How to increase milk supply?

When did you all stop breastfeeding?

My boobs don’t seem to be making much milk and my 6 month old is less and less patient with it. She’s pulling off the nipple and cries until I end up feeding her formula from a bottle. I get almost nothing when pumping now. She loves most food and has been eating 2 meals a day for a few weeks now. Is this normal?

I’m very disappointed that this isn’t working out as I had planned to breastfeed for a year until going back to work. Please let me know when or how your babies stopped breastfeeding!


1 month, and 2 months. We just couldnt make it work, at least you got farther than that! Any milk they get is so good for them though!!
Hoping things will go better with this last baby

Pumping isnt a really good indicator of your supply. The more she continues to nurse the more you’ll produce. Maybe you should contact a lactation consultant to see if theres anything you can do to extend your bfing journey.

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Up your water intake & depends on what kind of pump you have.

almost 3 years old each…3 baby boys🤷‍♀️

1st I want to say I am sorry that your plan for breastfeeding isn’t working out the way you wanted it too. I totally understand as I was only able to make it a month because I was having issues with not only my supply but also terrible anxiety induced panic attacks.
2nd I would definitely reach out to a Lactation Consultant they may be able to help you, also there is no shame in using formula because she needs to be fed and if she needs more then your supply can handle right now it’s ok. She is only 6 months so it’s important that she receives that nutrition from either from your milk or formula and it is her main nutrition till a year old.

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My son was never interested in breastfeeding. Only with the bottle. If you want her to have breast milk but she prefers the bottle have you tried exclusively pumping and just bottle feeding?

Sometimes even though you want to it doesn’t work out of my 5 kids it worked- I was good and baby was good for about 2 the other kids it wasn’t working and one kiddo had some issues right away and I was too stressed and it didn’t happen at all- you need to know that you aren’t a failure and as long as you both are healthy and happy and thriving that is what matters-

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Maxi milk from

Aww I’m sorry it’s not going as planned. But bb’s know what they. Sadly I don’t really remember if this is “normal” as my son is almost 5 years old. I do remember I could never pump alot of milk but my son when breast feeding could get more then enough out. I stoped breastfeeding my son right before he was 3 years old, but by then I was only doing it before bedtime, during the night and naps if he wasn’t at daycare. And I only really stoped bc of other people/family saying it was time bc he was almost 3… hoped this helped a bit :heart::heart:

4 months…i wasnt producing enough milk and eventually dried up tried mothers tea but it was disgusting and didnt work for me

Start drinking like 120oz of water a day

My older 2 bit me so I cut them off at 10 months. With my younger 2 I had to go bk to work and I wasn’t able to pump so I had to stop at 6 months

I would definitely reach out to a lactation consultant and try some things that are proven to up your supply such as oatmeal. Also drink as much water as possible along with eating healthy snacks when you nurse

My babies both stopped on their own at about 11 months. With my son I was glad because I couldn’t pump with him I just never got anything out. So it was all nursing all the time. My daughter around 11.5 months just pulled away for two days, she would turn her head away and wretch…it broke my heart a little bit. I wanted that journey to continue as I was able to pump with her. Just because your not getting anything while pumping doesn’t mean your not producing. Babies are smart and many realize it’s much less work and a quicker pay out to drink from a bottle.

you tried, you gave her the colostrum. Never feel bad, You did what you could do. You have a healthy child & that is what is important

2 yo still does to go to bed … just keep bf on demand each and every time even if its every 10 minutes … you can also try pumping in between and LOTS of water