How to keep a toddler hydrated?

My fiance and I are going to cedar point for a couple of days, and we are taking our three-year-old daughter, and I just wanted to ask what should I all bring for her? And what’s the best way to keep her hydrated? This is our first big trip like this with her, and I’m not really sure what to bring!


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to keep a toddler hydrated?

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We use the sugar free water flavors like mios if we know hes gonna have a hot day like going to watch a ball game or something like that, we just tell him its kool aid and that works for us

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Water, lemonade, MiO, and whatever else you let her drink. It’s no different than home as long as you offer often. Dress her for optimum comfort so she doesn’t over heat. You got this mama.

Lots of water, pedialite, freezies, frozen yogurt tubes, apple sauce

ice water, flavored water, watermelon.

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Icee pops, jello, Gatorade, water, watermelon or other “juicy” fruits… growing up I was always dehydrated. These were recommended straight from the Dr.

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Get her a little water bottle. No reason to get her hooked on drinking flavored water, pick out a cute water bottle she likes and let her carry it. Make sure to show her you’re drinking water too.
Bring some cut fruit for snacks that will help as well.


Just bring big bottles of water with you and keep topping her bottle up, could also bring a bottle of juice to add to her water to change it up Abit

We took our son to pick out his own water bottle and he gets to carry it around, for whatever reason that seemed to work for us. Just regular water though or pedialite. And yogurt or apple sauce

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Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to keep a toddler hydrated?

Get little bottle water from lidi or aldi and u can get juice like robinsons like this to put into it?

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to keep a toddler hydrated?

I have two toddlers and I let them pick out their water bottles they wanted, just make sure they can open and close on their own. I have found when they get to make the choice of something it gets used a lot more.


Just water, do not use Pedialyte! It is made for kids who are sick not because they are hot. My sons doctor told me to stay away from it. Because it is hard on the kidneys and can cause problems.


Frozen water bottles and a few frozen Gatorade’s. Buy her lots of popsicles throughout the day as well.

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Cups they like that are different designs so they get to pick so they’re more likely to drink it, and then MIO electrolyte water flavoring. Try out some flavors before and see what she likes. Then wherever you are you’ll be able to give her water and if she isn’t liking it, add some MIO flavor. Also spray-on sunscreen is a lifesaver

With my son when he’s doing a lot of moving we alternate between pedialyte and water he also has his favorite cups that he picked

Pedialyte! I add it to their water or let them drink it by itself :slight_smile: get her a bottle stay so she can carry her sippy and drink as needed. Or keep it in your cooler (we had an area under our stroller to put a small cooler & kept that and water in there.)


Lots of water, if she doesn’t like just water pack some juice to add. Ice lollies are also amazing for hydration x

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I get Gatorade with the sports cap. I made mine practice opening it themselves and we were good to go. Or pack bottles of Gatorade and a silly cup. And bring water. Freeze a couple of bottles of each for your cooler and store under a stroller.
And some snacks. Cut up fruit kept cool in the cooler. Lunchables(home made it store bought) and something like goldfish crackers. Light foods in case they get too hot and barf. … it happens.

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Water is the best thing to keep a 3 year old hydrated and some juice boxes/pouches without a lot of sugar should be enough to keep a kid happy. Keep it simple and don’t stress so much.

Have her pick a drink bottle out she can easily use and have it with you at all times.
Offer ice blocks, watermelon, small amount of juice with dinner if out as a treat. She’ll be fine.

My daughter is 2 and LOVES pedialyte popsicles she eats about 1-3 a day we live in Vegas

Gatorade zero mix half and half in her water bottle


If she likes fruit pack her some watermelon.
Add a little bit of flavoring to her water if it’s boring to her or she won’t drink plain water.
Or you could make your own Popsicles too :hugs:

My kids just want water 24/7

Pedialyte or water. I would always use water. And lots of it.

My mom used to take my daughter to horse lessons and she would have a 24 pack of water bottles in her back seat, she drank them no problem

Fruits and veggie snacks that tape high in water will help

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I buy Gatorade and mix half and half with water

Flavor packets for water!! Make it taste like juice! That’s what we had to do with my brother and gradually decreased the amount of flavor until he’d drink straight water!

My kids aren’t “water” drinkers so I have always bought the Capri sun roaring waters. You can freeze them and use them as ice packs in a mini cooler and have them drink them throughout the day. I do that for their lunches and it keeps it cool

Pedialyte is full of sugar. Water for the vast majority with a some juice ( not cocktail but 100% juice) here and there. Get a good water bottle that you can attach to the stroller so they can loose it.

Mandarin oranges from a can or in a container. They sell in packs of four. Del monte or store brand fruit cups.

Do they not offer refillable drinks at cedar point?

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Freeze pedialyte ice pops today. It takes a couple days to freeze.

ummm…water? both my 2.5 yr old and 1 yr old drink water …lol

Water fruit and fruit juice

I spelled it wrong lol

Sunscreen! Water/pedialyte, extra clothes, hat, snacks

Breastmilk, water. Simple.

The thing you do have to remember also is don’t just flood her body with water, or yours for that matter, because your body still needs to have salt (and other electrolytes) in order for you not to have severe muscle cramps all over your body and it can make your heart rate and blood pressure shoot up and all kinds of crazy problems. Just don’t overdo the water, make sure you eat light snacks and gatorade/powerade!


Here are ideas for snacks that are super hydrating on their own. We let ours pick out their own water bottle, just make sure she can open it on her own and close it. Also, try to get one that has a wrist strap so that she can have it on her at all times. Take some type of wagon or if you’re taking a stroller maybe take a cooler with dry ice in it and some Popsicles. And then of course cold water. Pedialyte is really good for hydration. Gatorade mixed with water. You don’t want to have a bunch of sugar though because that can make them dehydrated. Start doing your hydration with her now also. If she goes into it being hydrated very well that can only help.


Water water water. If she won’t drink plain water get something like the propel powder packs for her water. Stop every 15-20 minutes for a water break! A frog tog for her neck would be great to keep her cool or a little battery operated fan you can clip on his stroller if using one!

Pedialyte and also water

Pedialyte popsicles!

Pedialyte AdvancedCare Plus…

I swear by this stuff it’s pedialyte packets I drink it and my kids ask for it just dump in a regular water bottle and shake

Water, pedialyte or body armour. FLAVORED WATER IS A NO. The fake sugar in it actually dehydrates them!!
Fruits high in water… watermelon is a good one

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Body Armor is actually better than Pedialyte My 1 and 2 your old grandkids love them

Is this an actual question?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to keep a toddler hydrated?

My son loves being out in this heat.
We do water, pedialyte, pedialyte freeze pops and watermelon a lot.


Get a reuseable water bottle. Make a point to stop for a minute and drink every hour. Maybe even potty break every hour as well too! Good luck, you’ll have a blast.

Coconut water, they have some that are flavored, as well as water. Sunblock lots of snacks.


Get some of the Body Armor drinks, they have coconut water, when my kids are sick or outside a lot I give it to the watered down and it works miracles!

So not to long ago we took my 2yr old n 4yr old to a zoo/park, in literally 90 degree weather :sob: i didnt realize it was that bad honestly but I had a small cooler packed with water bottles and fruit, cheese snack things and all that and made sure my bags of ice layered thru out the cooler lmao by the time we got home we set up the kiddy pool n it was 92° out n they played a few more hours but the best thing u can do is breaks, especially if ur hot n need something then they do too or if anything set a timer for every 20-30 mins it just depends i guess

Water. Id start there.
Bring a lot of it.
Some real fruit juice to switch it up so she stays content.
Pedilyte, dilute with water because it’s sugary.

What you’d normally do just bring enough to last.

Sunblock, plenty of it! And sippy cups/cups of water, lots of it!

If you’ll be in a hot environment you can freeze some water bottles (or juice boxes) so the melt water will be cold.

Be careful giving her ice water! When your overheated and drink ice water it can send your body into shock! They say room temperature water or if its cold then let it sit in your mouth for a minute before you swallow!

Body armor is really good.

Freeze grapes they will unthaw by the time you want them plus they will help keep the cooler cold for a bit :slight_smile:

Water and Gatorade. Just keep offering it

Let them pick out a water bottle at the dollar store. Then water. Apple juice. Etc.


Water. Water with sliced fruit. Splash of juice in the water.
If she’s super hot don’t give ice cold drinks cause it can send you into shock. Luke warm/room temp drinks when over heating.

Watermelon, other high water content fruits. Just remember to cut up grapes so she doesn’t choke on them, especially if freezing them as others have suggested :blush:


Give her water…? :woman_shrugging:t3::woman_facepalming:t3:


Water bottle he loved his straw cup. We went to florida and he drank 5-6 cups a day

Consider stopping while hiking to take a family water break every few minutes. Toddlers need consistency, examples, and routine. You could also pack some watermelon for a snack.

Lots of water, prices r ridiculous there

Start now! My 6yo and 1yo have their own water bottles and I just constantly keep them filled up. Don’t offer juice, water is all they need. My husband and I also drink a lot of water so I’m sure that makes them want it too

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Electrolyte rich drinks.
Powerade, Gatorade, pedialyte, body armor, electrolyte rich water.

Using plain water does not hydrate if they are low. It only continues hydration, does not replenish it.


My son loves Bubly drinks, they are 0 sugar 0 calories… if she only wants sugary drinks and not water this always seems to work

I think everyone covered the hydration question. One thing that was a life saver for us if we went anywhere with a toddler and a stroller and a lot of walking was a chargeable/battery operated fan. You can find them on Amazon and they’re definitely worth it to keep a little one cool :slightly_smiling_face:


Pedialyte. If she hates the taste mix it with a little water or juice.

Pedialyte, pedialyte popsicles, water, flavored water, fruit…

I always fill “my cup” up with water and let her have drinks from “my cup” makes her drink more because she feels like she is getting away with drinking my drink :joy:

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Propel, mio, anything like that that makes you think it’s juice but it’s actually water

Pedialyte always worked for our toddlers and water

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My daughter loves water and drinks a ton. If yours has a hard time drinking consistently, get her a fun bottle to drink from. If you’re worried about heat, put a little pedialyte in the water too, but that usually makes my daughter pee A TON.

Don’t forget sunscreen!

Water. Sun block. A hat for her. But I would freeze some water bottles aday before. Stop at gas stations for ice cups to put in her bottle with water

Also take some moist baby wipes and put them in a baggie keep in the lunchbox or cooler with ice packs and drinks for a quick refreshing face wipe. Wet paper towels work well too. This tip is great for field trips and school field days too.

We always pulled our youngest in a wagon and had a small cooler of water. I don’t know if they allow that now. It worked great. She could ride in the wagon when she got tired.

Watermelon is always good, frozen water bottles that thaw a the day progresses and also good for surface skin cooling too.

Omg I’ve been camping at cedar point my whole life! Have a great time getting away​:camping::beach_umbrella::evergreen_tree::deer::two_hearts:

Gatorade and always make sure u have sunscreen/bug spray

I buy the Gatorade powder… Easy to make and my little ones love it

It’s not good to drink ice cold water when u r overheating !!the body temp with the ice
Cold water

I’ve travelled abroad with small children and found the heat made them very tired. Plenty of shade, lots of drinks…whatever they’ll take really mine loved water but some kids don’t :woman_shrugging:. Sunscreen , hat that has a skip and covers the back of their neck. Loose cotton clothing …long sleeves/legs help rest the skin…good luck . Enjoy your trip

Water, body armors, and pedialyte popsicles

Watermelon, cucumber

Careful not to over hydrate

Can be really bad

Keep shaded as much as u can

If you don’t do juice…and she doesn’t care for water. Do Gatorade zero :raised_hands:

Pedialyte popsicles or Pedialyte.

They have pedialyte packets that go in water. Thats what I used at the beach for a week for my kids.

Propel or poweraid water if she wont drink regular water

Pack some water bottles and off you go.

Freeze a tea towel over night and put in a clip seal bag that way when she’s hiking and warm She will have a nice cold wet towel to cool her.
Pack a lunch box, water melon, mandarin, cucumber sticks. Freeze a juice box so she has a slushie to spoon out at a pit stop.