How to increase breast milk supply?

i have been breastfeeding by pumping. i can never get as much milk as im feeding her now so i have to switch back and forth with formula and milk until i have enough milk to feed her. the pediatrician recommended eating oatmeal but honestly im already tired of eating it. what should i do? is my boobs not working? thanks


Some people don’t respond well too pumps. Can you try to latch baby? Also, make sure baby is being pace fed by bottle.

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Mother’s milk. It’s a tea.


Ben and Jerry’s Oat of this World is delicious and builds supply

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There are supplements you could try! Fenugreek, mothers milk tea!

Make lactation bites? Oatmeal, brewers yeast, chocolate chips etc. Pinterest is super helpful! Try drinking lots of water

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Almonds. Those body armour drinks are amazing. Chicken. Lots of fluid. Eggs. Greens.

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Also struggle with pumping but she feeds wonderfully! But oatmeal cream pies!! And body armor drinks!

Keep trying it will get better their are teas, cookies, that help some people research

Exclusively Pumping Group is a great resource if you choose to pump exclusively

Gatorade, ground flaxseed, Ben and Jerry’s Oat of this Swirled, pink drinks from Starbucks.

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Pump every 2-3 hours around the clock. I was in the same boat. It works.


Hydration! Dehydration can diminish supply :tipping_hand_woman:t2:

Easy way I get more milk is mix 2 tbsp of ground flaxseed with a pack of instant oatmeal and milk (I eat it cold like cereal) and within a few hours my boobs are full.

Try making “lactation cookies” I Googled it with my second and I made so much milk! I always nursed really well on one side but the other side would pump better

Fenugreek can dry you up so be careful!

sometimes you think you’re not making enough when you pump but as long as you feed constantly your supply should be fine. I would pump hardly 2 ounces from both sides but my daughter never seemed to be hungry when I would feed her so I stopped pumping completely a few months ago and shes been fine with what she gets. Just ALWAYS feed on demand. if you supplement you’ll miss that feed and it will affect your supply. With zero pumping and 100% on demand feeding my daughter is 5 months and 15 pounds lol a chunker for sure. you got this!

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Fenugreek doesn’t work for everyone. It can drop your supply. Gatorade helped me a ton…

Have a beer yes really drink a lot of water

Not everyone responds well to a pump. Just do what you can mama.

I pumped exclusively for a year and a half. I know all too well.

Make some lactation cookies, most recipes have flaxseed and oats. Try mother’s milk tea. And/or take funegreek

Power pumping and water helped me so much


The more formula you feed her the less milk you make


A) go to your local Walmart and find body armour drinks they’re usually in the juice aisle. b) power pump if you prefer pumping to patching baby, or pump after each feeding it’ll trick your body into thinking baby is still feeding and therefore will force your body to produce more for baby. Does not have to be a lot or a long time just for 10-15mins on each side after each feeding. The body armour drinks are basically like protein drinks many many body builders swear by these drinks for hydration because of the nutrients in them and those nutrients just so happen to be what mommas need to help keep hydrated and build up good supply! And of course water! Water is always important. Also you could try to use your hand instead of a pump like while you’re showering in a nice warm shower, this helps a lot especially if you have a clogged duct without realizing it, the warmth of the water helps losses it up to unclog it as your using your hand as pressure/massaging. Gatorade is a good hydration drink too of course. Also try a laceration tea such as mothers milk by traditional medicinal or women’s nursing support by yogi. They support healthy lactation and help boost supply.

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Drink water and make sure you’re eating enough calories . I had the same problem and now I overproduce due to the pumping schedule I was on . Pump on the am when you first get up , I get the most then. I would get a haakaa to collect breast milk from letdowns when you aren’t pumping

The only thing scientifically proven to produce milk is to remove milk. Product that claim they help aren’t scientifically backed and can often cause more harm than good. Have you seen an IBCLC? They will be much more knowledgeable than a pediatrician.

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Theres a tea where it’ll help breast milk production. It didn’t work for me but every body is different

Drink lots, pumps lots, and have a beer after you’re done pumping for the night. The brewers yeast in a beer will help with production.

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Sometimes we just don’t produce enough. Happened with all 3 of mine

I started back on my prenatal vitamins and that helped me quite a bit.

Water, water, water, water

Pump as much as possible so your body produces more

Some women don’t do as well with pumping. I didn’t, I just went to feeding mine directly, but I work at home. Is there any way you can at least feed baby directly when you’re together and then pump the best you can when you’re apart? If you can, feed on demand in order to let your baby set the pace as far as how much milk you make. It might help increase your production a bit.

You should check out The Milk Meg here on Facebook. She has a lot of great information and support on breastfeeding. Good luck to you! :heart:

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Fenugreek and cluster pumping!

Lactation snack balls and cookies, delicious and help boost milk supply

The less is being taken from the breast, the less you will produce. Keep pumping!!!

Lots of stimulation to the breasts. Lots of water juices. Pump in between.

And lots of water at least 2 litres a day I was told

Mothers milk tea and fenugreek, plus tons of water!

I was told to drink 16 to 20oz between each feeding, I was also told to eat between 2500 and 3000 calories a day… add flax seed ground your foods,
Lactation treats twice a day…
Make sure your taking your prenatals and getting enough protein… also before and during pumping massage the breast to help milk flow… some times stress is a factor as will make sure your relaxing when pumping to help milk flow… if your baby doesn’t latch that could be it to… maybe try latching get a few times a day to promote milk productions… power pumping sessions help too

A lot of times you don’t produce enough milk if you are stressed . Like in a bad relationship

Feed on demand…no pumping

Could be IGT. I have this. And I was die hard trying to breastfeed my first 3 babies without having any idea what was wrong with me. It was devastating all 4 times with all 4 kids when my plans were to breastfeed exclusively and then i never made more than an oz at a time combined and my babies started losing weight. I’d look into it. It’s not common but it is one of the only medical reasons a woman won’t produce enough milk. I tried a sns feeding system to keep them on my breast only and still getting the right nutrition cuz I never made even a 1/4 of what the needed and that just got to be too much after they were 3 months old. Good luck

Brewer’s yeast might help. Cottage cheese and crackers. La Leche club had a device with a small tube that was placed alongside the nipple and the baby takes both the tube and the nipple at the same time and sucks them both. The tube is connected to a container of formula.

Lots of water ! Make sure u have pump attaches correctly as well that can make a difference, how old is your baby , also u need to pump alot at first to get your milk supply going how often are u pumping that can make a difference as well I would speak to a lactation specialist

As your ob for raeglan, it works like a charm! All natural