How to increase milk supply?

Does anyone have advice on how I can produce more breast milk?

Drinking a lot of water helped me

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Its supply and demand so pump more and feed baby as much as possible


Nurse more. The more the body senses a demand the more it produces

Believe it or not, and this is something a family member did and she got it straight from her doctor, 1 can of beer a day. She did this and her milk doubled


Make sure you alternate sides when feeding. Pump frequently. That helped me alot. Breastmilk is by supply and demand. The more the demand the more you will produce. My left breast had half the milk my right one did. Breastfeeding supplements helped quite a bit too. Make sure you’re getting enough nutrition to replace what the baby is taking out of you.

Oatmeal, brewers yeast, water

Drink water and lots of it. Eat fruit such as watermelon, which is mostly made of water. Stay away from Power drinks. They are dangerous enough for adults, imagine what they would do to babies.
My doctor has me on Propel for the electrolytes.

Can of beer, body armor, Gatorade, oatmeal

Pump more drink alot of water feed the baby

Ton of water and latch baby more often/pump more.

Power pumping, lots of hydration, adequate healthy calories, latch baby as much as possible even if they are just comfort nursing.

Frosted mini wheats always have me extra few ounces.

The have a recipe online for cookies you can make, warm compresses, pumping between feedings, eat less diary.

Drink more water, eat appropriately, and nurse and/or pump more.