How to lose my mom belly?

I have a mom belly. You know the one, where it looks like an apron I used to be thin and since 2020 I’ve gained roughly 50 lbs. I want to lose it! Can anyone guide me in the right direction? I need to be healthy for my kids!

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At home workout videos on YouTube and a calorie counting app like My Fitness Pal or Lose It. Good luck and try to keep up the motivation.

I joined OrangeTheory last year and I’ve lost over 40lbs in that time and still working on improving :blush: I went from a size 14/16 to now wearing a 4/6

Diet and exercise… its the only way

Watch how much sugar you’re eating I’ve been doing that and I’m down 42 pounds try to eat as much natural foods as possible that’s what I’m doing with some home exercise thrown in

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Balance your hormones
With herbs
Also exercise and detox ur body with herbs or lemon water

Depending on your insurance, most plans are now covering tummy tucks because it can cause issues for health risks