How to shave when you are pregnant?

Crazy and tmi question! So i am 24 weeks and i look like i should pop any day now. Well question is how do any of you shave when your huge? Do any get a body wax or let husbands do it? Tmi part is i am talking about your lady parts. Took me 45 minutes and i gave up!


I use veet and also my husband said he would help any time I need him.

Before I go in for my csection my husband shaves me… I rather have him do it then the nurses at the hospital… but until then I don’t touch it

Sit on the floor and Use a mirror dear :slight_smile:


Honestly im 37 weeks and i just had to go by feel, and looking in a mirror but i still cut myself a few times :woman_shrugging:

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I asked hubby to trim said area eventually cuz even I couldn’t stand it any more
As for my legs… I let them go.

Use the Nair bikini cream! Worked great for me

Excess hair is the least of my worries lol.

Have hubby do or let it be. I’m not going to be worried about my bush while pushing a baby out lol.


At the end I couldn’t anymore I just let it go I asked my bf he said no. And I was like ok then.

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Feel around and pray. Or use a mirror

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I’m planning on getting some nair and a mirror because my hubby refuses to shave me down there in fear he might cut me lol.

I just kind of take a gamble and blindly shave. Then I ask my husband to come in and tell me where I missed. :joy:
I usually don’t even care to think about it until it’s close to delivery time.

Just let it go. Lol. If it’s not meant to be then let it grow. You’ll be able to reach it again eventually. Don’t stress over it. You could totally ask your husband if you want. I, personally, was not brave enough to let my kids dad have a razor near my sensitive parts and I couldn’t afford to get waxed. So, I let it go until I was able to do it again myself. Good luck in your endeavors.

My husband is scared he will cut me if he does it so I do it muself ans he twlls me if i miss a spot lol

I went by feel. At least they can see I tried :woman_shrugging:


Don’t shave…it’s not worth the trouble!

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I just feel and shave, mirror too lol

I sat on the toilet with our body mirror in front of me, could see but also went by feel :person_shrugging::joy:

I shaved when i was maybe 32 weeks and it was hell. Went by touch💀 my baby’s dad would help me before when i tired to do it alone it was nevwr again lol

Im 29 weeks and not struggling at all and ive put 30 pbs on since getting pregnant

I let it go for the most part. Annual trimming with Clippers and a mirror occasionally but I really didn’t care… But that was in cold weather.

Just by feel…I had no sex drive at all while prego anyway so he didnt see it :rofl: I did make him look beofr I gave birth tho didnt want the dr. Thinking I was too hairy

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Surprisingly I could shave. Had a handy little mirror to help see all the missed bits

I put my leg on the side of the bath like where the shampoo goes and shave that way, sometimes I sit and try to move my belly I’m also 24 weeks. Or if possible put leg on toilet or counter and shave

Didn’t shave with the first two, just did my legs. Third one I went for monthly waxes

Have you ever watched the cartoon The Lorax??? They say “let it grow”!!! LOL

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I struggle through it. Lmao I feel you I’m 33 weeks tomorrow and i am HUGE. I just try and hope for the best lol

Tell your hubby to help you!

I plan on feeling and shaving, I have 3 months until I am due. Before I moved to MI, I think Elkhart general hospital told me that if I deliever there they expect me to shave. With my legs I ask my man to shave those for me!

The long thin Finishing Touch works well

Mirror and sit in tub lol

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My husband always did mine.

I shaved throughout both my pregnancies by feel and actually did better than when I could see :joy: so now I shave by feel every time

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Didn’t shave don’t care who do I have to impress. No one.


My husband did it for me

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The dad of my 2nd and 3rd helped shave and got waxed with 4th… 1st didnt care and neither did i… I waa 19 and didnt have too really.

I’m 21 wks and plan to have my husband help when I can’t see it anymore. I was just telling him the other day how I’m already as big as I was when I delivered my daughter, so I whole heartedly expect to get to the point of not being able to do much down there.

You don’t have to see it. Just feel

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I bought a mirror that has a suction cup so that I could put it on the wall of the tub. It worked great! My nurse even asked me how I was able to pull it off :joy:

My sons middle name is after his daddy & my daughter is going to be named after my mother.

My husband shaved everything for me. I was able to do my legs. But he did everything else for me. I’m super lucky and got the best man ever. I’m so pampered and spoiled.

Do it all myself and then I get either hubby or kids to check if i have missed any hair anywhere

An electric razor and doing it by feel, I’m 24 weeks too and also cant see anything

I did mine sitting and I also did a lot of feeling

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My husband shaved everything for me

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Hubby shaved everything for me with baby #1,2,4 with baby #3 I was working at a salon so I chose to get waxed.

I just felt it and use a mirror to double check annnd then towards the end i just gave up, who cares lol🤷

So kinda funny story. When I was in labor, it look 14 hrs to get to this point, the nurse (who was all kinds of unqualified for her roll, but that’s unrelated to this) goes “oh my that’s such much hair” and my immediate thought was I’m pregnant and tried my best, but turns out she was talking about baby hair. Personally I didn’t want to Ask my hubby for help so just did it once a week


Once I got to the point where I couldn’t see myself, I let it go until I quit bleeding post baby… :woman_shrugging:t3: Hubbs understood and never bothered him!!

I would do it just by feel and then when I couldn’t do that anymore, I sat in front of a mirror :woman_shrugging:t2::joy:


Good one Jenn I needed that laugh! I love you!

Girl you have to shave like you are reading braille


I just shaved and shaved till it felt smooth … I was solo my whole pregnancy so I had to do it myself it was a bit of a struggle when i got to the end and I’m pretty sure my who ha hair was still long in some places but oh well … I’ll get waxed next time

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By feel here. I think my mom helped once.


I usually give up…but a razor is usually in my bag for handling tht furry mess when i shower after babies born…ill try my best beforehand but literally cuts off my air trying to hold belly up and shave without cutting mylsef or shaving actual parts i should be…i cant see…and after a few seconds cant breath/feel either lol i tried my best most the time…esp now at 39 weeks…its a feel and attemot to get all i feel before having to come up for air kinda thing lol…

I use one of those electric trimmers to tame it down, but I don’t go bare. Super easy and can just do it by feel. They sell lady ones for just that purpose.


I gave up with actual shaving or anything at like 20 weeks lol i use a trimmer thing now to just keep it short and i can do it by feel plus i dont have to worry about cutting myself lol

I’m 37 weeks now n prior 2weeks ago I could do it by feel but now my stomach so big hard to maneuver around it n yeah long story short I ended up w battle wounds lol I’m get waxed or just let grow lol hubby doesnt trust himself to try to help lol

I couldn’t even shave my legs from the knees down much less anything else! I had a so called boyfriend at the time but he never offered to help me do any of that! He complained about helping me to the bathroom so I could take a shower. Not really sure why I even thought I needed him? Lol! You’ll have time to remove all the hair once you’re no longer with child. Try not to stress about it even though I know that’s difficult. And whatever you do use bodywash…the dropping of a soap bar was a tough pick up! If you have a good supportive guy he should at least offer to help you with this well unless he is way too busy caught up in the ps4 you purchased for him to play with that online card along with wifi and netflix​:joy::joy:I mean I understand gaming is a rough job…carrying a human being women do that all the time lol I should’ve smacked the ever loving :poop: out of that one amongst others! At least I smacked the :poop: out of 2 should’ve been more tho violence is never the answer​:roll_eyes:

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Full length mirror helped me lol


Why bother…i mean unless you hate it then just leave it

I don’t shave anyway, but if it doesn’t bother you just leave it. What’s the point in straining yourself?

Simple. Use a mirror. I always would in the shower.

PTSD… oh the bloodshed…My poor ladybits…HAHAHAHA

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I use an electric razor anyways- the trimstyle one from shick. No shaving really just trimming any long pieces. You don’t need to see to do it I’ve done it now with two pregnancies but the belly does get challenging to get around

i told my husband if it bothers him he can do it cause i can’t seenot anymore :joy:


I always wax legs Brazilian the whole works so I continued to do that while I was pregnant

my baby daddy helped me a couple times then I just eventually gave up lol

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Can I ask why you want pubic hair shaved? Just curious.

My husband always helped me :blush:

I just get waxed :sweat_smile: I’m 26 + 4 right now and slowly starting to look like I swallowed a watermelon so shaving isn’t a thing for me anymore. My friggin husband had to help me shave my legs because i was struggling so bad

You’re probably not gonna care when you’re in labour. :woman_shrugging:

I got waxed. Wasn’t too awful. Go to a professional as they are trained and have specific waxes for skin and hair type at their disposal

I don’t even bother. Lmao. I can’t see it and I don’t want my husband to do it cause I’m paranoid he might cut me. And most places won’t wax you while pregnant cause you have extra blood flow and what not.

LOL. Struggles. I just tried my best. After I gave birth and could actually see, I noticed my best wasn’t good at all :joy: