How to relieve teething pain?

What can i do to help my son who has just starting to teeth!?


Everyone always tells me frozen waffles

Anbesol teething liquid! And i would buy these teething toys that you can freeze so be nice and cold on their gums :relaxed:

My daughter loved the nuby teething keys! You could throw them in the freezer!

Tylenol rubbed directly on gums not in a syringe. Few drops at a time wait about 20 minutes after doing it

Hylands teething tablets. They dissolve instantly and numb

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Vanilla extract, cold wet wash cloth, freezing rings, my son loves these little rubber duck frogs. t

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Teetha powder is the best

Wet frozen wash cloth or a frozen teething ring.

Teething toys, infant Tylenol, carrots, wet a wash cloth and freeze it, frozen teething rings, if you breast feed make popsicles out of it and let them chew n suck on that

Mines teething also don’t be surprised if he gets a rash on his cheecks

Pure vanilla extract… just rub on the gums… I’ve used that on all 4 of my kids and stops fussing within a couple minutes

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I don’t recommend numbing gels or anything because they numb the throat also. My son used to choke a lot because of it, before I discovered it was that. Try a drop of vanilla or jack daniels. One drop is all. They’ll still drool a lot, but not hurt.

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The mesh things that you can put frozen fruit inside!
Infant Tylenol can also help when it’s really bad

Amber teething necklace

Frozen yogurt tubes :yum:

A) cold wet cloth placed in the freezer just a few mins to “freeze” it b) amber teething necklaces I swear by them they’re claimed to help reduce inflammation due to the Amber and other minerals in the beads c) the net things that go in the freezer put blueberries or strawberry’s or even bananas in them and freeze them d) check amazon for teething toys they have silicone beads, silicone “cookies” a bunch of stuff my son loves chewing away on them e) if you’re going to use a gel try to find one that’s all natural I highly don’t suggest orajel as it’s strong and numbs the throat too whereas they’re are all natural ones that have stuff such as clove oil extract, and chamomile in them that work much better/faster and aren’t as risky if numbing the throat

Wipe his gums down with a teeny bit of children’s tooth paste…teething pain is caused from plaque build up…yes even on babies

They have great things to chew on I used a frozen washcloth

Baby Orajel, the new stuff. It’s homeopathic, doesn’t contain benzocaine & does not numb the gums. Also, Camilia drops (homeopathic) work super good as well. We use both of these & never had a problem

Freeze pacifier if you have the one with hole in it never worked with mine but maybe with your baby

Get some tethers that you can put in the fridge or freezer and try the Hylands teething tablets those are all I used with all three of my kids cuz they worked so much.

Vanilla! Put some on your finger and rub on the gums! Works in a minute or 2!

Teething toys, amber teething necklace, Tylenol

I had to go through that twice and my youngest son was the worst I had to use both teething tabs and baby night time baby orajel worked great.