How to stop a child from biting?

My 19 month old has started biting at daycare recently. How do you stop it? Especially when you’re not there


Biting is typically a form of communication
If you give the child another way to communicate they will bite less
Problem is the other child has to understand as well.


The only way I got it stopped (she learned at daycare) I bit her back ( not hard) and never had a problem but that was years ago and proberly not allowed anymore


My daughter did this at daycare. They gave her a “bite stick” put a plastic toy on a piece of yarn and she wore it as a necklace. If she went to bite they stopped her and put her bite stick in for her to bite. She never bit again and wore the stick for about a week. Did amazing


Bite her back . Not too hard but to where she understands it’s not a nice thing to do.

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Usually when my 20 month old bites she is actually hungry or thirsty. I give her a snack, problem solved.

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I bit mine back and he hasn’t bit anyone again

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Young kids don’t understand ^don’t bite^.But they do understand a light pressure bite on them. Make sure you say ^ouch, that hurts^ ! You’ll only have to do it once.

The teacher needs to redirect your child away from whoever he is biting.

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Find out why child bites? Frustrated? Tired, over stimulated. Don’t mention the circumstances leading up to bite. Many kids don’t have the words for No, stop, don’t touch my toy …or even …can we share… so in frustration a child bites.

As a Preschool teacher with a room full of kids that bite. It is most done because that cant not communicate very well. I started teaching them simple sign language and things have gotten better.