How to potty train a boy?

Single mom here
Potty training question
Did you potty train your boys to pee sitting or standing? Very overwhelmed never had to potty train a boy dont know the first thing where to start


I’m starting to potty train my 3yr old boy sitting down then I’ll transition into standing

We’ve been teaching my son to sit. Less mess for me :woman_shrugging:

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I started with him sitting down until he got the concept. He is now trying to stand since he sees dad/boys at daycare do it that way.
Do whatever works for you guys though. Every child is different.

Start by sitting ,they will eventually stand

We did sitting first, and this had them trained in a weekend to stand.

Currently potty training sitting down. Less messy and he doesn’t care lol

Standing. He wouldn’t go if he was sitting

I used the urinal for peeing and a regular toilet for pooping…my son is fully trained and isn’t 3 yet…

use cheerios! i worked in a daycare with 3 year olds and we did that with the boys, and gave them two or three as a treat if they would wake up from nap time with a dry pull up & go potty!

Sit right now then we will work on standing.

Sit at first until you feel he is ready .I would keep a bag of cheerios in the bathroom and would let him drop a few In the toilet to help him aim. And lots of bleach!!:sweat_smile:

I start off sitting then move to standing

Started sitting then learned standing

Sitting! Only time he gets to pee standing is if it’s outside and he won’t make it to a toilet (like roadside) that’s when I try to get him to practice his aim. He’s too short to aim in a toilet right now

My son was standing for it right off the bat its fun for boys so make it fun put a cheerio in the toilet and tell him to aim it would b easier if dad can show him a couple times but I understand sometimes thats not possible.

Sitting so when we are in public he feels comfortable. I had short babies and started potty training @ 18mo

Both. He knows how to stand and sit. It’s easier to teach them to stand first and then if they want to sit they can.

We started sitting down with our four boys and then when they were tall enough moved to standing up and focusing on pointing towards the water.

Sitting. My husband told me that was the best way. Once he was trained he started standing and now he pees everywhere

Standing up put blue food dye in toilet then tell them to pee the water turns green. Kids love it

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Started off by sitting. Easiest way I believe and most parents do it like that. Eventually as he gets the hang of that you can show him how to do it standing up

We are starting off with sitting

I started nine sitting, then switched to standing once he knew how to pee in the potty.

Sitting they learn the standing thing later

Start off with sitting. The standing will come when they get older

I always let boys pee out side when they are outside and gadda go🤷‍♀️ only problem I had at one point is teaching them they have to sit down to shit not stand lol