How to potty train?

I need advice with potty training. I know it’s long but I need help. My mom is no help cause she says she doesn’t remember with my younger sister and I potty trained myself at 18m. I’ve tried multiple times and end up giving up out of frustration. She’s 2 in a week and in my opinion is showing the signs. She tells me when she has pooped so I can change it. She tells me when she pees and takes it off when it’s full, even throws it out. When I ask where she’s supposed to go pee and poop she shows me her potty and will point to her privates knowing it comes from there. All great and fantastic signs to me. The problem comes when she’s to sit in the potty. The first 1-2 times she will. After that it is a screaming tantrum like I’m torturing her. I mean bloody murder stif as a board so I can’t sit her down-meltdown. I need help. She’s peed successfully multiple times out of my million of times trying. I even got to the point that she had to sit in time out until she would go pee and after a half hour of chair-potty she was sitting in the chair, ran up and went pee. The other problem is that when she does pee it’s like she doesn’t finish once she starts because minutes after she’ll pee on the floor. She points to it knowing it’s a mess and I sit her on the potty again saying that’s where she goes to the bathroom. I keep her naked cause if she has anything on (pants, undies) I feel she thinks she’s in a diaper. Thanks in advance.


My daughter showed the same signs and we tried and she would just scream when we set her on the potty so we just waited a bit until she was ready. No sense in forcing it.

Just bc she understands the concept doesnt mean she’s ready.

She’s still little. Give her time and let her go at her pace.

My advice is relax. It’ll happen.

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I would give her more time. It sounds like she’s not actually ready and you don’t want her to associate the potty with negative thoughts and actions it willl take her so much longer then if you just let her decide when to use it on her ownz

Try rewards my daughter is doing great but she started out afraid of the potty

No panties and no diaper! Calmly bring her to the potty often and make a big deal about it when she goes.

Try to pay attention to how long after she eats , she needs to have a poop . It’s usually about the same time . Give her a treat if she goes .
Also time out for a two year old should only be two minutes , not half an hour . At that age it would feel like all day .

Don’t force it. She’s still young

Just try sitting after eating and drinking and before naps and sleeping and clapping and praising and saying I’m so proud of you when they do it

I’ve been potty training my three-year-old for almost a year now she’ll go in the potty when I take her but she won’t tell me if she needs to, I have an alarm on my phone so every 45 mind we go and try.

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What I am doing with my daughter is having her use a little potty so we can potty at the same time. We race to see who will get there first. We listen for to “hear it” and clap when we do. She is doing the naked bit because if she wears something she’s more likely to have an accident. I don’t shame her or make her feel bad when she does. I firmly tell her that since she went potty in her pants if she’s wearing them she needs to be changed because it’s not healthy to have pee on her skin. So far, it’s going really well.

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Sounds like shes not completely ready yet. She’s still young. Sitting her in time out for not using the potty could be having a negative effect on her wanting to try too. I’d wait a bit and then try again.

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I literally sat in the bathroom all day with my daughter. From the time we woke up till bed. I made the best of it. For 3 days we were in there. That way the potty was right there. I went…she went. She got the hint and in 3 days she was fully potty trained.

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Keep calm and be patient. Try rewards like an m&m or a sticker or even a hug after each successful time. She is still young and each kid learns at their own pace. Honestly the seat that goes on the regular toilet is best because the little potty chair confuses some kids as they see other people don’t use that potty but they use big one. My child would use his little potty but not consistently and once I bought the little seat for the big potty he was so much better at going. I also used rewards. Peeing on the potty took some time a few months but poop took way longer. Best advice is just be patient because you definitely don’t want them to associate negative feelings with having to go potty and they definitely can see and feel disappointment. You got this! It just takes time :+1:

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I don’t get when people say two is still too young, when I was raising kids they were always potty trained at or before two


I gave my youngest a dry erase marker(wipes right off) sat him backwards on the big potty and let him draw kept his attention a little longer

She is still so young. Please don’t force or reprimand her for not going. Maybe try it again in a few months. Last year my then 3 year old was potty trained and she wore dresses a lot without underwear throughout the day until daddy got home because he didn’t like her running naked around the house. Don’t worry if she throws a fit, as in don’t fight it. Reward when she does go and praise her. You’re a lot farther along with her than my 2 year old who tells me she’s a baby and needs a diaper and doesn’t want to the potty. Using more complex sentences than my now 4 year old at times. So frustrating as I know she can do it, but doesn’t want to. Eventually she will get it and then you’ll forget just like your mom. Lol.

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Don’t push her. She’ll never do it if you try to force her.
She doesn’t sound ready & isn’t even 2. Wait a little longer & try again.


My girl would sit on a potty not a problem but 9/10 would not go on it. Got a toilet seat for my toilet and a step and showed her how to use the big girl toilet. Within weeks she has mastered it . Not all chrilden like goinf on a potty


You should not punish your child by putting them in time out due to potty training issues. Leave it alone & try again in a few weeks.


I did a star chart but the girls were 3 and 4. If they filled a row with stars that week they got a prize. I did this for my friend who couldnt get her girls to potty. And i was the sitter so it worked out

Plop the kid on the toilet and run water in the sink.

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She’s still pretty young. Give it a break and try again in a few weeks. What worked for me was ME using the bathroom at the same time. We had potty time together. Every time I sat, so did she. Potty training is trial and error. If it doesn’t seem like it’s sticking, keep her in pull ups and try again in a few weeks. Forcing it only makes it traumatic.


My son was almost 4 before he completely trained I started at 18mo trying with him and quit several times bc he just wasn’t ready. He would go for awhile then stop and stopped if he got sick also. Pushing or punishing her will do more harm than good. She will go consistent when she is ready and mature enough. My daughter started using a little potty at about 18mo and still will but not all the time she will still have accidents in the floor so I just keep a pull up on her for now until she’s more ready

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She will go when she wants to. My first two girls were 2. My last one was almost 3. She finally started going on a regular basis when I bought her the potty chair she wanted


Go commando only place to go is the potty

I brought the potty chair out in the living room and let him sit on it to watch tv and play and read and when he would go in it we threw a party. he was doing the same things (letting me know he needed changed, telling me he had to go,taking diaper off, peeing very little in the potty then having a accident in his underwear) as your little one so I just gave up put the potty chair in the bathroom well a month exactly after he turned 2 (he will be 3 aug 15) we woke up one morning and I went to the bathroom with him in toll (as always) he took his diaper off sat on the potty and went and every since he has been going on his potty no accidents at all during the day and very very rare accidents at night. I can legitly count on one hand how many times he has had an accident during the day since he decided to go himself (2 one we were in the car driving and couldn’t get to a bathroom in time the other he was outside playing and got the poops and we didn’t make it in time both times 100% my fault) and on 2 hands how many sleep accidents he has had 8. she just may not be emotionally ready to use the big girl potty yet

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Sounds like shes not fully ready. Dont push her. All kids end up potty trained. She will do it when she is ready.

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My first potty trained herself 18 months…i was expecting #2 so i put the potty in the br…when i went she came in and used her potty. 2nd girl was the weekend she was 2…it took 2 days. I have 6 children when it was warm and they were 2 i let them wear just undies. My grandbabies were also 2.

I have the same problem (kind of) my daughter will be 3 in August and she knows that she’s supposed to poop and pee in the potty, she also will tell me that she is pooping and to go away or that she peed and needs to be changed. But when she actually get put on the potty for the most part she play sometimes she will pee but she refuses to poop in the potty and I have tried bribing her with everything if she uses to potty. NOTHING WORKS!!

With my daughter’s I had to put them in underwear and potty train with lots of accidents but as long as in diaper she not going to want to go on potty

Stop letting her run around naked. Put her in panties and regular clothes. Yes there will be laundry involved. She needs to feel the wetness on her. Just letting her pee on the floor does absolutely nothing…

Well now you’ve scared her lol she’ll figure it out on her own since she’s figured out that much and it’ll be much more peaceful.

She’s only 2. Not all kids potty train early. Give it time & it will be easier later on

My daughter basically started using the potty on her own I showed her that we do pee or doo doo in the toilet I kind of was rushing it at first I noticed that she really wasn’t trying I gave her some time to adjust (1week) and she started going to the potty on her own it took her a little bit more on the doo doo part but hey I didn’t even have to put diaper on her in the night and until now we haven’t had an accident, don’t rush into things when it’s time it’s time every time she try’s let her know good job , awesome, high fives treats give her something that she knows that she’s trying and she will get the hang of it

Make her clean up her pee. And get panties. She may not like the feeling of wetness. You got this momma. Try rewards and do a potty song/dance. It’ll get easier. My step daughter is potty training and she cried the first few weeks but i showed her me peeing and going to the bathroom and let her watch me

Had a 3+ yr old here. She was pooping and tried to get her into the bathroom. She yelled went behind a chair said ‘I am not finished yet!’ So at 2 I would say just keep working on it.

Let her help you pick out some big girl panties. She won’t want to dirty them. She’s learning and still really young. She’ll be completely trained in no time!

Try putting books by the potty chair so she stays sitting for longer

This has been said, but letting her pick out her own big girl underwear might work. My grandson wanted boxers like grandpa and he didn’t want to get them “dirty”. So, he started using the potty.

two is too young to expect babies to use the toilet. Leave them alone, they’ll do it when they’re ready.

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