How to sleep while pregnant?

I am 18 years old struggling to sleep at nights and feeling really down stressed and wanting to be sick all the time. Any advice please im 12 weeks pregnant and its my first child.


Unisom helps with sleep, I get the gels. A warm bath with Epsom salt and lavender can help with anxiety. Make sure you talk to your doctor about your depression and mental health. Take care of yourself momma. :blue_heart:


My doctor recommended benadryl to help me sleep, im 35 weeks with my first, sleeping is rough, I was depressed my whole pregnancy until I started feeling her kick an still have my moments, I’ve been sick the whole time an still get sick its been miserable just keep telling yourself it will be worth it, I would also recommend baths Luke warm of course, stay hydrated snack every couple hours it helped me anytime I let myself get hungry I get super sick also if you start to feel heart burn or acid reflux take tums or have your doctor prescribe zantac, acid reflux has played a big role in how often I get sick an heartburn meds help, stay strong you got this :muscle:

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Ginger ale and smelling fresh garlic will help with your feeling of getting sick, take a warm bath put a pillow between your legs those

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Benadryl is the safest. And also makes you drowsy ! I had insomnia during my pregnancy. Took Benadryl.

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Morning sickness…eat something high in protein before bed at night and when wake up in the morning…peanut butter… protein bar, protein shake…meat…milk…etc…also…lemon juice in ur water or tea and ginger ale help… sleeplessness… Benadryl or Unisom…

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Melatonin is a natural chemical in your body influencing sleep, you can use it an hour before going to bed. Available in any pharmacy with supplements/vitamins. Recommend daily walks to get you outside and moving rather than staying inside feeling blue

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Peppermint oil on wrist or peppermint candy to suck on relieve the sick feeling

Crackers and a warm bath