How to show your husband that you appreciate him?

Besides sexual things and besides telling him.

I’m curious what other mama’s do for their men to show that they appreciate, love, and care for their boyfriend/husband


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How to show your husband that you appreciate him?

Find out his love language!


Cook a nice diner plan a date night!

We have a “just because” box that we fill up with stuff and give back and forth. Candy, clothes, something to do together…whatever you want, it can be as expensive as you want! It’s an easy way to remember to show your partner appreciation, especially if there love language is gifts!


I try to make things he likes to eat. Sometimes I schedule a massage for him. Or I plan a date specific to him. I’ll also give him a massage myself. He use to enjoy a beer after work (he doesn’t as much anymore) so I’d get him his favorite beer that he usually never bought for himself.

Back rubs, little notes on mirror or in lunch box, make his favorite meal or dessert


I usually make him dinner that he loves or dessert. The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. I always buy him the snacks he loves too

Notes in his pockets, cards appreciating him in his truck glove box and tool box, favorite treats left on his truck seat for morning, do little things that count.

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Cook dinner, make his lunch, give him a massage, tell him thanks for working. Take him on a date. Leave notes around.

Find out what his love language is and show him in a way he’d appreciate


Learning his love language is key! My husbands is acts of kindness. So for instance, at night when he brushes his teeth, I’ll go get his toothbrush out and put toothpaste on it for him. He was weirded out when I first did it, he said no one has ever done that for me before. :joy:


Coffee in bed, have breakfast ready for when he wakes up, make his foods, make freezer meals for him to take to work, give him massages, take care of his crotch goblins, do his laundry when he comes home.


Recently I had emergency surgery to remove my gallbladder 2 surgery’s in 2 days my husband has had to and continues to have to do everything for me (getting better but still can’t lift anything) he loved my phone holder in my car and wanted one so I bought it for him and surprised him. Something small and stupid but it made him so happy.

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We make handmade cards, leave little notes around the house on white boards or chalk boards, leave sporadic notes in his lunch box to find a work, grabbing something while you’re out that he would usually have to go out of his way for. I’ll make homemade breakfast sandwiches and on the outside of the wrapper write corny stuff.

I don’t get upset when he takes time to himself. He likes to go on week long hunting trips and things. He def deserves it. As exhausted as I am with the kids and work, I excitedly say “yea babe! Good luck! Have fun!” I know how much that means for him. And we all need breaks. He def reciprocates it :slightly_smiling_face:


I pack his lunch everyday and leave him a cute little note, I recently found his stash in his drawer and that he’s kept ALL my love notes :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I write him love letters/notes, make favorite foods, and plan little date nights.

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach


Little love notes if I packed his lunch, or tuck them under his visor in his car.
Buy his favorite things at the store, make his favorite dinners and dessert. Make his favorite snack while he watches sports .

I make him his favorite dinner, give him solitude bc he never gets it and never asks, I tell him how much I appreciate him. Let him pick a movie… he has horrible movie tastes :rofl: little things mean a lot

Leave little notes, have a surprise sent to work, and he litterally does whatever he wants lol he lies to golf so he does that several times a week and I never complain about it.

Its little things not a big gesture. Everytime I walk past him I rub his back and kiss his head. I make sure he has lunch ready and sometimes make some of his favorites. Make sure he has a drink for work. Something I notice being married for 14yrs is that I take advantage of what little things he does for me so I take a moment and let him know how thankful for him.

Good old fashioned spoiling. Keep his home clean and welcoming. Run a bath for him after work. Cook what he likes. Make his lunch. Get up at whatever time to make sure he’s fed and out the door on time. Just generally look after …like a mother but with added bonus of bedtime lol


We do date nights and leave our phones completely at home so we can just focus on each other and he gives me weekly spa nights and I give him weekly car nights

I buy mine roses and a nice card here and there

I’m an old school type of wife. I make sure his laundry is done and have the house clean when he gets home. He also loves a clean bed so if I don’t get to anything else in my day I make sure he comes home to a fresh and clean bed everyday. It’s my way of showing how much I appreciate him.


Bought him a gun and saving money to buy him another one


I make sure he has spaces he can do what he loves in. He has his own office for work and to tinker with all his old computers. We’ve been redoing the garage so he has spaces for both cars and if he does wood working projects. I also spent the weekend redoing and decorating his office at work. Now he has a space he can feel comfortable in even if the day gets stressful for him. I also have his favorite wines on hand for those celebratory moments or just to wind down from a crazy week.

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It’s really the little things I get up and make him lunch for work in the mornings and dinner always done when he gets home. And just little gifts when I go somewhere and see something he may like. Plus all the little things I do to just help him out


Sometimes when he’s watching TV or playing video game I fill a bucket full of hot water and Epsom salt and essential oils and I scrub his feet and message them.

Sometimes I just do what he wants. He’s a dj a night and he like has thing about me learning to dj so I’ll mess around on the decks to make him happy even tho I suck.

I play video games with him

I make his favorite food.

I hug him when he gets off work ( his exes would treat him bad and he hated coming home after a hard day and being greeted with fighting and bad attitude) so I greet him at the door with a huge hug so he can release his shit day

I write him love poems and leave them on top if his lunch box he’s saves them some of them dirty some of them extremely loving and intimate.

I send nudes

Little things go a long way… We’re always hugging or grabbing each-other when we pass each-other in the house. When he knows I’ve had a tough day he does a little extra around the house to help me out. When he’s had a tough day, I give him the space I know he needs without him having to ask. We watch each-other shows/movies even when the other person isn’t a fan. I’ll randomly buy him his favorite candy or drink to let him know I was thinking of him. When he’s working, I’ll sometimes leave notes in his lunch box, pack him snacks or his lunch. Going out of your way to be there for your spouse.


I leave notes on bathroom mirror for when he gets up, I tell him.

It’s the little things.

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I massage/rub/pet him alot. He doesn’t have to ask me for physical attention outside of sex. I make sure to get his favorite things at the grocery store, even if only he likes it, favorite coffee, candy etc. He always says I don’t have to but I want to make sure he knows I was thinking about him and his likes are important too. He still is an individual.

Make their favorite meal

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Practical jokes for one! Making his favorite meals! After 51 years together, we share everything else!

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I don’t put a pillow over his head when he’s snoring! :grin:


When I go shopping I get him snacks/candy/drinks. Get him a silly card that reminds me of us and leave on his night stand with the snacks. A big thing is knowing his love language, for mine I know he’s never had a woman do his laundry and out it away so I try to keep on top of that. Then he makes cute comments like, “OH the sock fairy came!” then I get a giggle out of it.


Find out what HIS love language is. It doesn’t matter what we do if our guys feel loved in a different way.


Cooking his favorite dinner, watching his favorite tv shows, making him lunch.

It’s the little things. :white_heart:

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I bought my hubby a snake :joy: honestly its all about what your man likes. Mine just happens to like reptiles as much as I do :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::joy:

Learn his love language. Like mine is doing stuff for me like my BF washes dishes if Ive been busy or I’m tired. Actions speak louder than words.

Taking him on an all expenses paid birthday trip

I :100: recommend reading the 5 love languages, or at minimum, taking the quiz! That’s legit stuff! And when you love your mate in a way they receive it, you’ll be filled in return. Even better if they do it with you and learn yours.

Remembering the little things he likes so if I go to a gas station or store I get something I know he’ll enjoy. Making sure he has what he needs because he never buys anything for himself. When he can actually sleep in which is rare I shut the door to leave him be for as long as he can while attempting to keep our kids quiet and our pets lol.


I set out my husbands clean clothes and a towel for him while he showers after work. Sometimes I’ll throw the towel in the dryer to warm it up for him. Little things matter and make a big difference.


I rub his back sometimes, buy him things and foods he likes, I let him hop on his xbox(this is big) lol, I take him golfing and etc cuz he likes those things and most importantly I suck the life out of him with my kisses :joy:

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I get up with him @ 4:10am and go to bed with him at 7pm even when I feel like getting up later or going to bed later. It’s important to me our routine is similar. I can see him off in the morning and fall asleep with him at night. Perfect. He appreciates it I know.


I cook for him, and buy him his favorite snacks. And try to keep up on the house and laundry too. But we both work so he gets it when I get behind after a couple of late shifts, but I always catch up on the weekend.

If you have to ask . You shouldn’t have one


I make his lunch every day. Hes a very simple man when it comes to lunch. Sandwich, yogurt, cliff bar :sweat_smile: ive asked if he wants different but no. Every day lol


Pack his lunch, make him breakfast, drop off his favorite drink at work, dirty pics, offering him alone time, random hugs and kisses, initiating sex.

I buy him things lol

When I was there overnight, I either set up the coffee pot to go on in the morning or so I could just go to the kitchen and hit start.

I told him to buy food and I would cook for him instead of going to restaurants All the time.
I did up his dishes in and laundry.
I vacuumed and also scrubbed his kitchen floor.

I give my husband time to just be him. Not a dad. Not a husband. Not a boss. Just him.
Whether that’s an hour to work on his car, play his video game, or just relax without me and the kids I give him a little space and he really enjoys it. Then we go back to family time, dinner together, everyone outside/in the living room whatever. It just gives him a good transition from somebody boss, to somebody’s husband/father. He can have his time to unwind for a little bit.

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I asked him what his love language was.
Seriously. Everyones is different, and assuming your partners is the same as yours can hurt your relationship. My hubbys love language is quality time and acts of service. I show him I love him by tidying up, bringing him home his favorite coffee, or making him his favorite meal


The biggest gift/show of love from one parent to the other, is keeping the kids quiet while the other gets a nap!


I put up with him lol that’s enough :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :rofl: :joy:


I let him continue living :rofl: jk!
I do many little things. I vocalize it but I also do things like picking up a soda for him at the gas station, doing a chore around the house that he normally does, taking care of things that he mentions he needs to do. Taking a little bit of the load off of his shoulders.

Cook, do his laundry, keep the house clean and decorated nicely so when he comes home from working hard he has a comfy place to relax, give him space to do things he enjoys like video games, surprise him with little things I find for him on Amazon or grab snacks I think he would like when I go to the store, rub his back at night, send him cute text/memes/tik toks.

Massages. All the time :laughing: he works a hard job and his body hurts. I give lots of rubs to help him feel better.

Write notes and stick em in places he can find them randomly, making favorite meals, taking him to eat at favorite resturant, random noodles, sending songs that make me think of him, back rubs, feet rubs, buying random things that remind me of him, writing him poems…

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I do little things for him like buy him a soda while I’m out, write little notes and put them in his lunch box, feed the horses so he doesn’t have to, take the kids out so he can nap!

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serve him. Not in a way that you’ll be his personal maid. You can just be there for him, no words needed, just be beside him. Hold his hand, hug him. Listen to him when he tells you stories, laugh with him. Make him feel that he is the head of the fam.


I bake and a few times I have done chocolate covered fruits….it’s the little things that mean the most in our marriage!

Wifey took me to an all you can eat steak house. That made my week


I really believe it’s the little things that count.

When he lets me I like to wash his hair for him when we sit in the tub together. Letting him go play golf with his friends.

My husband’s love language is acts of service. So I’d do things to make his day easier. For example, if I was going to be gone when he got home from work, I’d lay everything out for him. Have dinner ready with his plate in the microwave, already made. I’d put his towel and clean clothes in the bathroom so he could come straight in, shower and get dressed with ease. Set out his work clothes for in the morning. Make his lunch and have it packed and ready to go. Make sure he had a homemade breakfast he could grab and go, like a sausage biscuit or breakfast burrito. I’d make them for a week or two in advance and refrigerate/freeze them. Stuff like that.


Best advice I’ve got is to know your partners love language. Physical touch, words of affirmation, gifts, acts of service, quality time. Whatever you know works best on them, that’s how you show love and appreciation. Speak to them in the language THEY hear best.


I like to give mine goodie bags/baskets of all the things he likes (snacks, drinks, scratches & a few small “gifts”) as well as anytime he mentions something that he really wants or has been keeping an eye on I’ll try & get it for him. I like to think our husband’s want to be loved & treated like number 1 just like we do so I go out of my way to do things I know I would appreciate if he done them for me :heart:

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Take care of yourself.

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I sent a fun hallmark card in the mail with a note saying how much I appreciate him and what he does doesn’t go unnoticed. Spouses never expect mail from the other so it throws them off before they open it. He really was thankful.

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I will randomly grab him his favorite things from the corner store if I’m out, or when I do groceries. Grab him a beer when I get up or a snack when I’m grabbing one. Just small simple things. He does the same as well. He will randomly bring me a coffee some mornings on his way out of town to work or bring me home a scratch ticket randomly. It’s my favorite when he does this as it shows he was thinking of me randomly when he was out <3

I also stay up later sometimes to watch a hockey game or something with him. I usually go to bed fairly early and I’m not a huge fan of watching hockey with him, so it makes him quiet happy when I do.

Aside from the regular chores, when he comes home from work sometimes I’ll encourage him to go lay down and have some “me time” for himself. I’ll buy him a new shirt I’ll think he will like, surprise him with a favorite coffee from his favorite place.

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I was married until my husband passed. I was raised southern so my ideas might not fit so use what you’d like. I always dished his plate with the food with the first plate. I did it with my kid’s plate also. It is a sign of respect where I am from. I always allowed my husband to have the opportunity to open a door, pull out a chair, help me with my coat, etc. I could tell he appreciated me moving a little slower so he could take the cue if he wanted. I put notes in the pockets of his coats when spring came. That way when he had to wear them again, he would find little words of encouragement from me. When he wanted to go to a car show (his thing) I would go with him. I could care less if I went to one, but he liked it so I went. MANY times. He appreciated that I would give him that time especially knowing I wasn’t that into cars like he was. These are just a few things that I did. Later in life I read a book The Five Love Languages and learned to speak in his love language to him, not mine. We tend to approach our significant with what we like but this helped me. I earned to try to show all love languages to him but making sure the top one I showed was his. When my husband passed, one of the things he told me was he always knew he was loved, every day of our 33 years together, including when we fought…and that he was only successful by how close I was standing to him. I hope this helps you to find your ways…but you are n your way by asking to begin with. We all have to constantly look for ways to ensure our loved ones know without a doubt that they are the one.


Layout his work clothes , towel for his shower, lil things go a long way, notes in his lunch, back rubs😊

Words and penis grabs work for us :joy::joy::joy:

It’s all about what works for you guys and what his love language is. For me personally it’s anything that makes his life easier and vice versa……it doesn’t have to be big gestures or cost a lot of money, it’s the thought that counts.

It 100% depends on their love language .

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My wife is absolutely awesome at this she knows me better than I know myself! And truth be told it’s just the little things she does that I notice most!! She don’t really have to tell me anything actions speak loud!

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Housewife, so wash his clothes, clean the house and cook him delicious meals. Also, I will randomly prepare a bubble bath for him on his rough days with a glass of wine, massage his back, arms, shoulders and feet.

Make his favorite meals

We take time to go get coffee once a week just ourselves and talk.

My husband hates anything romantic & doesn’t ever want or need anything from me…hurts a lot but you love them anyway :pensive:


I do everything I can to help make his life easier

I make his lunch for work everyday anyways but ever so often I put something extra in there like a bag of his favorite candy and a tacky sweet note. I set up his coffee pot (I hate coffee) every night before we go to bed, every couple of weeks I pick up or order him some different specialty coffee than his regular Foldgers. I try to always make sure he has one clean pair of blue jeans/lounge shorts and one set of work clothes on hand at all times so he doesn’t have to do his laundry - even if it means making an extra trip to the laundromat just for a load of his clothes.


I give him massages (back rubs, body rubs, foot rubs). I also scratch his back, play with his hair, hold him. His top love language is touch, and he has told me he feels appreciated when I just idly rub his arm while we look at our devices

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Cooking him dinner, buy him random things he likes randomly…

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Communicate to him in his love language. My husbands is words of affirmation so I made a whole wall in our room of small notes of all the reasons I love him. He reads them often.

I randomly buy my bf things. They don’t have to be expensive. :blush:

I touch him a lot, scratch his back and give him back and butt rubs and play with his hair. Physical touch is my love language.

I scratch his back :joy: cook for him, just in general try to make life a little easier. But we communicate by acts of service. And physical affection. It’s a matter of finding out his love language and showing him love in that way.

I ask if he wants or needs anything while I’m at the store and even if he says no, I usually will still get him his favorite oreos and chocolate milk. Or cherry sweet tart ropes and lemonade.

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Make him food, rub his back, clean, wash his clothes after work, take all of the kids out sometimes, notes in his lunch I make him

Bring home monster or coffee for him after a long day!

Keep the kids away from him :laughing:
I used to leave him surprise notes or cards where I’d know he’d seem them when I wasn’t around.

Being present, if my husband is outside working on something and I obviously have no idea what to do to even help. I’ll just go out there and hang out with him. We both work full time so spending time together no matter what it is is important I think.


I slip drawings from our son into his lunch box. I had a cute engraved card made for him . Favorite meals , I mean i could go on and on alot lol