How to prevent the flu?

I need so advice on preventative measures for the flu for my almost 2 month old son because my fiance thinks he is getting it from the way that he is feeling from the past few days he hasn’t had a fever as of yet tho. We are not certain just yet if he exactly has it just worried and trying to plan ahead especially with our 2 month old son living and being in same house and everything everyday


He could still have the flu without a fever. I did just a few weeks ago. Keep hand sanitizer and wash hands. Don’t take your son in the same room as hubby. I stayed quarantined in my bedroom and no one else caught it from me.

Definitely plenty of hand washing with soap. Minimize contact with the sick people. If mom is breast feeding, it wouldn’t hurt to take a little extra vitamin C.

Lysol every thing he touches. Vitamins C . I use ImmuneC on my kids might have to check labels for age. Wash hands often don’t let him touch baby. Can you get him to play doctor and have him put on mash you can get them at Dollar tree, Dollar general, Family Dollar. Lowe, Home depot. Don’t put them to bed in same room. Don’t let him drink from babies stuff somet9they think that is fun. Humidity his room. Don’t let him have babies toy if he does bleach rise or lysol. Hydrated often.