How to safely induce labor?

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For mommies who have had more than 1 baby.
With my first boy, I went into labor naturally just over a week early, and now that I’m expecting the second one everyone thought I would follow a similar pattern. I’m now just a few days from my due date, feeling more miserable than I remember with the first, and I’m getting anxious about being overdue and having to be induced. I need advice on how to keep my cool while I play the waiting game or better yet entice my little one to come into the world. Thanks!


Have a lot of sex and take warm showers. It helps a ton with being uncomfortable

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May be coincidence, but I ate cheesy enchilada hamburger helper the night before I went into labor with both of mine. I was also very active the days before each.

I ate pineapple and drank red raspberry leaf tea, that night I was in labor. Also I heard lots of walking and squats help

My first my water broke naturally at almost 38 weeks. My second I had a scheduled C-section for 39 weeks. I didn’t think I would go into labor naturally as I was getting close. The day before my labor started I ended up walking and doing lunges around Walmart for like 3 hours. Along with squats in the shower. I went into labor 3 days before my scheduled C-section with my second

Just breath. Always know every pregnancy will be different. Stay busy if you can.

Went a few days early with my first, had my second on the exact due date, and my last two were 5 days over.

I’m delighted to see that recently you have put a stop to dangerous suggestions being given by wannabe doctors.
Thank you

I always do squats like crazy for about 2 days straight then I go into labour while sleeping :woman_shrugging:t2:

When the apple is ripe it will fall from the tree.
Stop worrying!!
A due date is not set in stone. It is just a guesstimate

Keep busy. Take your mind off of it. I picture its like your so stressed about not getting your period. Then you relax and it just comes.

Walk, walk, walk. Sex can help too

I always climb stairs up and down until im out of breath, over and over.