How to potty train a boy?

Don’t laugh at this, because it worked REALLY WELL ! A clean empty soup can they can hold and stand also which they are meant to do
Empty when finished, rinse and we are ready for next visit. Just a few days and they were all trained


My son’s grandpa taught him. I tried but he just didn’t get it. Going to the bathroom with papa helped him figure it out within a few days.


I always thought that if you put a froot loop in the water he could aim for it and learn his colors at the same time.

Get him the lil bathroom step for kids and put a cheerio in the potty have him stand facing potty n try to aim at the cheerio. My boys loved it

Tell him he’ll get a reward or surprise for every time he pees only in the water. It works. I potty trained my twin sons that way.

Throw fruit loops in the toilet and have him use them as targets.

I tossed a cheerio, froot loop, or something like that in there and let him aim for it. Just had to show him once and he was fine after that.


Put a cork from a wine bottle into the bowl and tell him to aim at it. Give him a treat if he doesn’t make too much of a mess

We used a step stool. When they missed they had to clean it up.

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To begin with, I sat my boys backward on the seat. As they began to understand the process and go on their own, I got them stools, put a sheet of tap in the toilet, and told them to pee on it. Both learned in a week.


My boy is almost 10, his friends all the same age. There is pee everywhere all the time. Sorry to disappoint!

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Have him sit down and hold it down. Only once in awhile do we have splashing at our house. Now they get to clean the bathroom if I find pee outside the toilet


Take his clothes off and let him backwards toward tank are stand and bend over placing hand on tank the he gets a treat but the only time he gets the treat is potty

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Get him a small stool for him to stand on , I got a ping pong ball with a eyeball (floats on the water) on it , told my son to hold onto his private part & said now that your gun, shoot at the eyeball … Work for me.

We used cheerios throw them in the toilet tell him to shoot the cheerios, ha it worked!

Believe it or not I would throw a few Cheerios in the toilet and we would make it a game to aim for the Cheerios. It worked quite well!! I would make him stand on a step stool in front of the toilet. My son loved it


I had my boys stand on my feet to pre into toilet bowl. They could them flush…wash hands and get an m and m. Back then toilets were lower so with higher toilets you might have to hold them up a little under the arms. Plus I also set the timer for one hr and made them go to the bathroom. They both were trained by 2yrs old. I used training pants with rubber pants over them. I was really fortunate they trained so fast.

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I told mine to pee outside :rofl:


Let him stand on a stool and put a few froot loops or cheerieos in and have him try and sink them, makes it fun and they learn to hit the toilet

Sink the Cheerio (teach him to
lift & put back the seat)
Sit backwards on the toilet
which makes his or is
naturally aim down as he
holds on (taught my day
care boys this)
Pee outside aiming on
something small
Any reward system
Make him clean up his own
mess (worked well with my
easily distracted son)
Most of all patience

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My grandson stands on a big book at my house and lids are lifted and he leans forward and goes. He’s going a real good job. He’s almost 3 1/2. Pooping is still accomplished yet!

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I kept a bowl of Cheerios on the toilet tank. We put 3 in the toilet each time. Shot them w/ the pee. He was trained in 3 days, he had good aim with I loved!

I use to draw ships on pieces of toilet paper and my son had to sink them. It’s silly but it worked. I kept them by the toilet.

We used the tub i know it sounds gross and weird but it worked to teach him to hold and aim and hold himself without the mess

You can buy a splash guard on the internet that is pretty tall and fits snugly on top of the toilet. (Put the plastic seat part up)

Some boys do fine standing up. I work at a preschool and the toilets are child sized, so I give the boys the option to stand. I have them hold the back of the toilet So they are leaning over the toilet. If you have a still that may be an option.
The boys that prefer to sit, I take their pants all the way Off and have them almost straddle the toilet, leaning forward a bit. They can’t miss that way.

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Get a bar of soap and shave a price off and throw it in the potty. Give him something to aim at.

A mom of 4 boys told me to put a few cheerios in the toilet and have him sink the battleship. It worked!

I used to send our boys to the toilet with dad to watch him then every time dad went the boys did also and all 3 used to pee at the same time and all in one toilet

Throw cheerios in the toilet and tell him to shoot in the holes. Make a game out of it. Raised 3 sons…lol

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Either teach him to sit for now or put a target in potty chair a sticker or a dot teach him to aim for it

Make bubbles in the water in the toilet. It worked for my 5 boys

I put cheerios in the toilet so my son had something to aim at. Lol. True story.

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Maybe show him how to stand to go pee if needed use stepping stool.

Have his daddy or a male relative show him ?


We put Cheerios in the bowl and had them aim at them and try to sink them

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I had my son potty trained by 3.once I stopped making him sit down to pee it all clicked together

Put Cheerios in toilet and have them “aim” at them. Then flush them down.

Put something in there to pee on. Us guys are just fascinated with peeing on stuff. My parents used to throw cigarette butts in the toilet. I think you get the picture…:v::sunglasses::vulcan_salute::upside_down_face::us: Good luck.

Put Cheerios in the toilet bowl and have him aim at them. Sit him on the toilet seat backwards.

I don’t know my merle train by 18 months it just takes a little patience and time and maybe cloth diapers

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3 years old. Insist he clean up after himself while you monitor. He should learn quickly to avoid making splashes.

I taught my son by using a cup. First time he went in cup, he was so proud. Of course he was proud to see peepe in cup and on to potty chair then commode.

Put Cheerios in the center of the toilet and tell him to aim for the Cheerios

I put Cheerios in the toilet to make in fun!

If hes sitting down maybe try a step stool and teach him to pee standing up

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Cheerios or fruit loops and have him aim for it and sink it.

Cheerios or front loops in the bowl.

Whatever you do…dont let him play with the potty first. Dont put the potty in front of the TV. Put it somewhere that there is a little privacy. If you let him think its a toy… he will never take it seriously.

Sit him on the toilet backwards. Facing the tank


Cheerios helped mine and also a treat one everytime he hits the water and not all over the place lol its all Try and error

Put a hand full of cheerios or fruitloops in the toilet and tell him to aim

Think he is just lazy like a lot of males try making him clean up the mess he makes or as a last resort rub his nose in the mess he makes

Take the smaller seat off and set up on the reg seat. Have him hold it way down when he pees or poops…gets a treat for peeing on potty and another for not peeing on floor or seat

Give him a step stool to stand on and targets made if toilet paper. Tell him he is to aim at the targets. He will never pee outside the bowl again. When he is seated to do number two tell him to hold his penis down. Tell him to pee in the toilet or he has to clean it up.

Another good trick is to get the tablets that make the water blue and tell him when he pees in the water it’s magic and it will turn green

My sister potty yrained her son by putting a cheerio in the toilet an he was to pee an see if he can hit it

Have him sit backwards so he faces the tank & it will point him down

Stick some cereal like Cheerios down the loo and tell him to try pee in them good target practice lol

Have him sit facing the back of the toilet and aim his Weiner down or use fruit loops or cherrios

I always heard Cheerios as a target.

Don’t use the potty seat! Get the boy a stool and let him stand just like older boys! Only use the potty chair for #2. I potty trained 2 boys by getting a stool and letting them stand to pee! Toss a Cheerio or their favorite cereal in the toilet for a target and you’ll have less mess!!!

Have his dad or another boy show him how it’s done.

Cheerios in the toilet tell them to aim at the cheerio to sink it. I did this for a bit with my boys.

Cheerios in the toilet to aim at. Works ever time, it’s a game.

Put a cork from a bottle it will float tell him to aim for it.

Put Cheerios in the bowl. He can aim at them

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I used a step stool to help my son’s stand at the toilet

Mine are almost 6 & 8yr old boys and they just pee on everything! Its amazingness! No cares in the world for direction, no thought given, they both just pee! As a stay at home mom for almost 9yrs, I laugh when I say this cause it is so incredibly true! Bahahahaha

I turned my boys around backwards on seat til they were big enough to stand and pee…

Sometimes sitting backwards, facing the tank, helps.

Use Cheerios as a target or put dish detergent to make bubble

Put a ping pong ball in the bowl & get him to wee on it… Worked a treat with my boys… They don’t flush either (unless laden with toilet paper)

I threw a cheerio in the toilet and said aim for the hole.

Good luck. My oldest was not going to do it. He finally did right before kindergarten. My younger son was ready early. To pee we trained then to.pee on a tree they thought it was funny. But pooping is challenging

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Give them a dry eraser marker to draw on the lid while sitting backwards on the stool. Wipe off marker with a paper towel.

I used cheerios for him to aim at.

Paint a dot with nail polish on back of bowl for him to aim at.

You’ll be working on this until he leaves home.

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Buy a ping pong ball and draw a face on it. Put that in the toilet and get him to aim at that. Keep tongs handy to remove it into a bucket/container before you flush.

Use cheerio target or buy a urinal for little boys.they sell them now.

Having potty trained 4 boys they were all (by 3 yrs of age) putting the lid up, peeing in the toilet, and hopefully, putting the lid back down. When I first started the training I had them stand on my shoes to make them just a little bit taller.

Do they still make the inserts for the toilet seats? Try that

All these comments and all these euphemisms. It is called a penis. How can you use the correct terminology with children if you can’t use it in a forum with adults?

Water a tree outside. As far as a poop, sit him down and give him a carrot.

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Put a few Cheerios in there and ask him to hit them with this p

We got a frog urinal and he loved it!

Cheerios in the bowl are great targets!

Put a ping pong ball in and tell him to aim at it. They don’t flush

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Amazon had a little urinal, it worked great for us.

Have him sit backwards- toward the tank of the toilet

Try having him sit backwards on the seat

My daughter bought a kids urinal the kids love it

Cheerios tell him to hit the target

Sit him backwards on the toilet and he will be able to go without shooting over

I totally agree with everything Latoya Miller said especially the cheerios.

Cheerios in the toilet.

Have him sit stratled across and facing the tank on the toilet. This automatically makes him lean forward.

Have him sit. All our boys were taught to sit.

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Always made my boys sit on toilet.