How to sleep train a toddler?

How do you sleep train a 2yo who’s been coslept her entire life?

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It took a lot of time and patience.

A. Lot. :joy:

We would take them to their rooms, lay with them a bit. Little by little get them used to it. It seemed endless at the time but we tried to savor those moments as best we could, knowing that they won’t be little for long. It was a rough road some nights. But routine and patience got us there.

Good luck mama! Hopefully someone else may have some good tips too!

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Sleep next to her bed each night move further away from her bed and let her know you are right there. I even slept in the hallway but it worked

My 8yr old I just let him fall asleep first alone in my bed then I would move him to his at that age. Next month my current 2yr old about to get the same lol

We just flat out did it. He would not work with the slow process we tries at first.

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I had to get on my son’s bed with him. When he fell asleep I would get up. I did that for about 3 months and since then he hasn’t had a problem sleeping on his own. He’s almost 4 now.

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We share a room.

Woth great patience. Keep putting her back to bed when she gets out. Or try laying with her until falls asleep

We got a play pen for the baby and my 2 year old (who has refused to sleep anywhere but with me since birth pretty much, including when we tried putting her in a toddler just would not do it) anyways got her baby sister a play pen and she stole it… She rarely wants to sleep in my bed anymore, she puts herself to sleep in the play pen now and I’ve even been able to put her in it, put the baby gate in the door and leave the room and she’ll usually go to sleep. I thought it was gonna be awhile and I was gonna have to get her used to it but, she’s made the choice and doin it all on her own.

I bought him some new stuffed animals, decorated his room, got him a tent, and a new big boy bed. I made a big deal about it. Gate on the door to keep him in. After we said goodnight, we’d stay on the other side of the gate, giving hugs and reassurance. There was a lot of protest and tears for the first 2 weeks or so, but eventually he realized he was okay by himself.

It was easy with my daughter I just put her in her bed after she fell asleep on the couch in the living room.
With my son on the other hand I think will be a bit more difficult

Let them fall asleep wherever then move them into the new room so they wake up in that bed and move on from there

I would put my daughter (3) in her own bedroom. And told her I was right in that room pointed to my door and said you can come check to make sure anytime if I am there if you get scared but then you have to go back to your bed. There were about 3 to 4 weeks of waking up in the morning to her sleeping beside my bed most mornings. But eventually she stayed in her bed.

Time sticking to your guns and calmly assuring lo into this new way of life for them. New things are scary for kids … Be consistent tgat they sleep in own bed but be loving and assuring

Patience and time since you f***** up your baby


Co sleep with her until she’s 4. Finally convince her to sleep in her new fancy loft bed with a slide. Let her sleep there for 6 weeks. Let husband show her a video of a frozen wooly mammoth on YouTube. Nightmares ensue. Cosleep again until she’s 9. She’ll finally retreat to her own bed. :tipping_hand_woman: It worked for us.


With my son we started him sleeping next to our bed but in his own little bed. Then we redecorated his bedroom and got him a new big boy bed with new bedding. Even if you’re sharing a room, you can get her new bedding she’ll love. We got him excited to sleep in his own room and we haven’t had any issues, even if he has a bad dream we will calm him down and put him back to bed. I agree consistency is key.

I started bringing them to their bed after they fell asleep so they could wake up in their own bed, even if they woke up in the night and came back to my bed, I would bring them back to theirs, the summer before my middle daughter started kindergarten she new she had to be a big girl and sleep in her own, she hasn’t had any issues since, my youngest will start this summer as she’ll be heading off to kindergarten in the fall, sometimes the youngest wants to try to sleep in her own bed

Have them nap alone then one night put them in bed where they nap :sleeping: then always