How to increase milk supply?

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Hello, I’m 10 weeks pregnant with my second baby and really want to breastfeed but with my first I didn’t produce much milk so I only did it for about 3 months and very few ounces a day, tried pumping but it didn’t help much. Is there anything I can do during pregnancy to help produce for when the baby is born? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you


Message your boobs during the end of second and all of third trimester. Do it in a downwards motion. I got this advice from a lactation consultant while I was pregnant

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I would be careful cause you dont want to set yourself into labor…messing with your nipples can do that…I’d just research everything I could about it…drinking water helps as well as after baby is born be sure you eat well and get as much rest as you can…I’ve breastfed all 3 of my babies my singleton for 2 years and my twins going on 17 months now…


Some women just can’t breastfeed, I didn’t produce enough milk for any of my 4… neither did my sister for her 2… I’ll be praying for u tho. Maybe u can breastfeed and bottle feed.:blush:

I’ve had several mom friends say this works well, I know you can find it at Kroger.

My first I had supply issues because I went back to work at 3 weeks and I have hypoplasia(not sure on the spelling). With your second you boobs usually do better because it’s round 2 and they know what to do better than the first go around. My personal experience about pumping is if it’s not working dont do it. I dont respond to a pump and I didnt realize that for a long time so i pumped more often with higher suction thinking i just wasn’t doing it right, but some women just dont respond to the pump. My second is almost ten months and we are still going strong, with him I took from november 13th till I think January 4th off but I worked one day on like december 19th or something. It helped to have all that time to establish a good supply base. And feed baby on demand dont try to set a schedule till later.

I also was told by many people dark beer will make ur milk richer… drink small glass once in the evenings.

Lots and lots of water! What made you realize you werent producing enough milk? I’m a strong believer that your body will provide what your baby needs! Dont let people insist that you NEED to mix formula etc. I never got a lot pumping. Also nurse often or on demand if able to :heart:

I didn’t produce hardly at all with my first, my second I was producing like crazy by the second or third day

FYI, I still have my lactation consultant on speed dial. They are there for a reason. Use them!


There is a bunch of products out there you could try. I’ve heard of Milky Mama’s. It sounded really simple and easy.

I didn’t produce any milk for my first but did some for my second. It only lasted about 6 weeks, but some is better than none, right? I have no advice to produce more milk, but that might give you some hope.

With my daughter I ate oatmeal for breakfast every day for 2 months I plan to do the same with this one

Milk doesn’t come in until after giving birth, it’s a hormonal response. And you don’t just “make milk” you have to eat and drink a lot to be able to produce enough to feed your baby.

I tired everything and nothing worked. Sometimes it’s just in you DNA. Aunt and cousin and mom all had the same issue with low milk production. Beat myself up the first time for being lazy. The second time I tried it all and got ni further. So did like Elsa and let it go.


Water water water!! And eat! Those were my two biggest mistakes. Once I realized I needed to take care of myself first I started producing more

Water and lactation cookies!

Nothing works as well as having the babe latch on as much as possible!! If u can spend 24 hrs even better 48hrs in bed with the babe, as naked as possible, just constantly nursing. Dont be fooled by the amount of milk u can pump, babies are way more efficient than any pump. It is very very very rare that mothers dont have enough milk - 9 times out of ten it’s misinformation, sadly :frowning: get help from somebody from the la leche ligue (dont know if its spelled right) for example. Wee ones have phases where they seem constantly hungry, which makes most woman think their milk isnt enough, but its just growth spurts. They happen every few weeks in the beginning and then they like to cluster feed. Again, this does NOT mean you dont have enough milk!!!
Get as much info from a PROFESSIONAL as possible, it will be fine!!! (Im a lactation consultant)

Nothing for when you’re pregnant because milk doesn’t really come in until baby is here but here are some ideas for after. I had a low supply for a while, especially when I went back to work and had to pump. I started taking Fenugreek which increasedy supply by a lot. Unfortunately, after a few weeks I realized that was what was causing my daughter to have painful gas. I stopped and started taking supplements that I ordered through Euphoric herbals llc. I loved them, they’re a bit pricey but I found them to be worth it, and still cheaper than formula. With those supplements I was pumping about 14 oz in an 8 hour shift plus nursing my daughter on demand while home, compared to the maybe 4-5 oz I had been pumping before them. I ended up being able to donate some milk. Also, oatmeal. Is good to help increase supply a bit as well.

Pumping really isn’t that accurate, babies get much more milk then we think. Plus they don’t need to eat much because their bellies are like the size of walnuts

Lactation cookies i heard work…i couldnt produce much milk with my 1st baby and the first 2weeks i was like this with my 2nd baby until i started eating papayas and drinking alot of soup…moringa pills were a major help by the 4th week and sheer determination i was producing so much milk i started leaking… dont give up…
You need to keep your child at the breast (if theyre hungry give them formula) but always try to put them at the breast it lets your body know that it needs to produce more milk…and eat lots anf lots of papaya… or drink soup that has papaya in it…i just gave birth may 16 so i was having trouble but i promise it worked for me :)… good luck mama

I’ve been breastfeeding for almost 2 yr straight now. Water is huge. Once you give birth. Nurse as often as you can. Drink tons of water, when you think you’ve had enough… drink more lol. Being relaxed is huge. Nursing should be calming and bonding. Dont pressure yourself. Dont freak out about production. :heart::heart::heart::heart:

You might be surprise, this time around. Give it a try, you have nothing to lose

I didn’t produce Enough with any of my 6. Lactation oatmeal and chocolate chip cookies helped. They’re In the baby section and so yummy… Lactation consultant and nicu nurse both said fenugreek is great but never tried.
Buy a whole bunch of bags of those cookies and take them with you when you go into labor or if induction eat days before… I did with my 6th. They worked and I didn’t produce much

Pumping also helped. Had to be hand held pump… electric didn’t help. That with the lactation cookies i bought worked wonders. With my 6th baby i was able to breastfeed some.

3 litters of water a day and vitamins and calories to produce enough for baby. Prolactin is stimulated to produce when the placenta is delivered, you can’t do much until then. Afterwards there’s oatmeal cookies and other lactation stimulating foods.

I was not successful with my first. She wouldn’t latch and I didn’t get anything really with a pump. Successfully 5 weeks in breastfeeding my second. Better milk supply and no latching issues. Fenugreek supplements taken with ginger and tumeric supplements taken together 3 times a day is what the lactation consultant told me. Also Brewers yeast, oatmeal, and cool blue Gatorade helps my supply so much