How to limit screen time?

How do you set screen time limits? I was always the parent who said no screens ever and have been strict about it but since we need them for our homeschool right now and decided to give them as a birthday gift, it feels unfair to just never let them use them. Especially since they’re so excited right now. I considered letting them have them whenever on the weekends but our weekends are sooo busy.What are your screen time limitations like? My children are 4 and 6! I struggle with screen addictions myself so I want to make sure they have a healthy relationship.

Pick an amount of time a day. One hour, two, whatever you and the other parent (provided there is one in the picture) agree on. You can also make it so when they complete a chore, they can earn tickets for 10 extra minutes. Then they learn if they handle their responsibilities first, then they can have fun. Also you can make a chore for the day to do something kind for someone in their family. (Draw them a picture, help their sibling with a chore, etc) The more habitual you make kindness and give a reward for it now, the more they will start to do kind things for others without even thinking.

If you’re worried they will like screens more than outdoors and exercise, make that part of it. For example, make a little poster and hang it up. Put your requirements before screen time. They can be anything but it would be something like this…

Before you get your screens did you…

-Do your homework
-Read a book
-Do your chores
-Play outside or exercise for 30 minutes or more

And if they ask for screens before that then read it off to them. This could be all 7 days or just on weekdays.

Hope this helps

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We do a half hour to 1 hr a day for our almost 4 year old. Tv only and we approve the shows. There are days we don’t have time for screen time and he never seems to notice or care