How to lose weight?

Okay mamas I’m trying to get back into losing weight after having my little one who is 15 months I have had a year I know but between work and doing things around the house cooking and and cleaning by time I get done at 7:30 -8 I have no energy to get on my treadmill AT all half the time I fall asleep with the baby on the couch , my question is there anything I can take that would give me a boost of energy that won’t cause my heart rate to jump??!? Thank you in advance


Vitamins d
Or try the code red diet it has done wonders for me
In August I was 155 and then by thanksgiving I was 134 my goal weight and have kept it off and have more energy too

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B12 is a godsend. Vitamin C and an iron supplement

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Keto gave me a ton of energy after my daughter was born. I was drinking cold press coffee, too.

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Deffo consider a keto diet :slight_smile: the energy is unreal !