How to prevent lice from coming back?

How do you get rid of lice and prevent it from coming back? my kids went over to their dads and his new girlfriend and kids are there so i am assuming they got it from them…how can i prevent this when they go over there? shouls i say somethign to them? i dont think they will even believe me…prob blame me for givin it to her kids…


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to prevent lice from coming back?

Go to the isle in Walmart where all the vitamins are get you some tea tree oil :heartpulse: put 4 drops in your shampoo shake well this WILL kill and repell lice and lice eggs :heartpulse:


Add tea tree oil to all or their shampoos and conditioners.

Taking a bath instead of showers. submerging all the head and hair underwater, makes the lice float out. No cure for the nits except the special shampoo. Teatree oil can help prevent a new infestation.

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Heat kills it product prevents attachment.

1st communicate!!! Let them know the kids have it and they should test their home and kids too. Then moving forward, any clothes, bedding or stuffiest get washed and dried the moment they return home. Check their heads ASAP!!! You can put tea tree oil in shampoo or conditioner s…it sometimes will help deter them.

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Definitely mention it to them because everything will need to be laundered… otherwise it’ll keep coming back. Doesn’t matter who gave it to who.


My kids use fairytale hair spray u can get it at Walmart it’s a little expensive but it works great

My mom used to put vaseline in my hair seran wrap my hair over night wash it out with dish soap several times an comb through my hair with a lice comb, you have to wash everything id get some lice furniture spray spray your furniture vacuum an leave clothes an stuff animals bagged up outside in the sun all day, add tea tree oil too her shampoo.

To kill them. Cover your hair in mayonnaise and put a shower cap on for an hour. Comb through and rinse. Do this every 4 days for two weeks. Use tea tree oil in your conditioner to stop them from coming back

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I wet my kids hair in the morning with a spray bottle that has tea tree oil in the water (I spray their hair so its manageable enough to fix). They haven’t had it since I started doing that.


We use this every morning. It has been a godsend.

Why wouldn’t you tell them?
There’s no way to determine how the kids got it so pointing fingers at either household is a waste of time


This works wonders! You can also put tea tree oil in the shampoo and it repels them!

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When lice is involved you should notify everyone your kids come in contact with. Call your pediatrician and ask for Natroba lice shampoo. It’s the best. Follow directions and Everyone GETS SHAMPOOED. After the shampoo, divide child’s hair in to sections using hair ties, clips, bobby pins, etc. Comb out each section with a lice comb. Pick the nits the comb misses with fingers. Do the picking/combing in bright light. Put the nits in a bowl of water or wipe on a damp paper towel.
Wash all bedding. Spray mattresses with lice spray then vacuum beds and carpets. Put all stuffed animals in plastic bags and keep sealed for 6 weeks. Special stuffed animals can be washed and dried. Put pillows in dryer for an hour on the highest heat recommended for the pillow for about an hour. Spray and vacuum furniture, car and car seats.
Vacuum everything. When you’re done throw vacuum cleaner bag away outside of the house. Put hair brushes and combs in boiling water to kill any nits or live lice in the brush. Any clothes that are dirty should be bagged until they can be washed. Repeat everything in 2 weeks. Keep girls hair tied up, in braids, or short. Keep boys hair short. Discourage the kids from sharing brushes and hats. Not everything needs to be shared.


For girls plaits keep hair up tea tree oil spray lice hate vinegar and conditioner with shower cap then comb out

Tea tree oil and the shampoos and conditioner!

Tea tree oil in the shampoo

1.) Treat everyone in the house with lice shampoo three times within two weeks, comb and pick through each strand of hair after to get all knits out.
2.) Wash all clothes, beddings, sheets, pillow cases etc.
3.) Tell anyone y’all have been around in the past two weeks because they deserve to know.

You need to tell their fathers household, some adults aren’t trust worthy though and won’t take care of their children so make sure you check your kids head when they come back but honestly they could of gotten it from school. Some schools are terrible with lice. Most people who get it don’t even know they have it until a couple weeks later.

Call your Doctor. Only thing that works good is ordered by a Doctor. You have to repeat the treatment after 7 days.

You would literally have to tell them so they can get rid of it too… or don’t plan on sending your kids there for a while or they will just keep getting it. There is no other way to prevent it unless you are going to shave all your kids hair off

I buy detangler n add a few drops of tea tree oil n spray my kids hair

Love shield spray and shampoo

I wouldnt care if someone blamed me or not i wouldn’t want to have to deal with it over and over again. If they go over there often they will get it again. Good luck I hate lice.

Um yes. Tell them because no matter who gave it to who, your kids are going to keep getting it if those kids have it. Whether from school, dads house, play date, your house etc, it doesn’t matter. Lice is common in children. Clean children, dirty children, all colors of children, short haired children, long hair children… doesn’t matter. Its common. Pointing fingers and fighting over that is like fighting over a kid getting a scrape. They’re kids, chances are most will get it at least once. So… get the lice gone. Let dad know to check the other kids. Dont place blame, just let him know you’re informing him before it gets out of control incase the other kids have it or caught it. If you can and are willing, offer to help with the other kids. If not that’s fine too. But its lice. Its not like those kids at that house had monkey pox and they just didn’t feel like telling you

Tea tree oil in their shampoo

I’d not blame as so much as go over be an adult and speak with them and be like hey I apologize for this but so n so has caught lice and because it’s the hardest thing to get gone and remain gone I want to work together to make sure all the kids in both households are lice free just in case they shared do you need help going through heads and washing linens as a precaution? It doesn’t always have to be a bad thing and accusation or an argument.


Don’t wash their hair before they go over there, nits can’t stick to oily hair, only dry. Get a oil from a beauty supply store that acts as a detangler, that will stop them also.

It doesn’t matter who gave it to who if you don’t communicate and get the problem fixed it’s going to keep going back and forth


My sister use to get lice really bad when she was younger I never got it cause I bleached and dyed my hair alot my brother never got it cause he had his head shaved alot

Take a spray bottle and add gold listerine coconut oil and vinegar mix it lather hair put a bag or shower cap for as long as you can atleast a few hours rinse and comb. Easiest way ive ever gotten rid of it when my kids came home from school with it

peppermint spray helps. that’s what the lice clinic of america sells to you after they do a treatment on your hair for further prevention. also you might want to check your kids hair before they go over, and maybe video tape yourself doing it, so that if they say their kids got it from yours then you have proof they were clear of lice before they went to their house

Conditioner and comb the hell out of it, everyday until its gone.

Lice shampoos do not work only puts chemicals on your child’s head. The only effective way to get them out is by combing.

Send the special shampoo. It has essential oil and will
Prevent them from getting it hopefully.

Without accusing, just say that some kids had it, and
So you started using that to hopefully prevent transmission.

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Mayonnaise :dancer:t3: does the trick

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Use the blue herbal essence conditioner every time you wash the hair leave it in… for about 5 mins…and comb the hair…then rinse it the lice can’t grip onto the hair because the hair is to soft…its worked for both of my girls…but I would say something about it and don’t send them for a couple of weeks.

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Chk This—>>

Be and adult without judging. Tell them you kids keep getting lice , your treating but can’t seem to get rid of them . Could they check themselves and treat to if needed


Call cps and have them check it out.if the children have lice untreated then it’s neglect.


Tea tree oil or Walmart has some shampoo to keep it from coming back

I’d be like, hey just FYI, the kids got lice. I’m not sure where it came from but since the kids play together, have them checked this way we can prevent and treat if needed.

There are ways in saying things. You can’t be sure they got it there. Could’ve been from literally anywhere so no need to blame either. The deal is to remain positive and create a positive line of communication from between two households.


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You can use a shampoo with tea tree oil and eucalyptus, but there’s really no way to effectively prevent it. Just make sure when they come back, they go straight to the shower before they touch anything and use a lice treatment and you comb out their hair with a lice comb before you turn them loose in the house.

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Tea tree oil in shampoo just a drop or two will do it repeal the dam things

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Tea tree oil works wonders. My daughter got lice when she was little. Did all the necessary things to get rid of it. When it was gone, I started adding tea tree oil to her shampoo & conditioner, she never got it again. Blow drying their hair also helps.

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We have a “sleepover” spry it’s water and tea tree oil! Make sure she goes with washed hair lice don’t like clean hair and I would braid her hair tightly! 

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This is by far the best, and easiest product/method I’ve used. Just saturate hair, comb through and wash out. I typically use it at night, sleep with it in then wash out the next morning. It kills everything.

The vary minute she gets dropped home before even walking in door go to garage cover her head in baby oil. suuran wrap, her head really well. take cloth off put straight into garbage bag take shoes and any other material iteam she brings home n put them right into the freezer, then straight to the dryer bam no more lice coming in your home and after 3 hours of baby oil surran just wash well with kits tea tree oil soap it will destroy them mother fucken bastards

Tea tree oil. I don’t know if it’s been said yet. Bad service so I apologize if I’m being captain obvious. Tea tree oil in a spray bottle. Spray hair and clothes before going out.

There is a plus side too male pattern baldness

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Use Coconut shampoo and conditioner. Lice dont like I’ve been told

We use Permethrin. (Farm kid) we dilute it. 1 part Permethrin to 10 parts water.
If infested saturate hair let set for 1hr rinse. Spray everything down let dry. Repeat every 3 days for 2 weeks. You can even spray the kids (like bug spray) before they go to dads.
It’s pet safe and kid safe. Horse and livestock to keep Flys off and other insects. Works like a charm.

FairyTail shampoo and conditioner and leave in spray. You can get a bundle at Ulta, my kids had to use it before and it works really well and smells nice

It’s best not to play the blame game… Just treat all kids and both homes at the same time. Team work.

Paul Mitchell tea tree products

A little tea tree oil in your shampoo

Neem shampoo from new seasons
Chomp their hair
Have them tie up their hair the entire time when at their dads