How to relieve anxiety?

Hi mama’s! I’m looking for suggestions to relieve anxiety when it comes to your children having to use daycare as transportation to and from school. I worry about my son being forgotten at school, left in the van or not being buckled properly. Any mamas have their babes use daycare transportation that can give advice?


When I was around 5 I was left on a daycare van because I fell asleep in the back seat and the driver didn’t check. My advice, tell your son to always sit in the front.

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I used to drive the school van when I worked in the office. Our procedure was the driver walked the bus once all the Kids were off and then someone would come out and double check. Some of the newer buses have alarms that remind you they won’t go off until you turn it off.

I worked at a daycare! They’ll take a list every day. And if he’s not there, they’ll ask a teacher or give you a call. How old is he? Is he able to unbuckle himself? Teach him to unbuckle himself and honk the horn until someone comes. Practice a lot!

Get him a tracker watch!

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The tracker watch is great!

Maybe get him a track watch

There’s serious logging requirements when daycares transport kids. 2 adults present. 2 adults have to check the bus visually to ensure all kids are present. Etc

Try and see if a mom from school can just bring him? Will that ease the anxiety?

I’d get a tracker watch

Pray for the children my grandson goes to daycare I worry all the time all I can do is pray ask God to keep him and others safe


It can be nerve wracking for sure but as long as the adults are counting kids and keeping track of them using lists, then the kids are okay. If they have two adults working, even better. Also, how long have they been transporting kids? If it’s been for a long time, they have a system in place that works and you need to trust them. It’s hard to not worry though and that’s normal!

As a transportation provider maybe I can ease your mind. After I type this I’ll edit a pic and post it as a reply. We have a procedure. As the kids get on, we check them on our paperwork, and write down the time they got on our bus. Our headstart bus has a monitor at all times, five cameras, and our seats have fold outs that have a five point harness. As the kids are taken home (or picked up) they are buckled/unbuckled and are not allowed off the bus (at either place) without the driver seeing an adult. As they get off the bus the drop off time is written down. When the bus is parked there is a safety system installed that beeps until the driver walks to the bus to push a big red button. If the button doesn’t get pushed it sounds an ear drum rupturing alarm until someone goes and pushes the button.

Call the school to make sure he got there in the am and call the daycare to make sure he got there in the pm

If he is old enough to read get him a phone and put your number dad daycare and an emergency number so you can stay in contact

Whoever you have as a cell carrier please contact them about the kid smart watch that can call. They’ve gotten better in the past 5 years before it was the lady bug phone that was big and bulky now it’s a smart watch that is roughly the size of an apple watch and is 100% waterproof