How to sleep while pregnant?

Best thing to help you sleep in late pregnancy I’m 34 weeks and having 3hrs if I’m lucky my body won’t turn off I’m exhausted and feel like I’m going insane and feeling too stressed… All I wanna do is sleep :confused::sleeping:


I took unisom or tylenol PM, both safe

I’m 12 weeks today but was at the doctors a few days ago and he was concerned that I was so tired (my 3.5 and 1.5 yo have not been sleeping good so) he was gonna give me medicine for it but when I explained about the kids and I didn’t want to because of them he said I can take benadryl or tylenol PM to help me sleep! Always check with your doctor first tho as none of us know your pregnancy like you and your doctor! Good luck hun!

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Lavender. Since you’re that far along, you obviously dont want to do a lavender soak bath. However, lavender spray on your pillows, lavender tea is perfectly safe for baby, lavender diffuser in your home. Many ways to utilize lavender and it is very relaxing. Also, for more modern days, if you have Alexa try her sleep sounds app. Cat Purring is awesome and would put me right out!

Could be your body preparing you for the sleep pattern you will have when baby comes but laying on your left side is best while pregnant :blush:

Left side with pillows shoved everywhere.