How to stop thumb sucking?

My 2 year old has been off the paci for about a year. Now he has starting to suck on his thumb. How can I break this?


Maybe try a thin muslin wrap to help the situation. He may like the feel and texture of it so that could possibly help

My son will be 2 in a month and has been sucking his thumbs since a week old he didn’t like the paci but I’ve asked his dr and he told me not to worry till he’s about 4 because right now it soothes him

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I did this until I was about 8 and my parents got metal put in my mouth and my dad told me it would cut off my thumb if I stuck it in my mouth. Needless to say, I stopped the habit pretty quick. Lol

Dip in vinegar not nail polish remover thats toxic.


sour apple also is distasteful, but safe

He’s looking for comfort for some reason. Find a toy to keep his hands busy and replace the habit with some new form of comfort thing


My oldest did that is just pull her thumb out every so often eventually she got the hint.

I’m 27 and still suck my thumb 🤷.

Everyone always told me I’d ruin my teeth. I have a small overbite but nothing of concern.

All my son’s therapist have said not to worry about it and most adults suck their thumbs and not even realize they are doing it.

I son sucks his frist ywo fingers and i tell him its yucky and he stops. But its a daily a thing. He gets better

I am 26 and still do involuntarily in my sleep. It’s a coping mechanism/security blanket. I’ve done EVERYTHING under the sun to try and stop but it literally doesn’t matter.

My son did this for like 2 days and I just ignored it and he eventually stopped.

You grab his thumb and beand it back

everytime he puts it near or in move it n twll dirty. worked my 3 boys