How to pump for icu baby?

I just had my 2nd son 4/16/19 @ 36+6. He’s in the nicu due to breathing troubles with a feeding tube. I was wondering if I could get some advice on pumping? My milk hasn’t come in yet and I’m only getting drops of colostrum every few hours. I know continuing to pump will help my milk come in but is there more I can do? TIA


Why dont you ask NICU nurses are you pumping in the hospital? Cause 2 days later I would be getting worried . I gave birth 36 +4 days my milk was definitely in at 48 hours old

Most grocery or health food store sell something called traditional medicine mother’s milk tea supposed to help breast milk production.ive seen at Kroger if u have one of those

if you are concerned talk to the doctor about giving you motilium. it will help bring in your milk

Lots of water n pump alot

My nurses had me drinking lots of water and I pumped every 20 min for the first three days and after that I was good.

Im a NICU mama

I pumped for a month while my son was there.

Take videos of him watch them while you pump or see if your nicu has a video camera you can watch off your phone. Massage your breast before you pump and drink lots and lots of water. I pumped every two~three hours for 15~20 kins each side. Our nicu had a place with pumps for us. Def talk to a lactation consultant. You can do this good luck

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I had my son at 34 weeks and milk came in asap. You might want to consult with the breastfeeding nurse. If you have a WIC office they can send a breastfeeding person to your house.

Make sure you are eating and drinking!

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Also-- make sure you have a good pump! not all pumps are good (some will even cause someone to have a decrease in supply!)

Try hand expressing instead… I had same issue with bith my kids my milk took 3 to 4 days to come in which is average.

pump more! this early if baby isnt latching you should be pumping constantly until your milk comes in

Pump, water, lactation cookies, bars

Keep pumping every couple of hours, sometimes it takes a little while for milk to come in, especially if you’re pumping and separated from the baby.

I’m a fellow tubie mom, if you need advice add me, I’m always a message away.

Mine was born at 36 weeks he spent 12 days in the NICU and I would.pump for him but I would.only get about 1cc every hour, the lactation nurse will guide you and be your friend just talk to themm

You gotta pump every 3hrs around the clock. Pump bedside to baby. Milk can take 3-5 days to come in so i wouldnt worry yet. Look at pics of baby while you pump too.

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I’m a NICU mama! My sweet baby was born at 30 weeks and weighed 2 pounds.

Ask the NICU nurse for a cloth or blanket they they have with them. Smell it while you pump. Also video him/her crying and listen to that. If they will allow it right now (they didn’t for a while with mine) do skin to skin as much as possible! You can also sleep with a wash rag or receiving blanket and leave it for them!


Definitely hand expression. I delivered my daughter at 36 weeks. I wouldnt get anything when pumping until 2 weeks later. But hand expression I was able to get more than pumping the first 2 weeks. Massage all those knots out mama.

Is he healthy enough to do skin to skin? When I pumped for my son in the NICU skin to skin helped my milk come in. Unfortunately, for me he ended up being allergic. Oh well. Hope all works out for you!

I’m a NICU momma to a 28 weeker. If not already see if you can use an hospital grade pump. I also put a little blanket in with him and when I went to pump took it in and laid it on my chest. The smell of him helped me pump

I was almost in the same situation. Mine was 34 weeks. They told me to pump every 3 hours.

My son was born at 30 weeks. It took four days for my milk to come in. Give it time, but as stated see if you can get a hospital pump :blush::blush:

Your baby doesn’t need much right now. Milk can take up to a week to come in fully and a few months to regulate. Nurse(when you can)/pump as much as possible. Nursing on demand and letting your baby suckle is the best and most effective way to establish your supply. Skin to skin, hydration, and eating well as well helps. But until you’re able to nurse just keep pumping away, momma! You can also throw a power pump or two in everyday. It mimics clusterfeeding. Good luck!

Warm water on your breasts. Warmth makes you flow better.

Try mothers milk tea and breastfeed when you can. Sleep, warm showers and water help too

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Skin to skin and then pump