How to increase milk supply?

Best ways to increase milk supply!? And go…


Body armor and almond milk mix!

Lots of water & pump. Fenugreek worked for me when I used it

Oats and electrolytes and fenugreek

Nurse, nurse, nurse.

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Unpopular opinion but beer, the yeast is supposed to help. Old Mexican family thing

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Make a hot cup of tea get in bed and comfy relax and keep pumping…

Keep yourself hydrated I liked body armor n coconut milk

Baby to breast, lots of water and possibly try oatmeal!

Hydration. And a beer a night.

The mother’s milk tea

Water, oatmeal, body armors, power pumping. Pump 10. Rest 20. Pump 10. Rest 10. Pump 10.

I found that a lot of the normal things did not work for me… but for some reason if I ate chicken and rice with a sauce over it like Alfredo or anything, I would get way more milk!

Milk Thistle and nurse as much as possible… Or pump… I only had milk in one breast and which made breasy feeding extremely difficult…

Or check out Milky Mama, LLC I’ve heard their supplements help build your milk supply. Always good reviews

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Body armor I’m 24 weeks and am lactating , plus I know other women who have done this and it is really good and help alot with breastfeeding

Oatmeal and Fenugreek (you can find it at Walmart in the vitamin section) It works but you smell like syrup 100% of the time … it’s a weird side effect. :smirk:

Oatmeal… cream of wheat :ear_of_rice:

If I drink a beer I wake up in the middle of the night needing to feed or pump. It doesn’t work for me with light beer though. Drinking a beer is not a bad thing while BF… it’s out of your milk in an hour. Every healthcare professional I’ve spoken to about it says to have a beer or two right after nursing and relax and enjoy some “me time” it’s not like when you are pregnant and a larger amount gets transferred to baby, and baby is always attached to your umbilical cord whereas now, your body has time to rid the alcohol before it gets to baby :slightly_smiling_face:

I also eat a ton of oats and drink milkmaid tea

Pumping while the baby is nursing

Lay in bed with baby for the weekend and nurse baby on demand! Everything else can wait.