How to put trust back in a relationship?

how can u trust ur partner of 8 years if he messaging other girls and telling them that he is only with me bc of the kids and he dont love me but to my face tells me he loves me and wants to be with me! not to long ago we had been arguing and he told me he didnt want to be with me? idk how to feel or how to trust again?


Leave. Hes clearly not wanting to be there.


Leave. Men don’t change. I just learned this the hard way. It hurts but sticking it out will destroy you. My positive thoughts are with you.


Simple leave… he clearly has no respect for u or ur feelings

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You dont. Get out now. They want there cake and eat it. He will realise one day his actions caused his sadness no one elses x


U don’t tell him to get to fuck

His clothes would be put out the door the minute I found those messages. And I would send her the pics so she can take him in to live with her


Hes not,being honest with you he obviously wants to leave if he is telling other women that. I would let him go hes not worth it dont try to force a relationship to fit when it doesnt it will only hurt you and your kids go on with your life and be happy

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If he said that… then move on. It will be hard… but you will be ok. You lived in this world without before…

Get out while you can
You will only hurt yourself for staying in a relationship with this man. Your love for him will diminish if you try to forgive and forget as this probably won’t be the last time he does this and you try to forgive him each time.
Know your self worth and be a good example for your children.

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Act like everything’s fine for a while…save some $ up and leave a note while hes at work telling him why your leaving and print out the messages from who he sent it to and be done.


Leave girl. Hes. Trying to look. Good for other people staying for the kids its not good for them if he doesnt love and treat u right

He is comfortable with you and doesnt want anyone else to have you, he doesnt love you. Cut your losses and find a better man

I’m going thru the same thing right now with him saying it’s my fault I got pregnant and I made him do it geez man. But he tells me he’s not leaving cause he doesn’t want to leave our daughter and the baby on the way. :angry::angry::sob:

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You don’t, kick him to the curb.

You don’t. You kick his sorry but to the curb

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Just leave. Cant force someone to love you. Think about YOU.

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It’s time to move out!

When someones mad they tell you how they really feel. I’d leave him because he apparently doesnt want to be with you.

My baby dad used to do this at work tell all the girls he was only with me for the kids & he felt trapped :joy::joy: he’s a big olllll messy liar. These females told me everything. They said he would sit there and play victim all day and night girl do not let him run game on you! Your better then that


I don’t trust anybody :woman_shrugging:t3:

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Once it starts, it doesnt stop. I spent almost 7yrs with my daughters father, and he would constantly be messaging other girls. I’d catch him, hed cry that he didnt wanna lose us, it would be okay for a little and then I’d catch him again. Dont be stupid like me and stay. You will constantly question his every move. You will always be questioning if you’re enough. And you are. Looking back, the first time I caught him I should of left. I’m the fool.

Go on girl , cut your losses.

Why do.women even have to question…stop second guessing yourself and leave!

Roll out ,. Keep your chin up gf ,. Your worth more than that. :heavy_heart_exclamation:.

He’s showing you he doesnt love you! Believe him! I cant believe you’re not packing his shit!

He said and make you feel like that, why are you still there? You like the way u feel? Of course not, so change it. Leave his ass. Being comfortable can prevent us from leaving pretty shitty situations. What one man won’t do, another will. Never settle for less!!!

If he says he doesnt want to be with you, why keep trying? You’re only hurting yourself.

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Leave theres no fixing that and hes not going to stop. Save yourself the mental abuse and leave

Kick him to the ketb.

Ok is this hurts. But dear, you ha e tol

Boy bye!!! You deserve better

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Leave …if he loves u he will realize he messed up n try n get u n kids back if not atleast u dont end up with someone that dont love u

Tell him he can keep her and also tell him he better hope she’s worth it!

Sweetie, love isn’t something you can give and take back when ever you wish. He has a lot of growing up to do. Age has nothing to do with it. There are people that have reached their 90’s and are childish. Don’t waste your life on someone who has one foot in the relationship and one foot out of it. You deserve love and respect. Definitely need to leave no matter how heartbreaking it is for you; you’ll be far better off.


I wouldn’t trust him…

Men will only do what you allow. Which means, if you stick around, he will not stop, because there is no reason for him too, there is no consequences for his actions, therefore you are allowing it. If you leave him and he wants to rekindle things AND YOU feel it too, then you can work on things like a fresh start, date, see what comes of it. But again, men, or people for that matter, will only do to you what you allow.


My now ex played that game for years and I put up with it and believed his lies, don’t waste another second of your life on someone that treats you like that. Get out now and no matter what don’t go back.

Tell him to kick rocks because he is at the very least a disrespectful partner when is doing something he knows is wrong …making you look like a fool.

Trust is a very fickle thing… think of it as a piece of paper… once it wrinkles it’ll never be perfect again… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Believe what he’s saying and dump him. Words don’t come from a vacuum.

It hurt but it hard for you okay I will move on with my life and find someone who will love you

Love yourself and do what is best for you and your kid’s, because trust me they pick up on everything. Don’t allow them to grow up thinking it’s ok or that is what love is. Again LOVE YOURSELF

he obviously has bad intentions…im sorry but, you should leave him.

This is what’s called a situationship. Cheaper to keep her. He’s using you. Leave his ass.

Well he already told you, and other women, how he feels. Just end it…

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I would not put up with it

He said it out of anger, correct? That means he wasn’t lying. When it comes to anger you tend to say what you’ve been building up inside.

Also, c’mon, why the hell would you believe him when he said it to your face. And there’s the fact that he’s messaging other girls with the same shit. So leave. Run far far away.

See a lawyer. Get counseling to discuss your future.

Also my ex was like this. Abusive and manipulative. We would fight and he would call me names, tell me I wasn’t attractive, and that he didn’t want to be with me. But when we were okay he was lovey dovey.
He’s being manipulative

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The fact that you even stayed after finding he is messaging other women… Idk he would have been gone the first I seen that! You need to find someone who will love you and stay loyal to only you.


Grieve the loss. Take the time to heal and get your crown straight again. Then, realoze that to be loved doesn’t require being a doormat.
Not all relationships work…and it’s usually bc that’s not where we’re supposed to be anyway. :green_heart:


Marriage counseling :ok_hand:t2:

He obviously has bad intentions. Honestly get yourself out of it

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If you dont leave then your in a world of hurt in the future girl

Break up with him and tell him he can see the kids any time. Also tell him dont let me hold you back.

You need to kick his sorry cheating ass to the curb.

Why would you want to stay with someone who gets the kicks from deceiving people like that. You don’t need anybody like that in your life.


Yup no question there for me. Time to leave.

You don’t trust him.He will get you to believe the we’ve grown apart or not enough sex.Sorry but trust would be - 0

Manipulative behavior

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I definitely wouldn’t be staying shit she or they can have him just bc y’all have kids together isn’t a reason to stay I know that’s ideal but I’m not sure but kids can sense these things I’d rather co parent and be friends

You dont trust him. U get ur kid and u leave. Find a man that will love u and your kid. File for child support

You’re gonna hurt now or later, I’d leave and spare myself the wasted time

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Girl he told you to your FACE. He has no respect for you or your feelings.


It’s time to just walk away!

Actions speak louder than words. Except he did tell you he doesn’t want to be with you. So maybe listen to him?

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You can’t. Leave him. You deserve better

In the words of 3OH!3, NEVER TRUST A HOE.

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What is wrong with this generation of women? Like the saying goes. “Why buy the cow when the milk is free.” Respect yourself. Do U think having a baby holds a man? If U do U dummer than a sack of rocks all U r is a place to come. This is what my Mom told me.


Sounds like he’s done and is only with you for the kids… I hated those times with my ex. But I loved the divorce. Freedom was so much better than lies and anger in my home. It was hard but worth my happiness

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He told you to your face.
What more do you want?

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Girl take yourself a long walk don’t look back


Girl you good, cause i don’t want nobody that don’t want me. I’ll give him just what he wants. And that’s a good bye. He wouldn’t keep hurting my feelings


Dick move and u know the answer already x

You don’t and you leave him. He obviously does not respect you if he’s saying that to other women.


He doesn’t love or want you. If he did, he would tell other people that, too. If he came right out and said it to your face, you would likely leave, and as he said he wants to stay together for the kids. He’s not staying with you because he loves you. I know that’s a harsh, painful reality, but you need to accept it because you deserve better than to be with someone who doesn’t love you. You deserve to be loved, wanted, and supported. You aren’t, so although it is much easier said than done, you need to leave him. It’s better for your kids to have two happy homes than one unhappy home.

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You don’t. You walk away!! Have some self respect and tell him to GTFO!!!


Not to sound mean but why stay with someone for 8 years and not get married?? What’s the point.

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Trust is broken. Time to get your ducks in a row n move on. I’m sorry this has happened


Ur a place to hang his hat. Move him on his way. Let one of his little hoes have him


If he’s talking to other women and telling them he doesn’t love you… And he told you he doesn’t want to be with you when you were arguing… Believe him. That’s how he really feels. Someone once told me the exact same thing… And she was so right… It wasn’t long after the messages to other women, and fighting, that the verbal and mental abuse started… And shortly after that he was cheating on me… Leave now before it gets worse


If he said that to someone else then he meant it leave him

Call it quits. Go your separate ways. Maybe some time apart will help him realize what he had. If not, then move on. Just remember, even though it hurts, it will get better!!

If there’s ever another option to him than you should just leave. You should be his only option.

Um leave… it dont get better

Um, you dont. There isnt trust, hes a liar. Period.

you dont… use your head not your heart and leave now… wasting your time on someone isnt worth it… move on and start your life again

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you should be the only woman in his life besides family and friends that you both know…if he is talking to strange woman…or making you feel uncomfy time time move on…

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Leave him it’s only matter of time he will be cheating if he ant already cheating

Hold the door open for him

Leavr him , he cant be trusted! You deserve better !

So hes told you & others the truth, but when you “melt down” then he loves you…

Get rid of the loser on the double!
To the left. To the left. Everything you own in a box to the left…

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You said partner you didn’t say husband if I were you I would start putting money away in a bank account or a safety deposit box in your name only or somebody you trust with you when he’s at work I would search for evidence does he have a credit card do you know where the receipts and look at what he spent money on or should I say who that will be a big clue right there if the two of you have a joint bank account stop putting money in it because you will need your money
start prepping a grab-and-go bag. With any medicines you or your children may need you may need it someday so I would save up for a place of my own and one of the first things I would do is file for child support does he get along with the kids doesn’t show any violence to the kids these are things to consider right now because if you leave him file for child support he’s going to want visitation or the court May set up visitation but you have to think of the children safety also you’re going to want health insurance for the kids so if he tells you he doesn’t love you or want you anymore The Next Step he may turn violent towards you these are all the things to take into consideration

Get an attorney and divorce him. Slap him with alimony and child support!

You have to leave it’s what’s best for you you deserve better

You deserve better. Respect and love yourself and you’ll see you don’t need to be with someone like this.

leave him. you deserve better!

You don’t. Leave him. You’ll be much happier in the long run.

Leave now before he destroys you. If you have seen these messages with your own eyes then u already know the truth.