How to increase libido?

I am 2 months postpartum and iam having trouble with intimacy with my partner. This has never happened before baby. I want to but then when he touches me i just get turned of. I love my partner and i feel guilty not doing it with him. What should i do?


I am 7 months post partum and still have no physical interest in it. Maybe twice since birth. You arent alone. Its popular in breastfeeding moms my doctor said

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I feel the same way! It’s an awful feeling… I’m looking for advice as well

Girl. You just birthed a baby the size of a tiny watermelon out of your body, along with constant feedings every couple hours, lack of sleep, Long nights. You are physically healing , and mentally dealing with all of that. It’s natural and normal to not want to have any sexual contact. If you’re not turned on, you’re not turned on. Give yourself some time and don’t feel guilty, if he doesn’t understand OH WELL that’s his problem. You’re doing great :slightly_smiling_face:


Your hormones can be out of wack for up to a year after breastfeeding its totally normal.

Do it with him anyway. Don’t deprive him he has needs and unless it hurts u, u should take that into consideration


This is pretty common. And hella frustrating. Talk to the doc about it. They might have a suggestion. Hopefully your man is patient with your recovery like he should be. If he’s not, tell him to grow tf up.

I was like this with both my kids. Im 3 months PP and have yet to have any interest in sex. I’m also breastfeeding would could be a factor in that.

Don’t do anything you are not comfortable with. You just had a baby and it can take a while to feel yourself again. If he can understand that then that’s great for him. But if he can’t and is making you feel like shit for it, then frying pans are good for knocking sense into people.

It is your hormones adjusting. Are you breastfeeding?
I had hard time adjusting to intimacy after starting to breastfeed. It will turn around do not worry and let your man in so he is part of it and does not take it personal.

Going through the same. And I’m just going to do it anyways because that’s what he needs and he takes care of us


You literally just had a baby. Let your body rest and settle back into itself. I couldn’t imagine having sex that soon after my babies.


It’s because you just had a baby. It will take about 1 year for you to start to feel normal again


My husband waited almost six months each time because that’s what I needed. There are other ways to be close if you’re just not ready

You just pushed out a human, calm down :heart::pray: