How to naturally tighten your vagina?

hi mamas i know this is a weird question lol but anyone is trying or has tried any pills or creams or done surgery for tightening up down there?! after having kids?! :sob: what have u used and if it worked or works?! thanks!


Look into the v-tight gel

Um Kegel exercises do work! Get a kegel egg and use your own muscles to tone and tighten. It’s much like a gym for your vagina

Kegel excersises… strengthen pelvic floor

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They have quite a few things for tightening cream to a stick that tightens you. But if you want an overall staying tight when peeing try to stop your pee mid stream and do it a couple times each time you pee. Or do kegel at a stop light :slightly_smiling_face:

Apparently you can have surgery called vaginal rejuvenation these days.:woman_shrugging:. Might be worth looking in to if it’s bothering you a lot.

I use this. It’s called a secret Ceres wand. Look it up! It worked wonders for me!!

Kegels work better than anything do them every time you think about it