How to keep animals cool in warm weather?

How is everyone keeping their dogs cool in this heat wave? We live in the PNW, and it has been incredibly hot, and there is NO AC in houses here. We are also struggling to find a window unit and fans. What are you doing to keep your furry friends safe and cool?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to keep animals cool in warm weather?

I can’t imagine not having AC :expressionless:
Poor animals…


Plastic pool with water. Frozen paper towel on their head. For your own fans and ac if Amazon if that available


Please get an ac! If money is the problem I can help you. Baby pool with water in the yard.


We are in the PNW I can’t imagine not having an AC. It’s so hot here :tired_face: I’m so sorry. We have a pool outside that I put my dogs in every time they go out to go potty. They hate it but it cools them off. Also if you are in Spokane and need a small pool message me I have an extra!


Cooler, ice, small fan, pvc elbow = temporary ac


Get an AC they make dog pools theyre pretty cheap as many fans as you can even if you have to move them around the house and it doesn’t look pretty. Always have fresh water topped off in bowls.

Cooling rags/bandanas, my elderly pup loves her, we have a/c and still helps her!

I have a cooling pad for my little guy. I got it at pet smart. You just put it in the fridge for a few hours and then it stays cool almost all day. When I babysit my daughters ferrets we freeze water bottles and they like to sleep with them.

Swamp cooler. DIY videos on YouTube. Need a fan, ice and a cooler.

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Kiddy pool kept in the shade to allow them to cook off


You can also get a towel or small blanket damp then put in the fridge till cold then let them lay on the cold towel. But that usually only lasts an hour or so and you have to keep putting it in the fridge but your dogs will appreciate the cool moments

We have sprinklers and kiddie pools. The kids also shoot them with water guns. The dogs love it.

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Dogs like pools too. Water is life. Im from south texas. #takeitfromatexan


Try amazon.
Unfortunately cant help ya, we keep A/Cs no matter what.

Search “how to make a swamp cooler” on YouTube. Store bought evaporative coolers are another option but maybe sold out.

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We have a kiddie pool that my dog just loves. He jumps in and out of it. He’ll even lay down in it but it’s shallow water.

You can join some local pet groups on FB, there are people with ACs offering to take in furbabies during this heat wave. Just make sure they are reliable and trust worthy

You can put ceramic or stone tiles in the fridge/freezer and then lay them out. It’s what I do to keep the chinchilla cool

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Fill a bathtub with cool water

Order a window unit online… I got mine within a few days. For outside I bought a cheap plastic baby pool. I got my dog a box fan off line for $15 also. You can mix plain yogurt with watermelon in blender and freeze for treats too.

Ruffwear in Bend, OR have cooling vests. I got one for my dog when we need to get out in hot temperatures. We are fortunate to have air conditioners in the house, but we are in Eastern, WA where we know we will need air conditioning.

I can’t believe there’s place where there’s no ac in homes…


Plastic pool with water, ice cubes in water. My mom used to freeze water in plastic bowls so our dogs had huge ice blocks to naw and lay on

Frozen treats and ice cold water and wet towels

Pool, wet paper towel in the freezer, ice treats

My husband and I were JUST talking about this this morning! Ugh so terrible, hope everyone has a air conditioned place to go if it gets too hot

We give our furry friends each bowl of ice and they love it.

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Kiddie pools/sprinkler… they have cool down towels can prob get them off Amazon

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Wet a Doggy or fitting shirt real damp and put it on them with a fan. I put a wet towel in the shade and dump ice cubes on it and they like to lay on it

Frozen treats, ice cubes, kiddie pool or play with the hose if they like that

There’s a company that makes cooling mats for dogs. It only requires their body weight for it to work, no plugs or batteries. I can’t remember the name.

Ice treats, wet paws

Lay cool/wet towel on pup

We have a plastic kiddie pool
Ac on full blast 3 fans going plenty of ice water and keeping her inside as much as possible

We have ac’s but my dogs like to be outside with the kids. I open my garage so they have shady one likes to lay on the cement in the shade. I also have pools set up for them/ sprinklers

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Get a indoor. Portable AC unit. It works WONDERS!

Amazon for fans and cooling vests

I have a pet cooling mat but she prefers kitchen tiles

Freeze big blocks of water they can lick the ice blocks.

I give her doggy Ice cream, ice cubes and she plays in the little kiddie pool sometime

Try freezing jugs of water n put in front of fan if no fan open window put it as close as you can

My parents freeze water and chicken broth and dog treat and make “pupsicles” lmao :rofl:


I’m in the PNW too. I purchased a portable AC for my bedroom. But that was in the middle of the heat wave. Before the purchase, I would set one of my fans in front of where they enjoyed lounging. I also bought a pet cooling pad. They loved the cooling pad until it got too hot and the cooling pad stopped working. I would recommend putting the cooling pad in the refrigerator for a little while to help cool it if you end up buying one.

We are here in Az and thank hod we have AC because 120 isn’t fun. We have a hard time finding kiddo pools too

Turn your bathtub into a pool and get them wet. Make sure they have plenty of fresh cool water to drink… And hello from near Walla Walla.

We’re also in the PNW! We’re in Washington! I keep two fans on my pitties.

Two liter bottles you could fill with water a freeze so they can lay next to.
Or get these…

Are shopping malls air conditioned? Go there. Let pets rest on frozen ice packs, wet & chill harnesses/pet shirts in the fridge, give Frosty Paws treats if available, ice cubes in a bowl if not, baby pools as mentioned. Get in the car & drive you & the animals somewhere cooler.

FEMA should mobilize for extreme weather conditions just like they do for hurricanes, as these extreme weather events are becoming more common.

Have A/C units, generators, ice makers, and heaters stockpiled for emergencies like they do trailers or tents or thermal blankets, water or whatever.

Have a network of refrigerated trucks that could be diverted to mobilize to bring in massive quantities of ice from neighboring areas if needed. Have the National Guard or Red Cross or Amazon resources looped in to FEMA to deliver what’s needed from other states, like when they send in fire and rescue and other emergency workers in from other states to help when there’s a disaster. If each major company designated one truck each over several days no one company would be too adversely affected.

Designate cooling centers—churches, schools, indoor malls or arenas—with air conditioning available. Have window units or central air installed and turned off when not needed; crank them up as a heat wave approaches, and have the units tested twice a year, so people can go cool off during extreme heat. Have specific sites available and designated for pets, segregated by room (dogs, cats, birds, fish and amphibians, etc.), or crated to avoid attacks.

Heat pumps can serve as both heat and A/C units, but may not work as well below 30 degrees or above 90, but would still keep temps bearable. They’ve gotten more efficient over the years, are more energy-efficient, and could be mandated in all new construction. You might have to run them several days in advance of extreme weather in heating/cooling shelters though, as it takes time for the air to recirculate.

They have misters to keep people cool in San Antonio; maybe one or two could be installed in parks to operate when needed.

Please be careful with giving dogs ice cubes make sure they are broken up so if they start munching on them they don’t cause damage to their teeth or get caught in their throats.

If you can’t find an ac unit try to at least get a box fan click of a room with sheets fill a cooler full of ice and set the fan up level with the top and turn on it’ll be like a make shift ac for a single room

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to keep animals cool in warm weather?

Give them plenty of shade, cool water, and a fan. Once they’re cooled off you can give them ice too. They also probably wouldn’t mind a kiddy pool or even a good mud puddle.


Cool bath ice in there water damp cloth get dark curtins to keep sunout and close window until night time fan

Previously we made a sand pit behind a fence and under a tree , soaked the sand and it didn’t really dry out . Our rottie spent his life in it


Kiddie pool in the shade

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Let them in the house.


It sounds like they are in the house because you mentioned AC, but just to be safe, bring them inside if they aren’t! I love cooling pads for my Saint Bernard during the summer. Also Frozen treats! Ice cubes, freeze chicken broth, pupsicle, etc. (This was recommended to me BY MY VET before people start saying cold is bad for dogs. It isnt.)

Ice in front of fan. Kiddy pool or small tub and make them put at least their feet in it. Soaking w the hose.

Frozen water bottles and ice cubes in their water dish

Amazon has dog pools, cooling pads, and if you try on Walmart you might be able to order some fans and a portable a/c unit. One last thing look up ideas on YouTube. If you have a part of your home that does not have carpet, hang blankets over the windows and keep the pups in there. The floor will be cooler and so will the room

Thankfully, I have central air. But I also have fans & a kiddie pool for our pup.

Buy a kiddy pool and fill it out it in the shade on your deck if you have one ours is in our yard

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Ice Cubes in their water will help a bit

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to keep animals cool in warm weather?

Got kiddies paddling pool in lidi my fur baby loves it

Cold damp towel my dog will lie on it also plug in fan and ice in water and I made lollies ices for dog with natural yogurt

You can find cooling mats for pets on amazon, I have one fory cat and he loves it!

Freeze big bottles of water and give that too them mine use to lick and lay next to it