How to potty train girls?

I need some help, my daughter recently turned 3 and shes been toilet trained about 6 months and toilet trained at night about 2 months she picked it up very quickly and has never had a problem with going to the toilet, but for the last 5 nights she has been weting the bed at night and not just a small amount completely soaked! Shes also wet herself on 2 occasions during the day and when asked why she replied “because I wanted to” & shes also an only child so shes not trying to copy a baby, Ive tried waking her up just before I go to bed and get her to go to the toilet but shes such a heavy sleeper she wont wake up & I dont want to go back to nappys as shes been out of them for so long I have no idea what to do.

She probably can’t help it at night. Put a pull up on her so you don’t ruin her mattress and so your not constantly washing sheets all the time. My daughter is the same age, and even though she doesn’t pee during the night, she still wears pull ups. I’m not taking any chances.

Limit her liquids after dinner and make sure she goes potty before bed. Double sheet and waterproof mattress pad her bed, this way if she has an accident just take the top sheet and mattress pad without having to make the whole bed in the middle of the night.