How to increase milk supply?

I have a son who is 14 months old. I haven’t breastfed or pumped since he was 4-5 months old and my milk supply has finally dropped completely. I haven’t had any pain in my breasts for a while until recently. My right breast has been having subtle but striking pain that comes and goes but I would say I feel it every other day if not every day. They have also been extremely sensitive. It’s becoming quite regular so my question would be, do you guys think the pain is just my supply drying up (i breastfed predominantly on my right breast where I feel the most pain) or is this maybe cause for concern? My grandmother had breast cancer after having two kids and lost one of her breasts as a result.

It could be a milk clog or mastitis

Could be calcium build up or mastitis. I just went through the samething. (Only breastfeed for like 2 weeks & stopped, I have a 18.5 month old) I did a whole breast cancer screening.
You can get mastitis & not even have had breastfeed. You can get it when not pregnant, you can get it for just breathing.
I’d see a women’s specialist. Don’t take it lightly. You never can be too careful.

See your Dr. (if you haven’t breast-fed or pumped for nine months your milk supply should’ve dried up long ago.) This probably has nothing to do with milk supply or breast-feeding. Could be absolutely nothing but ongoing pain is not normal so have it checked out to be certain

Mastitis typically comes with fever, chills and flu like symptoms. It sounds like a possible clog but I would definitely see a OB or lactation consultant to see if they can help you figure it out.

Definitely give your oba call and set up an appointment. They are your breast so care for them. They are not going to think your crazy one bit.

Time for mammogram! Wouldn’t hurt, when was your last one? Because of Gram. I say be over cautious. Good luck!

My youngest is 3. I breastfed for 18 months. I still get this from time to time. It normally hits somewhere between ovulation and my period.

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Update on my last question: I have had no fever, chills, or flu like symptoms.

So I could only breastfeed for 2 months n my milk supply dried up completely and when my son turned 8 months old I had those pains it was just growing pains Dr checked me out n I had no issues… N then I had them again when my son was 11 months but found out I was pregnant again haha

One of your milk ducts could be clogged? Try a warm compress or shower. And massage it try to express milk from it.
If it doesn’t subside after that I would talk to your doctor as soon as you can just to be sure something else isn’t going on