How to potty train girls?

My daughter turned 2 on the 13th of this month. She goes potty on her potty. She will take her shorts and diaper off so she can go potty my question is anytime I put a diaper on her she takes it right back off but she needs one on through the night I’m a first time mom and dont know what the next step is. Pull ups?


Yes pull ups if she cant stay dry all night

Diaper/pullup only at night for bed. Panties during the day


Pull ups or diaper on backwards when my little started waking dry I got with of both diaper and pull ups at bedtime

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Pull ups at night… time for undies during the day

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Yes get pull up and call then her special panties for when she goes to bed or out for a trip.

Panties during the day, pull ups at night.

Limit liquids after 6 make her go right Before bed I used to make my little one off when I got off work at night shift and made him go to

Pull-ups with panties over them if she likes real undies. That way she feels like she still has them on.


Put it backwards and put underwear over it.

Pulls up should be automatic at age 1


Pull up at night and panties during the day

Regular undies during the day and then Training Pants at night has worked really well for my little one! They’re thicker, so really help should any accidents occur👍

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No no no pull up. Diaper after she falls asleep. I have seen over and over kids go backwords because of pull ups. Diaper after sleep, if she is grasping potty during the day then just deal with the mess every once in a while of an opps. At about 2 and a half kids tend to go backwards on a lot of behaviours almost like they are fighting independence so to put pulk ups on may cause them tongo backword (i have seen it, was a daycare assistant) Deffinatly if they around other younger kids. Pull ups have only been around for 15_20 years people servived before them. My two oldest I potty trained by 2.5 and my youngest now 20 months old showing huge interest in potty. Taking a week off from work to go diaperless! I also potty trained most of my friends kids! No pull ups waste of money

Undies if she’s using potty n training pull ups at night

I just put my son naked for 2 weeks. He needed a diaper to sleep just 4 days and that was it. He used to take diapers off. He did had a few accidents but im diapers free!!!

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Go straight to undies during the day and pull ups during the night

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This is neat that she goes on her potty and takes her nappy diaper off herself to go. This means it is time for her to wear underwear. Try to stop her drinking liquid at a certain time during the evening especially at night and get her to go on the potty before she goes to bed. Try and see if she keeps her bed dry during the night and place a protective cover over her mattress. You may have a couple of nights where she may wet the bed but how are you going to know unless you give it a try. If she does wet the bed during the night don’t get angry and growl her.

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No liquids after a certain time

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Have you tried just putting pajamas/ a sleeper on her for bedtime? Also, sounds like she is ready for undies during the day. They have thicker cloth ones if she’s still a little unpredictable with her potties.

Keep the diaper off at night. Don’t put anything on. She will feel uncomfortab

Go to Walmart or Target and buy the night time undies. They look like undies and have room to put kid night time pads in the insert. They help my little ones transition.

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Put panties on her in the day and pull ups on her at night

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She’s ready to be done with diapers…

I put panties on during the day, since she rarely has accidents, then do a nighttime pull up, just in case she wakes up to use the potty it’s easy to pull down, versus a diaper, but she is also safe from nighttime accidents.

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Undies and plastic pants over at night

Panties in the day and a diaper at bed time

Don’t waste money on pull ups if she is this far along switch to regular underwear during the day…if accidents still happen buy some training underwear it will help contain the mess and then simply make the diaper part of the night time routine just before bed and explain she only needs them at night being such a big girl…

Try putting the diaper on backwards and have pants over them. And try panties during the day

Get up and take her potty in the middle of the night so she’s fully potty trained she obviously does not want a diaper

Yes try pull ups. But if she stays dry at night put her panies on. My granddaughter just stop going at night and she was two.

Pull-ups they’re great

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Sounds to me that she is already potty trained…she may have an accident here n there but that’s to be expected…girls are easier than boys if you ask me…lol…first time I put put panties on my girls, that was it no more diapers…my boy was another story n I dnt really want to go there…lmao

Put big girl undies on, make sure she doesn’t drink 30 minutes before bed, have her “try” before getting tucked in. Then before you go in for the night, have her do a “sleepy try”. There might be accidents, get plastic liner (trash bags work too).

Pull ups tell her there underwear

I only have a newborn so haven’t tried it personally on my own… but I am an early intervention therapist and we assist parents in potty training! For night time, you can put underwear on her with a diaper on top. She will feel the sensation of wearing underwear so will most likely not wet them! But then the diapers there just in case of decrease mess. After she is staying consistently dry, remove the diaper and see how she does!

We do underwear through the day and a pull up at night so he can go potty easily if he has too so he can still learn.

Put undies on over diaper when it comes time for bed.
Pull ups as well. But when putting them on tell her they are undies so she doesn’t try to take them off come bed time

My daughter did this too. Tried pull ups and she was dry. Had a few accidents but that’s how it goes.