How to move past my anger?

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I am so ANGRY, with kids, with husband, with family, with animals, with the way the wind blows. My anger is literally consuming my entire body and I have NO CLUE how to pull myself out of it. I’m in my first trimester, I feel like a toddler who needs a nap but can’t/won’t sleep. I need advice and help on how to overcome this anger and to save my husband from losing his mind.


Walk.take it all in.the flowers blooming birds chirping breaze everything.

Pray about every thing!

This was me my first trimester. I felt like I had no control of anything and it made me angry. I needed a “me routine” away from everyone. I was super sick and had no energy but the days i went out… I felt so much better


I felt the same way for a while i was irritated with everything. I wasn’t trying to be rude to anyone but I didn’t even want to listen to my kids tell me about their day at school. I just slept alot. I dont know what makes it better

I was going to suggest to try and take an evening for yourself if that’s at all possible. Writing in a journal sometimes helped me to try and get to the bottom of what is making me feel this way. If its unreasonable, or doesnt make sense, have a conversation with your husband, try to talk it out. Having an open communication saved my relationship since I bottled everything inside.

Honestly I was exactly this same way. My husband would breathe wrong and it made me want to scream. Everything was annoying and overwhelming to me. It led to a lot of late nights sitting up in bed crying to my husband that I didn’t know what was wrong with me or why I couldn’t get a grip. Talking about how you’re feeling helps, even if you think it sounds stupid. And give yourself plenty of opportunities to relax or just have a minute to yourself. This too shall pass. We are doing wonderful now!!!

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I’m the same way. I’m not mad at my kids but I prefer to be left alone when it comes to people. I’m exhausted and miserable. And sick all the time. I try to get outside even if it is just a walk.

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I was the same with my last pregnancy I literally tried to kick my boyfriend out every other day for no reason lol it passed though.


It sounds like u may need some counseling before it gets too out of control. Best of luck

I’m in my last trimester actually last couple weeks 7 an sometimes my mood Is just crazy n I don’t no where its coming from I get so irritable easily.

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I was like this for the first few weeks.
Breathe. Remember to take deep breaths and count to 5 before reacting to anything.
Take a walk. The fresh air will help.

This is how my first trimester with my 3rd went. By chance are you on antinausea meds? My dr had put me on phenergan and it made me insane. The day i stopped that and switched to zofran everything changed.

That’s how I found out i was pregnant. I was snapping on everything and everyone took a test was pregnant took 5 more to be sure. Sure enough was pregnant. Breathe through it. Your hormones are all over the place.

Have you ever had your thyroid levels checked? That was my issue when I was pregnant. But I’ve also had a thyroid condition for 10+ years. Something to keep in mind anyhow

I hate hormones they’re awful make sure your eating right, sometimes we lack something and it messes with our brains!

You have to find something that soothes your soul, and use that to overcome your anger. It won’t last your whole pregnancy. Take bathes, pamper yourself. Walks, talks with the hubby.

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I’m in my 3rd trimester. I find myself pissed off everytime I walk into work and ringing people up. I’m to annoyed to make small talk, but people don’t care they just talk away.

I agree with the other mommas, hormones are the worst!

Try music too www.mykool/, this music soothes my soul.

I was like this with my SO I couldnt stand him he made me so fucking angry to the point that I left for a whole week and then found out at the end of that week I was pregnant. I Still get in angry moods when he didnt do anything i am in the middle of the second trimester. Maybe get some time alone that what helped me and helps me when I get that angry

Final call by vexaic is good too.

Seek out a therapist pronto

I was super moody and pissy during the first few months … exercise helps. Just a light exercise should do the trick. Brisk walks, stairs or Stretches. It releases endorphins and helps get rid of some tension and stress.

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Get a good organic non-GMO food based prenatal multivitamin and DHA and take them religiously

Hit up YouTube for meditation videos and Tai Chi until you see someone.
I had that issue. Everything and everyone pissed me off. Simply for breathing. 🤦
It can get better. :green_heart:

Speak to your doctor.

I’m like this and not even pregnant. Idk y… I haven’t always been this way but the last year has been hell for everyone around me… my baby is 1 1/2 and I still don’t know what’s going on… Alot of people say it’s my Birth control most likely but idk… At least u have a reason tho… Hormones from pregnancy are no joke. Hope u get some answers tho… I know it sucks I feel like I could explode any min of everyday :disappointed_relieved:

I made the mistake of watching When They See Us with these first trimester hormones. Worst idea ever. Cried all night

It helps your body release feel good endorphins
It will help!


Omg I was exactly like this my first couple months, I finally started seeing a change at about 12 weeks. I’m currently 14 weeks and hitting the second trimester and I feel 100 times better. Hormones are a B____. It will pass but if it doesnt talk to your doctor about it. Good luck mama.

I think I was either angry or sobbing incoherently until I was about 5 months along. If you’re really worried, talk to your doctor. Try taking some time alone and going for a brisk walk to get some energy out. Go for a drive and blast your favorite music. Stand in a warm shower and yell if that helps. Good luck, mama.

For me i was angry with my daughter. Its how i knew i was pregnant. I had a burning anger. The only thing that helped was breath and when i gave birth it went away. Luckly with this pregnency im not angry.

That’s how I was first trimester. So glad that’s over with

I had that in my first trimester. Just try to recognize it and separate yourself from the situation. Hormones ate crazy and sometimes you need a reminder.

I concur with exercise, massage, breathing, meditation + check with your doc to make sure it’s not a deficiency or medical problem. I found my moods were different at different times in my pregnancy, so with luck you’ll have more stable months ahead.

And if you think this is bad, just wait until menopause!:rofl:

Yeah, I have no advice. My last pregnancy was the same for me. It was awful.