How to potty train a girl?

Can someone maybe help with tips for potty training a Girl?


My daughter has her tiny toilet next to the regular toilet. Every time I go to the bathroom, she comes with me and sits down. Now when she has to go she will say “mommy bathroom” and I will go sit down next to her. It’s working so far, we’re 3 weeks in, and she’s only had about 4 accidents


3 day potty method! Crayola Color tabs in the potty to pee on and make colors lol

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Stickers on a sticker chart with a reward after ya get so many. Or quarters for a piggy bank

Potty in the middle of the livingroom + a naked toddler running around all day = a quickly potty trained kid in my experiences.

Keep her in panties. Domt switch back and forth except.for night time

Get lots and lots of underwear. A potty book. Anything you get for potty training for her include her in the buying and let her know it’s for her because she a big girl

I let my daughter run around naked and put the potty chair in the living room. I pulled up all the rugs and kept a mop bucket. As soon as she peed herself a couple times and didn’t like it we worked on trying to sit on the potty and then eventually she just started going potty on her own.

I’m currently potty training my two year old son. I completely got rid of the diapers. I let him pick out his own big boy undies and I bought some pull ups that he wears at nap time and when he goes to sleep. It’s been 4 days and he’s doing really well. The first day there were a lot of accidents but every time he started wetting himself I took him to the potty and set him down, explained that since he’s a big boy he has to use his big boy potty. After the first day I took him every 30 minutes. If he peed he got 1 m&m, if he pooped he gets 2 m&ms. Day 3 he started going by himself and telling me when he needed to pee. Day 4 and there haven’t been any pee accidents. He’s still a little unsure about pooping in the potty but he’s done it 4 or 5 times. While he’s on the potty I read him books and he loves dumping it into the big potty and flushing it. I was not in a rush to potty train but he was showing all of the signs. He’d tell us when he went in his diaper and was super interested in the potty, and he didn’t like being wet or dirty. It’s a process and I definitely think they need to be ready before you attempt it. We’ve found that m&ms are a good reward for him when he goes. Try not to get upset when they have accidents. I try to keep the whole thing as positive as I can.

I let mine go naked… she refused to use a potty chair but the seat for the big girl potty and stool was her favorite. She was day time diaper free by 18 months old. Still having a hard time convincing her to use the potty at night though so if anyone has any advice on that I’m all ears…

First day leave her pant less and keep showing her the potty. Accidents may happen but you don’t get mad you just show her the potty and when she does do it give her a reward or something 2nd day she will most likely get the hint and try and run to the potty every time & 3rd day your all done! :slightly_smiling_face:

1st day put her in panties take her to the RR EVERY 10 mins, set an alarm so you don’t forget. Make her sit there for a min or 2. If she goes potty reward her praise & with a small treat. (You may want to take her sooner if she just drinks something) reatart the 10 min clock after. Do this all day for the first day (pull ups at night if youd like) the second day increase the time to 15 mins. Do. Not. Miss!! (Again, Pull ups at night if youd like) (Dont forget praise &/or treat when going potty in the potty) third day increase the time to 20 mins. (Pull ups at night) Do this during 3 days that you can be home and not go anywhere (if you can) like say Fri-Sun… Don’t forget the praise or reward each time she does go potty in the potty. If you catch her going potty on herself just take her to the toilet. I had my daughter potty trained in 3 days doing this. Every kid learns differently though! (Daniel Tiger is a great show to help also… there is one about going potty, He sings “When you have to go potty, STOP!, and go right away!” So cute. Goodluck!

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