How to leave a toxic relationship?

I’m married, and in a emotionally abusive relationship. Is it illegal for me to move into my own apartment and take my child? Im not leaving the state, or going to be a crazy distance from the father…But I want to leave when he doesn’t know. I’m in Michigan if that helps. I plan on getting my own apartment and moving out and then filing for divorce…cause I’m scared to take such action while in the same house.


Check out a local abuse place they can advise you to be safe

No one deserves to be abused,ask for help​:pray:t6::pray:t6::pray:t6:

In the state of Michigan you can legally move within 100 mile radius (how a bird flies) without permission from friend of the court.

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First step is I would get the police involved. Go to a police station and tell them you don’t want to press any charges but you’re in a situation that you don’t want to be in and you need help getting out. They will probably have you go to a shelter temporarily. Do you work? Most apartments require that your income is 2 to 3 times the rent amount. An all bills paid apartment would be more cost efficient.

Don’t let him have the child until you have a custody hearing because he can keep the child and no law will take the child from his father without the judge saying so


Warn the police you’re leaving before you go, give them your address and ask them to check up on you. Have them serve him with a protection order, and file for divorce. It’s not illegal for you take your child and ghost him, but be sure to leave no paper trail!


I did it and I live in michigan

No not illegal
move out asap
and if he is that abusive contact law enforcement and tell them maybe even get a restraining order that way if he comes after you their is a record of it all

If he’s a danger than it’s not illegal. There are domestic violence nonprofits that typically offer legal advice. I would start there.

Its not illegal. Get a lawyer to help custody stuff.


Yes it’s fine. Just go.

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That’s not kidnapping. As soon as you can, get legal help. There’s legal aid that will help. Do you have family that will help you? Just get out. Your worth it. Your child is worth it.

File before you leave!!!
He csn go after you for abandonment if you don’t!
File for custody too.
**Ask a lawyer what state precident is.

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You need to find women’s social services in your area you need to talk to them listen to their advice they may help you with legal aid so plan ahead know what your rights are and know what you have to do before you move out

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Do it. It is not illegal.

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I would contact a divorce attorney first and file for legal separation first since there is a minor child involved.

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Get women’s social services involved, you can get an order of protection as well. I was in a domestic abuse marriage and took me years to make my move. But I did. It’s been 6 months, doing family court and divorce court- it’s been stressful but not nearly as stressful as it would be as if I would be stuck still in that situation. Do it for you and you baby.


Only becomes an issue if you leave the state.


People can move out of somewhere whenever they want, that’s not a legal issue at all

Make a plan and be patient about it, make your move andGet Out! Remember most dv happens when u try to leave

Great advice here… just want to add that you need to record everything. It will help in court if he tries to get nasty about the situation.

Leave… You can also get a Restraining order against him & he won’t be allowed within so many feet.

Be safe krista but ya move on girl

Get out of relationship!! He will never change!!!