How to keep your child in their own bed?

How do you guys keep your kids in bed? Our oldest is 4 in December and she is constantly crying (mind you 90% fake crying because the second I come in the room she’s totally fine as if I walked in on my own accord) through the night. Not every night but at least every other night. I help her to go potty, or grab her a drink but when I’ve told her enough is a enough she cries (for real) for daddy, and then I end up with a kid in the bed the rest of the night. Yes I know I may be being picky but I’m also 28 weeks pregnant with out 3rd and am afraid I’ll have both our daughter and the newborn in the bed with us and there is not room, or that I’ll need up sleeping on the couch with the new baby in a bassinet next to me. What do I do? I understand nightmares/sick etc reasons for needing mommy and daddy, I am not against that at all, but it’s the constant nothing is wrong just want to sleep with mommy and daddy thing that I’m starting to lose my mind with. Help.


Put your foot down and ignore her. Put her in bed, give her a glass of water so you have no reason to go in her room and leave her be for the night. Only go in her room if she needs up in yours and only take her back to bed. Don’t let her in yours.


Time to let her cry it out hun. Stand your ground


Put a baby gate at her door and leave her door open maybe with music or the hall light on.


Did you have her in the bed too as a newborn? Babies become accustomed to sleeping in your bed if thats how your put them to sleep. Hard habit to break why its suggested you leave baby in a bassinet in your room or you will have issues like you have with your 4 year old now . You are gonna have to put your foot down now.

& just think in 10 short years you will start saying I miss my girl. I wish she was 3 again…It goes quick, pick your battles, love on your littles, & go with their flow…She needs you for a reason right now~ just be there for her.


She wants and needs the comfort of her mommy, try sleeping in her room with her for a week, the switch to staying til she falls asleep. Get her comfortable in her own room so she’ll sleep through the night.

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She may be scared of the dark or having night mares little children can have dreams that wake them and they are scared could be a number of things just take it in I strode and find out why shes doing this there is a. reason

I slept with both my son and daughter when they were babies. Transitioning from that to sleeping in their own bed can be hard. We started moving her to a crib after she fell asleep. Then we got her a toddler bed and we would read to her and sit with her until she fell asleep. My son absolutely no problems at all.