How to keep the romance alive in a relationship?

I dont know if this is inappropriate or not…but how do you keep things spicy in y’alls relationships? What are some new positions to try or just new things ?


I go and buy some sexy lingerie for my hubby


We try new things , wear sexy lingerie , make our own videos , watch porn together sometimes

Sexy pictures while hes at work😘


I literally just rub my butt up against him and it works every time :+1:


I was so gonna say watch porn and get ideas and then I was like idk I might get kicked out for it :joy::joy::joy: but since I wont be the only one saying it, there is my advice :joy::joy::joy:

This is not a group. This is a page lol. Everyone on your friends list can see your answers. Facebook even purposely puts things in your friends’ newsfeed when you comment on things. :joy:


Being spontaneous, the fact of being caught makes it that much sexier I think. Random places are the best lol

Cut a small hole in your belly fat and let him have sexual intercourse with that.


The best thing we’ve found was keeping a good sense of humor. We like to go to adult toy stores And see what we can find there. Watch porn together.


I know this seems simple but date nights are important! Having time without your kids reminds you of all the reasons you fell in love to begin with! Keeps you interested in each other.


Toys, toys, toyyys. Vibrators, whips, some bondage. If that’s too much less extreme “toys” like adjustable nipple clamps, massage oils, candles, fluffy handcuffs…


Since my friends will see this I wong say exactly what I want to but There is A TON of things that I love that are your “normal” things. Like 50 Shades of Grey x100

Play Strip Mario Kart

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My husband and I used to try spontaneous locations, oils, & porn. I’m Sure we will again when we get the chance (post baby). It’s kinda hard to do things like that when you’re the size of a house and your mini knots up like a watermelon any time you even think about sex. :ok_hand: … you and your spouse pick together or order and surpise him.

You’re welcome :wink:

I got this for my man and we love it!!! Only $50!