How to start potty training a boy?

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My son will be 2 in May so I was going to start potty training him after his birthday. Well last week he started holding hisself and saying pee right after he would pee in his diaper. I bought a seat to go on the toilet since he has been reaching for me to put him on the toilet. We started this week and he will pee in the floor or in his underwear and then tell me he peed. I set a timer for every 20 minutes so we can go sit on the potty and try to go. He will go in the potty but not 5 minutes later will pee on the floor. I have had him sit on the potty for long periods of time just to make sure he pees completely and he is still going on the floor afterwards. Does anyone have any advise on how to get him to pee on the potty and not my floor?


It’s a long process with many attempts and failures. Just keep going when he wants to go. Dont push him too hard or he will back track. There is no exact method that works for every child. I’m a mother of 4 (3 of which are boys) and believe me you are ahead of the game with him being interested. (Side note: some boys pee on everything. Be prepared)

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Read oh crap potty training! Seriously that book is life! They say not to wear underwear for a while because it can sometimes mimic a diaper. Let them be naked first couple days at least. Don’t have them sit more than 5 minutes at a time it’s not good for them

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Try making it a game? Sounds silly but throw some cheerios in toilet and get him to aim at them… in the potty chair of course…I don’t think he’d reach toilet lol

It may still be too early. Its a good sign he telling you when he has to go. He may take to peeing standing up better too.

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Get an actual floor potty chair… And treats. He’s still pretty little, so don’t make a huge deal of it. Just give praises when he does make it.

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It shouldnt be a long process. I had all mine fully night and day trained in just 3days by doing the 3 day method but I waited until they showed interest. Also do not make them sit on the potty for a long period of time.

It took me 4 weeks of accidents before he’ll get the hang of it.

Throw a single square of toilet paper in the toilet and have him try to sink it. Draw a target on it if you want.

Put a few cheerios in the toilet and tell him to try and hit them. Some boys will only pee standing up idk why. If you want him sitting read a story to him while he is sitting.


Sounds like he’s honestly doing really good so far you just have to keep redirecting him.


Oh crap potty training book…it works so well

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Also throw away all pull ups/diapers completely and just go straight to underwear even for nighttime IF he is COMPLETELY ready. Pull ups confuse them as they are just like diapers. Look up THE 3 DAY POTTY TRAINING METHOD! Works amazingly!

I potty trained my daughter around 2 1/2, bought a potty seat that looked like a toilet, got her panties, had to keep her naked the first few days, bought gummy bears and every time she peed she got 1 gummy and when she pooped she got 2 gummies. Took about a month or two till she got it completely! Good Luck Mama!

Try plastic underpants. My son did not like the feeling of being wet. He trained himself. :slight_smile: good luck mama

Try a smaller potty that sits on the floor.

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That’s pretty young for a boy, I think.

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I potty trained my son a month after he turned two. I used the three day method. He picked out his potty and big boy undies. The first day he ran around naked and there was pee everywhere lol. Second day he wore undies and we went every 30 minutes and I could start to tell when he needed to go. He’d stop whatever he was doing and get this look lol and I’d ask if he needed to go and take him and explain that we always use the potty. Did the same for day 3. By week 2 he was telling me when he needed to go and having no accidents. I also read him a lot of books while he sat on the potty and used M&Ms as rewards. 1 for pee and 2 for poop. He’s now using the big potty and tells me when he needs to go no matter where we are. Keep at it. It’s frustrating at times but he will get it

I also let my son run around the house naked. I did it for 1 weekend and he didn’t want to pee on the floor so he learned real quick to go to the potty. It took him a little longer to go #2 on the potty but that’s where the pull-ups helped.

Every 20 minutes is stressful for kids. I just did undies with mine and reminded them to go potty there will be accidents its IMPORTANT to not get mad!

Get him a actual child’s potty and place it where you spend most of your time. Keep him in underwear and have him out sit on it every 15 mins for a few mins. Maybe get a chart for rewards when he goes.

Put Cheerios in a little potty and have him pee on them like targets

My fiancé has said that boys have their “first” pee … and then have to kind of push to get the rest out after that. So everyone we take my son… he goes and then we tell him to push the rest out… where he then kind of pushes it out & is done

First off he’s only one…You should just be introducing him not expecting him to be potty trained at such a young age making him sit there for long periods just won’t work if his body isn’t ready yet.Second you can have him try to poe on Cheerios or they have a light for the toliet that’s a target shape you can try to get him to hit.but again he’s only one that’s kinda hard to do…because they are still learning.get a child size chair so he can see the target…They also sell kids urinals specifically for potty training boys might be something easier to teach him to pee into and he will feel like a big boy m You can also have a little treasure box where he gets a prize when he does it in the potty.

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One fun way to potty train boys is to do it during the summer and get them to pee on trees on your yard :slight_smile: it’s fun for them and it works


My mother-in-law told me when it came time to teach my husband to use the potty she put dish detergent in potty and told him to make bubbles and after a couple of days he caught on and started using the potty like he should but we had girls so it didn’t work but they saw their cousins using the potty before they were too and they decided they wanted to try and they were led by example

Get smallchilds potty. Let him choose one. Doesn’t need you to lift. Big tiolets are scary.

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oncehe does ir on he tilet reward him