How to increase sex drive?

Long story short. I had a C- section 9 months ago, but when I got Pregnant my Libido plummeted and I had and still have no libido. I used to be very active & feel sexy.
My husband has been very patient,and is still is,but is quickly losing it, which I dont blame him at all. Hes an excellent man and father and I feel his pain. He even got a Vasectomy. (his choice)
I’m really hoping I get it back ASAP because it’s very depressing to say “No” and see my husbands disappointment & sadness and see him get depressed for the rest of the day. :disappointed:

Did this happen to anyone else?? Any tips, tricks?? We need your help! :sob:


I was lile that with my 1st an last an its still not gotten alot more better but i did find that if i planned a day an evening an heloed myself get along the day preparing timing romantic things to get myself in the mood helped alot took awhile an till this day i still have to prepare myself an get myself n the mood it gets better just takes time

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Give it a try even if you dont feel like it. Let him fingerbang you till you cant take anymore bc a- you just gotta screw or b- your still not feeling it and call a stop.

With my 2nd one same thing happened. Doc told me exercising helps build the libido back up. After a work out take a shower together. That helped me get back into it. (Almost a year after she was born).


I lost mine while pregnant & early on like 18 weeks. I started watching porn & trying to get myself borderline & then when he comes home i jump him. Or take a shower before bed & try self soothing in there & he doesn’t know i need extra help its my secret.

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Just ,say yes !you never know you might end up liking it😁


Just do it! It gets better over time. I lost all desire during pregnancy and finally forced myself to start up again when my daughter was 7 months. I understand what you’re going through. Sex can seem almost repulsive and some women just don’t understand. Don’t let the rude comments get you down!


As long as you’re breastfeeding and for the first year, your body is biologically concerned only with your new baby. It doesn’t want you to create new ones so it’s what my previous gyno called “an unfun vagina”.

I’ve had 9 kids, and it’s usually after the baby is 1 that I’m actually actively wanting it without him having to “get me in the mood”.

Tips and tricks to get you there? Tell him to go down on you. It works miracles.

You might need hormones shots, and with a baby under two it’s stressful sometimes and I know I don’t get a break from my kiddos and even thou my husbands break is at work they get to destress

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Pshhhhh I’m on kid number 3 and my drive is gone basically. Kids are exhausting. I do plan on talking to my dr after this pregnancy is over about my hormone levels and stuff. My husband is VERY touchy feely and I’m a “do not touch me” kind of person. It has caused some fights and I had to explain it to him that if he had kids touching him and needing him ALL DAY would he want his spouse to be all up on him and night. He said no. He still pouts about it sometimes but not as much as he used to. I try not to always say no but sometimes I just can’t.


And note, she is only saying she wants it back for him. Not herself. I get it. People wanna see their partners happy. But if she isn’t feeling it than that’s okay. Like I said. If he truly loves her, he can wait till her and her body are ready.


Don’t say no. Just go with the flo


Foreplay, toys and maybe giving in once in a while…one way to up your sex drive is to have sex.

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Maybe give him a hand job or a blow job…if he ain’t happy with that then…idk

Fake it til you make it😂. Sometimes you just got to suck it up and do it even when you aren’t feeling it. Men aren’t like us it’s like a need that has to be met for them. If they aren’t getting it at home they are more likely to start looking for it elsewhere.

:pushpin: THIS WAS MY QUESTION. I do pleasure my Husband in anyway possible everyday. I’m going to the OBGYN and getting checked out. I cant “fake it till I make it” because it feels like fire & is painfully sensitive down there and I’m allergic to Latex so Lubercant won’t help me. Thank you for your feedback.:pushpin: