How to increase libido?

I gave birth to my first child May 16th, 2018. I’ve always had an awesome libido and loved being intimate with my SO. I’m currently pregnant with my second child, (19 weeks 5 days) mentally and physically exhausted all the time and I’ve lost all interest in sex. I don’t even want to think about sex. It doesn’t even feel good anymore. I’m going through a serious depressive episode. It’s been three years since I was having issues this bad. My first question is, is it possible to go through PPD while also pregnant again so soon after the first? I know it’s not just my hormones as I am a diagnosed manic depressant with high anxiety. My second question is, is it normal for me to lose my sex drive and will I get it back? I’m really upset over it.


I’m not a dr but I had my daughters back to back n lost my sex drive with my second pregnancy. Everyone is different but I’ve been so focused on my two babies that I still don’t have a sex drive

I havent personally experienced this but I have heard women say that you can get postpartum depression during pregnancy. Also being pregnant can make your sex drive go downhill. Me personally I loved having sex when I was pregnant until about 30 weeks. Then my sex drive just went away. My daughter is 5 almost 6 years old and I still dont have a sex drive like I used to pre pregnancy. Its different for everyone though.

Technically the PPD is through 6 months. However, you have many factors still playing. Hormones from pregnancy. If you’re still nursing. Exhaustion from having an infant as well as pregnancy. This ALL plYs a role in sex drive. I would visit a psychiatrist and or counselor frequently with the depression/mania as all of those fCtors can also make you less stable.

Both my boys were back to back. Found out I was pregnant again when my first boy was 6 months. I was diagnosed with depression during the pregnancies and had to take medication. Had a large sex drive before kids and even after kid number 1. But both of my boys (kids 2 and 3) changed me. Been over a year since I Had my last and I still haven’t gotten my sex drive back. It might be worth noting though that I got my tubes tied after the last kid too. :woman_shrugging:t2:

its normal to feel this when pregnant. yes it will go back to normal.