How to prepare a child for school?

For homeschooling moms: I still have a few years to go before baby is old enough for school, but what would y’all suggest I learn or use that way I can go ahead and prepare a curriculum?


I do flash cards with my 2.5 year old. He watches a lot of PBS too :woman_shrugging:

Their are so many free sites on the internet for ideas. I used those alll thru the grades.

ABC mouse helped a lot with my son


Victoria you homeschooled longer than I did so you’d be better to answer that

Learn your basics, ABCs, stuff like that.
Its seriously SO EASY the first couple years.
They learn ALOT through play.

My babies love flash cards! We also draw - helps learn shapes & colors. Songs help with my daughter. We also go to farms and learn animals and their noises. Gardening.

I am a home school mom I love it my kids are more happy…