use Vick’s vapor rub. Mine don’t smell but my son’s and boyfriends are unbearable. They just hate it when I nag. I spray deodorant on them.

Buy 2 pairs of new shoes and trash the rest.

Wash and dry your feet and then soak them in listerine. Use a nail brush to scrub all up around them nails.

Use Lotramine fungus spray for 1 week or until symptoms resolve. Soak as needed.

Use odor eaters foot spray on your feet and in ya new shoes. Add a Lil baby powder. Gold bond spray is good too.

Go get a pedicure cause those ladies have seen everything and will either have advice for you or really help your feet. Some of the nicest ladies I’ve ever met have worked on mine and my hubbies feet (his feet were…so bad yall)

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Bleach water on your feet and antifungal shoe spray. If you don’t clean your shoes, it doesn’t matter that it’s gone from your feet.

Baking soda in your shoes

wear no socks or shoes as much as possible