How to relieve constipation in pregnancy?

**tmi warning
I’m 22 weeks pregnant, and I’ve been constipated. Its been horrible. I went to the bathroom and had a bloody stool. (I confirmed it’s coming from my back side) what can I do to stop this? Or help? I know baby is okay, cause I can feel her kicking around. But I’m freaking out. Thanks! Again, calling my doctor in the morning.


Ya probably got hemorrhoids and there is no stopping that during pregnancy.
You can use Prep H but it’s gonna happen.


Could definitely be a hemorrhoid, which isn’t a big deal at all. But going to the doctor id always a fine idea if you’re worried.

Drink lots of water and take some miralax. Its awesome for constipation. Doesn’t make your stomach hurt.


I had the same problem with all three of my pregnancies. I had to up my water and fiber intake, I ate fiber cookies which weren’t horrible. More fruits/veggies, might have mixed miralax in my water but can’t remember so I would check with your doc about that…

Prune juice, gross but does the job

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Lots and lots of water. But def sounds like a hemorrhoid which is normal. Take some meds for constipation.

And preparation H and sitz baths for the hemorrhoid.

You probably have a hemmroid from constipation. Drink more fluids. Take a stool softener like colace. As far as the hemmroid use tucks pads

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There’s a fiber pill you can take twice a day that’s perfectly healthy and safe. It really helps. Takes like 3 days for it to take affect once you start taking it. But once you get it in your system, your bowel movements seem more consistent.

I had hemmorids with my youngest and had to go get it checked out. I started eating fiber one brownies and drinking a shot of fiber one every morning and it helped so much. Try eating things with much more fiber in it to try and help out and then use the hemmroid cream. That became my best friend!

Lots of water. Stool softeners are ok as long as they don’t contain laxatives. The blood is most likely because of a hemorrhoid. Try not to strain yourself. Good luck.

Drink more fluids and increase fiber intake. Oatmeal for breakfast is a good source. Add miralax if continues to be a problem. Use preparation H and hazel witch pads

Welcome to pregnancy lol… don’t push hard when you’re constipated… just try to push calm and it will eventually come down

Water lots of it , Apple juice, prune juice , probiotics, less cows milk or non at all. Still softener

I drank a cup of coffee every day and took a fiber pill every day, and I was on iron pills. This kept me regular and easy going. :laughing:

Could just be a tear in the outer tissue from constipation or a hemorrhoid

Prune juice. I had this same issue, drank a 6oz can of prune juice, and it worked wonders and quick

I eat fiber one bars and drink more water. More water will help. But it wil take 2 or 3 days to get back to normal

Water and stool softener

Drink some pickle juice and start eating more fruits and veggies

Fluids, prune juice, and more fluids. Also, you can take still softener while pregnant.

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I’m 38 weeks and I’ve had that problem my entire pregnancy. My doctor told me to take colace and Miralax, lots of water, and take in more fiber! There are fiber packets you can drop into water bottles and drink 1-2 a day. Hope this works, I know it’s miserable!

See if theres any pills u can take to help u go

Bright red is nothing to worry about.

My doctor has me taking colace because my prenatal pills make me very constipated. I wasn’t able to poop for over a week and was in a lot of pain and then when I did I had same symptoms. When you push or try to push for long periods it can cause a hernia. I am 36 weeks pregnant and always take colace with prenatal pills.

Juice like prune juice and lots of water.

In addition to eating more fiber, more water, and starting a stool softener now, I remember seeing several comments about using a squatty potty stool and it being a life changer.

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Pregnancy can cause internal and external hemmroids. Get a stool softener and take walks.

And the doctor said at least a gallon of water a day also with the colace medicine

Miralax… water… make sure youre up moving around

You could also get a wax suppository. Works within minutes.

I’m 40 weeks pregnant
Every since I found out
I’ve eaten weetbix
For breakfast
And after supper
Like a late snack

Did wonders for me

If the stool is red like blood and not black it could just be tearing or popping a hemroid kinda thing … As long as your stool isnt actaully black u should be fine.


Miralax , coconut ,walk, WATER.

Eat raw carrots. 2 a day

Prunes, prunes and more prunes…water, water and more water


Sounds like a hemorrhoid. Thankfully i never got them with either pregnancy but i know a few that have. Make sure you drink plenty of water and eat lots of fiber. They make preparation h wipes now.

I had to get suppositories. I have to do 1 once a week. Nothing else works for me.

Doctor recommend me today to drink dr peper. And fish oil pills

Prunes or prune juice & extra water! I’m currently pregnant and those help!

Drink some prune juice or eat some prunes.

Could be a hemorrhoid they are common during pregnancy

it sounds like hemrroids

Prune juice helped with my constipation

Fruit and fruit juice and lots of it

Glycerin suppository! I would be most concerned with getting the uncomfortable stool out. Yes. Bright red blood is not concerning like a tarry black stool. In the future, lots of fiber, lots of water, and walk!! Good luck to you. I am a nurse who has digitally disimpacted many people, so I have a bit of experience. It sucks, though. I hope this is the only time this ever happens to you!

Please be careful with laxatives, to much can cause you to go into labor

I used these with my last pregnancy. They were a life saver

Constipation is normal. Take dr approved meds for it and drink lots of water and fiber intake increase. I’m on my 5th pregnancy

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You probably have hemorrhoids, especially since you’re constipated, it’s pretty common during pregnancy, I had them. Just try to relax, call your OB tomorrow.

Milk of magnesia was the only thing that helped me

Hemorrhoids !! Is common but if you want call the doctor ! :hugs:

Eat prunes, drink plenty of water, eat pears, apples, bran

Maybe you should go to the hospitol.

I had to take Miralax

Colace, lots of water, prunes!

Magnesium supplement! Try natural calm. It helped me so much pp and drink A LOT of water.

Prenatal did this too me so I stopped taking them

Try prune juice.or pumpkin but not pie filling.

Try Jicama its a root/fruit type of thing. Gots tons of fiber helped me with my last pregnancy.

Eat papaya, mango, coconut juice

My OB told me to eat lots of fiber rich fruits and add a glass off prune juice to my daily intake. Apples, pears, and watermelon have been my go tos

Could’ve just done a little tear pushing out. Was it a lot or little

Prop a hemroid from trying to push it out. Don’t be nervous just try and use a softener or something

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Are you sure you are actually popping blood? Any pain? Could you have a hemroid?

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Still softener, Apple juice, prunes, lots of water… eat things with a ton of fiber… the bleeding his most likely hemorrhoids from pushing so hard or you may have ripped yourself.
After I had my second son I was.veru constipated and had a lot of blood clots and could fill my toliet up with blood from trying to go number 2 because of hemorrhoids I got with my first son.

Aye prune juice ect. If it’s dark blood I would go in. If its fresh looking may be a hemorrhoid?? I was in the same situation when I was prego. There is not alot of blood with the stool and minor when wiping. If its heavier, I would probably get checked out.

Ya thats normal. May get worse. Talk to the doc or pharmacist if you feel you didnt get answers or doc didnt spend time with you. Pharmacist will give you pros and cons. Also if your on medications or OTC they can work with you.

Here in Australia there’s a medication called lactoclose. It’s a stool softener, it’ll help with constipation and can be used in kids and pregnant women

My doctor recommended senokot it’s natural, and worked great, didn’t cause cramping.

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Hemroid? I’d get some cream.

I’m in a group Parents against Miralax.
It caused my 2 yo to get violent, to a point he wanted to draw blood.
Avoid Miralax at all cost.
There is so many alternative routes. And also find a root cause!
Miralax is poison

Pear juice. Even right from the can!

Magnesium citrate or something with malitol in it like Hersheys sugar free chocolate chips. Works every single time

I drink milk of magnesia. Mine was so bad I ended up in triage around 22 or so weeks. They had me get that. Worked like a charm

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Try warm prune juice with melted butter not beat tasting but it worked wonders!

Could possibly be a hemorrhoid

Flax seeds in salad every single day. You’re welcome!

Bulletproof coffee get some fat in you x

Lots of fruits and veggies no process foods or meats. I went through this myself

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Sounds silly but I find soya milkshake really works ( the chocolate one) not bad tasting either but be ready to sit on the loo for ages. Or blood orange juice that also works pretty quickly as well

It might be a hemmoroid

Happy juice helps me! Im 29 weeks pregnant

Sounds like fissures if you’ve been constipated, probably have little tears. Need more fiber to help the constipation. Get that fiber 1 stuff you can get at any grocery or drug store.

It could be varicose veins down there causing the problem. See the doctor, lots of water, and walk it out if you can.

Just dont drink too much because diarrhea can cause contractions

Dulcolax helps a lot! It isn’t instant but if you haven’t went in a couple days I take one and it’s easier to go.

And water water water

And you should also be able to use prep h suppositories if you have hemmroids that will help tame them down, I learned from my first one big time!

Sounds like you have a hemorrhoid. As long as bright red means that it’s fresh. But yes I would suggest talking to the doc

You might have a bleeding hemorrhoid. But your doc might let you use miralax to help the constipation. Its very gentle and doesnt cause diarrhea unless you use too much. But check with your OB 1st. Pretty positive its safe in pregnancy.

I would take a stool softener you will get some after baby is born, you should not have to struggle as much

I am actually shocked at some of the damn posts on here lately. Wtf???
If you’re concerned, why are asking Facebook? Call a nurse line if you can’t wait until morning. I know we are mostly moms on here, but come on. :joy::joy:
Nurse line or doctor. Not Facebook.

Drink lots of water. Dehydration will cause constipation. Blood could be from several different things. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables to get things moving.

I used to soak in a hot bath to help relax those muscles and drink some juice. The blood might be from a hemroid starting from all the pushing.

I notice a few people saying fissures, and I’ve had fissures from my constipation, if it’s that, get some pregnancy friendly fibre in you and drink lots to keep it moving as it should

Prune juice, more water, eat some brown beans, eat lots of fresh fruits and veggies as well. It may help.

This is the only thing hat helped me . I’ve tried pull and powders as well as eating right

Eat triscuits everyday