How to increase milk supply?

I have struggled a lot with Milk Supply and have finally gotten my body to respond to baby’s needs. And now I’m starting work again and won’t be able to feed or pump as frequently obviously. How do I keep my milk supply up while at work. I’m nervous my milk supply is going to suffer.

You need to pump every 2-3 hours while working your employer legally has to allow it. Make sure your baby is being pace fed with a slow flow nipple by your caregiver. Also looking at photos and videos of baby while pumping helps trigger a letdown.


Everything Miranda said. Also remember to replace your parts regularly. You got this.

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I worked whiled breastfeeding. My milk supply would go down with pumping. Didn’t matter the pump or technique. I would practically dry up. I’m just one of those women that need the baby suckling to produce.

Anyhow. I would pump what I could and would go home finish chores… take a bath with baby (helped relax and release milk) and I would lay down with my baby and pretty much have him latched the whole night until I was ready for asleep and nursed at night.

It helped me keep my levels up. I did it when I was a stay at home mom and had trouble keeping up with my 2nd sons supply. I’d just lock my self in the room with both my babies and watched a movie with the baby latched the whole time.

The more they suckle the more they produce.

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