How to lose weight?

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Ok mommas i need ideas on losing weight im poor so ya know its gotta be cheap if its a plan thing

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Keto. It works great and is super cheap.

Keto. Lost 60 lbs since January 25🤗I have my life back!

The most effective and healthiest way to lose weight eating right (healthy), drinking plenty of water and exercising. If you cant get to a gym, download at home exercises from YouTube.


start cutting out soda and sugar. i lost 10lb cutting out just soda.
keto isn’t recommended nor is it actually good for you. 🤷🏼


Calories in- calories out. Water.water.water.

I used the MyFitnessPal App and lost 70lbs

Keto. Down 15lbs in a month.

Count calories there are calorie calculators on line that will tell you how many you need to lose weight and drink a gallon of water a day. Lost 100 pounds in a year by doing that

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I cut soda and sugary coffee when I got pregnant. Lost 20lb.

… Started drinking them again after baby came. Gained it all back. :sob:

Listen it’s honestly a life change In how much and what you eat and drink. I started in Feb. At 237… I have since then changed how I eat and how much and I started drinking water lots and lots of water… mio flavor help bc I hate plan water…but since then I weigh once a week and this past week I weighed in at 210…

I am starting with eating healthy, then working out… bc working put doesn’t work if you don’t eat right

I use my fitness pal app and track my calories. I also go to the gym 3 times a week and workout at home 2 days. I’ve lost 30 so far in 6 months. Key is exercise and eating right really…

Intermittent fasting, 16:8 !!! Its amazing. (And free)

Take a shot of Apple cider vinegar every morning. Workout and sweat a lot. Get your heart pumping if you cant go to the gym use a jump rope go running, swimming, etc.