How to stop anxiety while driving?

So moms I just got my license recently and I’m almost getting used to driving alone. The problem is I get alittle nervous driving I’m sure everyone goes through this when they’re a new driver. I’m confident but made mistakes which I know is part of learning. I need some advice how to deal with the nervousness.


I’m 32 had my license since I was 16 and still get super nervous about situations. I’m fine in town and areas I’m familiar with but put me on a highway with a semi on one side and a railing or construction blocks on the other and I want to cry like a baby! But mostly it’s just like anything else the more you do it the more comfortable you get :heart::heart::heart:

Listen to music or chew gum. I read somewhere that if we are chewing, it sends a signal to our brains that we are safe.

If you hesitate when turning into traffic because you arent sure if theres enough room, dont go, just wait till the next clear space. Take deep breaths and remind yourself that you know how to do this. I’ve had my license since 18 and I’m gonna be 34 in 3 days and I still get nervous sometimes, especially in traffic or on the highway.

I don’t drive on the highway but I always wait til there’s no one coming, look both ways always. And I still get nervous when I drive to, music helps

Don’t be in a rush to get anywhere. Go the posted speed limit (or minimum)…the more you drive the more comfortable you’ll become. Just concentrate. No phones. No texting. No esting. No drinking. No putting on make up