How to stop feeling loney as a SAHM?

Does any other SAHM feel a bit isolated and lonely? I have a 2 year old n 7 week old. It’s hard for me to leave. Especially with it being hotter then a habanero’s hoochie-coochie outside. My husband is concerned about the baby being out in the heat. I tried getting my husband to understand why I’m so irritable. But he says it just sounds like I hate my life n kids. I love my kids n life. I’m just wanting a bit of a break, only he’ll turn around and make it sound like I’m being a bit ungrateful. Because he has to work 13 hours a day 5 days a week and is never home. Then it was funny when he tried giving me “advice” on how to keep the house clean. Not in a douche way. Hes just bad with words :joy:. What do yall mama’s do to stay sane? What crafts? Anything?


Habanero’s hoochie-coochie :joy::joy: I am sorry i dont have advice I just died reading that saying Idk why


I’m in the same boat! Mine works 7 days a week though & I feel like I never get out of the house & I’m alone with the kids all the time going crazy. We go to the park for a hour a day or so… something to get us out of the house so I don’t go crazy.

I’m in same boat. sthm. No license or car in tiny town no where togo. Craft’s help alot. Look on google or Pinterest alot of great ideas there dollar or good will etc good for buys.

Hi me too! It helps to have people come visit or if you could go to a friend’s house with the kids. I really like to crochet and that helps me. Staying organized helps too. But mostly, my husband’s support is the biggest thing that gets me through the rough days. He gets that I put my best into it every day and some days my best looks different. It sounds like you’re beating yourself up about the way he sees you at home and doesn’t really understand your perspective.


Make a date night that’s what me n my husband do if its only an hour or two go out to eat sit n talk . date nights are important for both … I stay home my husband works . plan a night for y’all to just go to some friends for an hour or so …

I feel for ya I only got 1 kid (10 months) but I can’t drive and sunlight triggers my seizures so I can’t be outside alone. Hubby works 45 mins away. I feel trapped a lot of the time. I have no advice tho because I have lost my mind with the introduction of cocomelon…

Library storytime. It has always been a lifesaver for me. It’s free, it’s different for the kids, and I’ve always managed to find at least one mom friend through it.

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I feel ya mama same here. I have two toddlers and trying to get them to do anything is like trying to hog tie a tornado. I’m home all day every day with them and have very little adult social interaction. I don’t get much done because they are into everything. If I do escape for a min they have an all out meltdown. I also have a 16 yr old and she helps out when she’s not working or at school. She will take the 2.5 yr old to the zoo or something. I’ve had to help my dad the past two weeks with things, my mom just passed away. The kids know something is going on and are extra clingy. My husband drives a tow truck so he’s gone a lot and on call.

I go places. Because my dude is supportive and knows I need to get out. He sounds like a d-word.

Try going to the park, library join a moms group, see if there are splash pads around or a pool, those are things we enjoys. I’m a sahm with 5, my oldest is 8 and my youngest just turned two. During the summer I used to attach a fan to the car seat to keep the baby cool, 4 of my littles are summer babies so it was always super hot.

Don’t ask for permission to go out, you are in control of your own Life

I constantly remodel😄 I am a pinterest junkie and tear my house apart to put it back together all the time! I have more layers of paint on my wall than I cam count!!

I feel ya…i get stir crazy alot being a sahm…i would say try find indoor places to take the kiddos to… Library… Indoor play place.

Is there a “tot time” anywhere that is indoors? You might check local sports centers. One of ours does it for 3 hours Mon - Saturday in the late morning. They put out the toys and you pay $2-3 per child. It’s awesome and a great way for kids to be safe and the moms to be sane.

I would get out of the house. I do not enjoy being at home all of the time and I always made playdates at the park with friends from when they were born on. The playdates were for my sanity and not my kiddos.

I like to setup photo shoots with my little subjects.

I feel the same! I have 3! 9,6,2 year olds. I always feel lonely. I just count down the time till my hubby gets home

Churches and library’s, there gotta be one of those near you. Those both almost always offer toddler programs. Check it out. And really…just sunscreens and hats and an hr here or there. Or walking to a tot program isnt gonna hurt anyone. Dont be shy to talk with the other moms there. They are probly lonely too. Lol.

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Really you need mom friends to do play dates and such. Even having that one adult to talk to so your not alone helps so much

Lots of nextflix. :joy::joy::joy: or just call a friend or your mom or someone. I don’t get out much but phone calls are my sanity.

Go out outside just plan accordingly… sun shirts. Hats. Bring a spray bottle …

I have a 2yr old. We stroll in the yard, I take her for wagon rides, go to a local playground, play dough, color, she helps me with chores around the house. Go for icecream in the summer, picnic at the park under a shade tree. Get a stroller fan for the baby.

Men have no clue how hard it can be. I’m on the other side of all of that now, my kids are 13,14,17 so I can tell you this stage you are in doesn’t last forever. Really it all started to end when they went to preschool and school. Hang in there. Take a break when your man gets home even if it’s to go food shopping by yourself. My family and friends think I’m crazy because I love to shovel snow but for a long time it was a chance to get out of the house, talk to neighbors, and decompress. :heart:

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Go out in the morning.
Pack the night before and go to the park for 30mins.
My county is rural but we have a mom page for us. Mom’s are always making plans to do stuff. Esp SAHM and home school moms.
Everybody needs to see something besides the same 4 walls.

Go out for a walk, library’s usually have things for children to do or join a mommy and me group.
Also for the hot days I ordered a stroller fan off of amazon for my little guy for our walks also it’s foam so if he reaches for it he won’t get hurt. I even tested it out myself and didn’t feel anything

My boss just recommended the app Peanut. Describes it as Tinder for moms :laughing: create mommy friendships and child playdates at the same time. I haven’t checked it out yet but will soon being a first time mom.

I got a small pool with a sprinkler mister thingy and I’m really pregnant lol. I have fans outside we paint, color, play with water tables. My son hates being stuck inside as do I, so in the water we go. I know that’s hard for you with a 7 week old, so movies, puzzles, doodle pads. I wear myself out trying to find things for us to do.

I felt the same when my twins were super young. But it always helped to get out of the house. Maybe start with 3 days a week. Just a quick trip to the library, go for a walk, play outside, walk around the air conditioned mall and stop by the play area, any indoor play places where your toddler can run off some energy. It also helped to create a schedule for the day while at home. Take an hour to play in a different room in the house, let your older one color or play with puzzles or playdoh.

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I have a hard time finding what I like to do aside from being a sahm. I do go to play areas with friends that also have kids and some that don’t. Sometimes the only way to have a conversation with a friend and keep the kids busy. I have 5 kids so I wouldn’t consider myself sane anymore😂 but I don’t let much stop me from getting out of the house. The more you do it the more you will know what works for you and the children. We go to the library and I’ve been a little crazy about keeping things clean when I was a newer mom but the more you can stimulate your kids minds with painting, water play, books, walks, and such will help your child feel fulfilled and you will have more time to yourself. I do understand that this is harder with a infant. If your older child naps I would try to get the kids in a routine now that can have them napping at the same time so you can have a little you time.

I put my kids in the stroller and we go… if it’s really hot I wait until at least after 4 or dinner… it helps me so much

I used to put a hat on the kids and sunscreen and go out for walks either early in the day or in the evening rather it was too a friend’s house or to the store just to get out some and it was good for the kids too. You can take the kids to the mall or to run errands and go visit with people so you’re not feeling so isolated.

I feel it too stay at hom mom to 4 kids 8,5,20 no and almost 6 mo. It sucks and when I do get out I feel guilty :sob::sob::sob::sob:

I feel the same I work couple hrs a day when schools in session I work at my kids school I get them off the bus .and there dad works nights so I’m with kids 24/7and hes with just few hrs a day out of school and when schools in he sees an hr a day before go to school.

I feel you. I am officially a home body.

I sew and paint. I also babysit for extra money and something to do. I have a very very independent 5 year old, so independent youd think he was older and a 1.5 week old

Make friends with people with cars if you don’t have access to one. Go to whatever your area has to offer.

Go to the library for storytimes, some bookstores do them too. Join a toddler/mixed age music class. We took our baby to a music matters baby class and will enroll her in the mixed age class when the summer is over because we loved it. What about swim lessons? Your older child can cool off and learn swimming while you socialize with other parents. Go walk in a metro park or on a paved hiking trail near you. Find ways to get out or meet other parents, you’ll be happier and your kids will have new entertainment!

Must take time for yourself…join a gym with childcare…

Oh yeah, its important to at least leave the house once a week or you’ll go absolutely crazy. Its good to have even just a little break, I’ve taken up crocheting to keep me busy and less stir crazy at home

Study for a great job someday!

I feel you. I take my daughter on a walk. She’s 4 months. I just make sure it’s not too hot. And tagt she can stay cool. I color(helps w my anxiety) try to clean when my baby is napping which she doesn’t I much anymore. And I have one friend I stay on the phone w throughout the day. Tho what I really need is someone to talk to and get out of the house so I’m not stuck home 24/7
Good luck mama. You got this

I love staying home with my kids I feel so lucky to be able to. However, we are constantly on the go… museums,water parks,zoos, play groups, beach. We leave the house atleast once a day.


Mom friends in a group IM chat lol I can say life fricken sucks free kids! Or this is the best day ever my kids are amazing

Friendship is important even if you dont get to see them as much in person as you would like

i like matching games like tsum tsum and music helps…

I crocheted and sewed. Had a dancing time each day for my son and i to boogie. I havent been a sahm since my son was 2 and Im starting it all over now that im pregnant and having a hard time carrying.

Go for a walk before the heat hits, put the kids in pram/stroller and go. Or go for a walk after dinner as a family

You need fresh air and so do the kids maybe take a walk with them read a book to the kids then while they take a nap maybe colour they have adult books now and they help you destress

I live in Arizona and can relate to it feeling like a habanero’s hoochie-coochie outside. :joy:

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Hire a sitter and go get your nails done

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Join a group, start a hobbie, take classes, something that gets you out.

Tell him to get somewhere.when he comes home give him an hour. Then tell him your taking sometime. Be back in about an hour…,.leave go have icecream or even a Marquetta. Come home and love your familyf

Things seem from be so hard for y’all. But I think you make things hard on yourselves

Take a couple of hours out while hubby is home? On weekends when he isn’t working. Maybe just a craft class, or just window shop, buy something you like. Get your hair done & manicure? Hubby can make it for a couple of hours right?